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Youth With A Mission Perth is an international community passionately committed to the Great Commission; seeking God for new ways to make Jesus Christ known through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Our primary focus is on youth, cities and where the Gospel is needed. Our Teaching podcast exists to encourage you to know God and make Him known, wherever He has called you. Head to our website to learn more about us:
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What leads you in worship? Cliff Wrener, a YWAM Perth leader, explains the call God gives us to lead ourselves in worship. God wants us to focus ourselves on Him. He tells us to sing praises to Him. He doesn’t call just the select few with amazing singing voices, instead He calls everyone to sing. God is not going to force worship on us, instead He desires our willing hearts. God waits for us to engage with Him. Are you going to engage with God today?
Ari Sloots, a respected YWAM Perth leader, spoke at Friday Night Meeting about trust. We all trust in something, but what we put our trust in can bring peace or anxiety. God calls us to trust Him with every part of our lives. God is an infinite being. He has all knowledge and power. Our view on the world and life is narrow, but often we trust our unqualified point of view over God’s superior view. God calls us to let go of what we think and trust Him to be our guide.
Have you ever wondered what it means to see God’s kingdom on earth? Peter Brownhill, founder of YWAM Perth, explores the topic of God’s kingdom and what it means for us to be a part of that kingdom on earth. Many of us wonder what role we have in God’s world, or if what we are doing can make a difference. We are oftentimes unaware of the power and authority God has given us to do the work of Jesus on earth. This is the same power Jesus had when He rose from the grave.
Ben McClure, a vastly gifted creator and ministry leader in YWAM Perth, spoke this week on testing and its ability to grow our capacity if we choose to stand in the posture of faith with trust. Testing can tempt us with fear, but we must become aware of our response to fear. Fear can lead us to cling tighter to Jesus, increase our faith in hearing His voice and lead us into greater worship. What has testing led you to in the past and what do you determine it will lead you into next time?
Perverse habits in our minds and attitudes working together can lead us into a rampant path of wicked actions. Paul Hawkins, a respected YWAM elder, shares about how we were created to be dependent on the power of Holy Spirit to reveal our motives. From story to story, Paul shares about God’s redeeming glory after the revelation of the not-so-pretty being unveiled. The unveiling starts with one humble request: “Lord, show me my heart.” Are you willing to ask?
Have you heard the saying, “We only have one life to live, so make the most of it”? Cliff Wrener, one of our core leaders, imparted the revelation that it’s not about how we live this one life, but rather how we choose to give it. We choose to give our worship to what we believe to be true. As we examine our lives, we see what we truly believe about God by the way we give of ourselves. So what does your life of giving say about your belief in God?
Shirley Brownhill encourages us in the essentials of communication - one of them being that the words we communicate to one another need to be aligned with what is truly in the heart. Consistency, faithfulness and good communication are a key for us to build trust in the relationships we invest in. The heart of her talk roots in the power of our words and allowing others to see Jesus, the light of God, shining through what and how we communicate who we are.
Cliff Wrener, long time staff and part of our base leadership team, brought us a fun and challenging message on being children of God. It might seem backwards, but we can “grow up” to be children of God! A child knows freedom. A child has an inheritance from their Father. But do we view ourselves and walk in relationship to God as His child? How do we cultivate the way of a child in our faith?
How do you hold onto hope when God is silent? How do you move forward when it feels like God isn’t answering? Do you give up? Move on to something new? The question we were led to ask is; “what is your hope founded in?” The way Rachel discusses and reveals the true foundation for hope, one that never disappoints, you're left with a deeper love for the person of Jesus.
How do we cultivate a spirit of meekness and why is it important? Peter Brownhill, co-founder and elder at YWAM Perth, takes us through a deeper personal revelation of meekness and the impact it has on our lives. He highlights 5 essential ways we can develop meekness daily. Meekness is essential to the Christian life and representing Jesus to others.
This week we welcomed YWAM elder and long-time pioneer of bases around the world, Kel Steiner, to teach us on how our attitude is a choice, and the Holy Spirit wants to work through those who are able to make the choice of having the attitude of Christ! Through incredible stories of his years in missions, Kel lead us through a message that challenges and encourages us in embracing the Holy Spirit’s desire to shape our attitude by renewing the way we think.
Do we want Jesus, or just the daily bread He provides? Richard Blake brings us through Scripture that challenges us in how we pursue Jesus each day. We need fresh revelation, and can’t live off of yesterday’s provision; but are we seeking the Lord each day with an understanding that it is for more than just ourselves? There is a greater purpose to God’s provision. We seek so we can share.
Security in Knowing God - Neil ColeFear is the root of insecurity. Insecurity plagues us all and undermines the gifts and talents that God has given us. Neil brings a new perspective to knowing our identity and security in Jesus. It’s God’s love that brings us to a place of security. There is no fear in love.Neil Cole's ministry:

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Acksios Kim

Tthank you for upload. Even on my holiday, I feel connected to YWAM Perth through the teach. As my application, I am thankful for the podcast ;) miss media team

Jul 2nd
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