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Welcome to Translating Transience, a podcast exploring what it means to be a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and everything in between. A TCK is someone who has spent a significant part of their formative years in a culture other than their parents' culture or the culture of their passport country. Natacha and Lyle are both TCKs who grew up in Dubai...but we won't get into all those intricacies now. On this podcast journey, we'll be answering the dreaded “Where are you from?", sharing our long distance friendship woes, and more than you'd want to know about us.
2 Episodes
#2: Hellos and Du-byes

#2: Hellos and Du-byes


In this episode, Natacha and Lyle dig into how life in an ever-changing city affects your sense of community and belonging. Also, Lyle laments over a street name change and Natacha makes a pun! If you have an answer to Lyle’s fun fact, email us at Follow us on Instagram (@translatingtransience), Facebook (@translatingtransience), and Twitter (@TransiencePod) for more announcements.
Natacha and Lyle are both TCKs who grew up in Dubai...but we won’t get into all those intricacies here. In our very first episode, we attempt to answer the loaded question “Where are you from?” and try to define what home means to us, with plenty of deflection and laughter along the way.
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