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Author: Tamara Parris

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EHS Professional's community podcast, for sharing the insights of our members who are industry experts within the health, safety and security field.

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6 Episodes
Join Rosa Carrillo, Ed Schein and Sidney Dekker in Part Two of our discussion where we are answering questions from members of the EHS Professionals group. This time, we talk about leadership -- how can you lead people in ways that are deeper than just "managing by the numbers"? In this episode, we examine the … Continue reading Safety Changemaker: Leadership ~ Rosa Carrillo, Edgar Schein and Sidney Dekker (Part Two)
In this episode, Rosa Antonia Carrillo is joined by friends Ed Schein and Sidney Dekker to address questions from our EHS Professional members regarding "Safety Culture". We kick off the discussion by asking: How useful is the concept of “Safety Culture” for accident and disaster prevention? Check out Rosa’s new book “The Relationship Factor in … Continue reading Safety Changemaker: Culture ~ Rosa Carrillo with Edgar Schein and Sidney Dekker (Part One)
In this episode I will be interviewing member Mark Mann, of Sound Predictions, about his career, rise to success and the topic of workplace violence. Mark has a recently published book “No Further Harm: A Purely Predictable Path” which is available on Amazon. Mark is a thought leader in crisis management, predictive violence, leadership and team … Continue reading Safety Changemaker: No Further Harm ~ Mark (Marcus) Mann
Rosa Carillo In this episode I will be interviewing Rosa Antonia Carrillo, the founder of Carrillo & Associates, about how relationships help build psychologically safe work environments, and Rosa’s new book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” which is on Amazon. Rosa is a thought leader in transformational leadership and team development.    Please … Continue reading Safety Changemaker: Building Psychologically Safe Work Environments ~ Rosa Carrillo 
Join @TamaraParris as she learns @ChrisWard's biggest failure, what he learned from it and what had the most influence on his career growth. #success #career #safety #professional #iso #iso45001
Sharing the insights of industry experts with the health and safety professional world. Season One, Episode one – David Rebbitt This episode I have David Rebbitt chatting with me about his struggles and rise to success. He is the President of Rarebit Consulting, an Instructor at the University of Alberta in their OHS Certificate Program, and an instructor … Continue reading Safety Changemaker: Season One – David Rebbitt
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