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Jennie Allen is the author of Get Out Of Your Head and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She is a passionate leader following God's call on her life to catalyze a generation of women to live what they believe. Jennie has a master's in Biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Zac and their four children.

On this season of the podcast:

Are your thoughts holding you captive? Our minds are anxious, nervous, distracted. I know what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts, but I also know that we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns any longer.

God built a way for us to escape our downward spirals. Freedom comes when we refuse to be victims to our thoughts and realize we have already been equipped with power from God to fight and win the war for our minds.

Our enemy is determined to get in our heads to make us feel helpless, overwhelmed, and incapable of making a difference for the kingdom of God. But when we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways.

It starts in your head. And from there, the possibilities are endless.

Get ready… Season 3 of the Made for This Podcast is HERE! I wrote Get Out of Your Head because I was sick of the war in my own head and in so many of yours. I pray the whole of humanity reads this and fights back with the God-given weapons we already have. ⁣You are in charge of your thoughts, they are not in charge of you. Let’s fight back together.
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How do we change? Let's start this season by talking about the power of the Holy Spirit and our role in the process of change. Verses: 2 Peter 1:3-9, 1 Samuel 17, 2 Timothy 1:7 John Elmore's sermon: HelloFresh! and use code madeforthis14 for up to 14 free meals, plus free shipping!
What does it mean to be a healthy person? This will be a season about depending on the Holy Spirit for life change. We're going to spend 12 weeks in our Bibles talking about what it really means to change from the inside out. 12 weeks, 24 episodes. Join us for teaching on Tuesdays and some incredible guest convos every Thursday.
What we are witnessing right now is the decimation of the country and people of Afghanistan. The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians that they are targeting to hunt down and kill. But these believers are not hopeless... I've had 3 conversations this week with my friend Pastor X and his team that have changed my faith. History has shown that persecution grows the church and you guys.. these Jesus followers on the ground in Afghanistan are still on mission, hopeful, and willing to die for their faith.GIVE to Global Catalytic Ministries here:
Nothing is more dangerous, more compelling, more freeing, more radical, more real, more satisfying, more powerful than a person holding a smidgen of faith. A sincere faith in Jesus and all He wants to do around us wakes us up, rattles our lives, shifts every perspective, issues hope in pain, and ignites purpose.Thanks to Away for supporting Made For This. Go to to start your 100-day trial and shop the entire Away lineup of travel essentials – including their best-selling suitcases
The world will tell us that with a little more effort, less of this, more of that, THEN we'll be free. But the Gospel gives an entirely different way. Jesus saves and He also sustains. I can't wait for you to hear this conversation with my friend Ruth Chou Simons.Ruth's book is here: love the Dwell AudioBible app:
What if life doesn't go as planned? We're talking today about surrender and how living surrendered to God sets us free to love Him and love others.Find Rebekah's devotional here: HelloFresh! and use code madeforthis14 for up to 14 free meals, plus free shipping!
Eating and exercise habits, stress or trauma, infertility or injury. How do you see your body? This is a candid conversation with my friend Jess Connolly about body shame.You need her book on body shame: to the Bible anywhere with Dwell app:
Bitterness, busyness, feeling small, fear, weariness. We are in a new season, a new world and we need to know how to move forward from here. From these hard places. This is just a taste of a one-day gathering called IF:Lead and I want you to be there with me. Use code JENNIE10 for $10 off an individual pass here
So many of us are living in bondage and we need each other to live free. Let's talk about shame today and what Scripture says about it.Head to to find your new warm-weather favorites today.
Well, Clint Bruce is back! And this time we're talking about fear and how we handle it. Don't miss this.We love Calyan candles! You can find them here: to Clint's first episode here:
We all have hurts, bitterness, baggage and what I want to do today is take an honest look at what that is. I want to unpack the things that are causing us to fear.1. What hurt are you holding on to and why?2. How do you think Jesus feels about your pain or disappointment?3. Is there value in going to difficult places? If so, what is it?4. How have you seen Jesus redeem some of your darkest times?5. How has that strengthened your hope and trust in Him?6. Is there any other hurt or disappointment that you’re avoiding? If so, what is it?7. How can I love you well right now?We love this audioBible app called Dwell, sign up here:
You get to meet my dear friend Davy Flowers and you're in for a treat! We're talking about prayer, worship, wrestling, and what it looks like to follow God when it doesn't look like what you might think.Find Davy here: to her incredible music: August 1, 2021, get $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more at
God has an adventure for you. And it involves risk. You in? Thanks HelloFresh! and use code madeforthis14 for up to 14 free meals, plus free shipping!
This will be an episode you listen to a few times! Scripture is clear that we have an enemy and he is seeking to steal, kill, and destroy, but so few of us have a true understanding of what satan does and the power given to us by God we have over him. Don't miss this conversation with Dr. Sam Storms.Dr. Sam Storms has a comprehensive guide on spiritual warfare, you can find it here: to Hooked on Phonics. Get your first month for just one dollar:
If you are weary and not sure why... listen to this. There are reasons we are tired that are external, but there are also internal reasons. And God is ready to meet us in these places.Find my Nothing to Prove Bible study here:
Finding real, deep community is hard. If you've been a part of the Made for This family for a while, you'll remember this is where it all started. Season 1 was all about friends! Join me today as we go back to the 7 top moments from season 1 and see if you can guess what big, HUGE announcement is coming in just a few weeks?!Through August 1, 2021, get $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more at
Codepency. The word we all go 'no... that's not me!' But go with me and let's explore the ways we try to get people to meet our needs in ways only God can.Thanks HelloFresh! and use code madeforthis14 for up to 14 free meals, plus free shipping!
What are you being discipled by? How deep is your inner life? This is a real deep talk about how we are staying curious and close to God and growing in our love for Him and love for others. You're going to love this episode! Sign up for IF:Lead here: iflead2021.comFind Rich's book the Deeply Formed Life here:
Much of the fun, wonder, and satisfaction had been drained by my urgency to meet what I thought was God's expectations. Today we are going to talk about how trusting God means we can live in both the hard times and the good times. If you ever wonder if following God just means that life will always be hard, join me today.We love the Dwell audio Bible app! Get 20% off at Download the free book club kit here:
Remember the 2008 Olympics? We were all cheering and rallying for gymnast Shawn Johnson and now it feels surreal that she's sharing her story with us this week. This is one of those episodes you won't want to miss! Imagine the pressure, the expectations, the gold medals, and leaving it all behind.Follow Shawn on Instagram: Shawn's I Am Second video: to Molekule. For a limited time, save up to $120 on Molekule air purifiers by going to and entering the promo code MADEFORTHIS at checkout.
Comments (23)

Aimee Spector

I asked the Lord what He wanted me to listen to, and I was led to this. This was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Jennie and Nick!

Sep 14th

Aimee Spector

Hi Jennie, I am a 19 years old. I want to say thank you for the work that you’re doing. As I listen to this, I am so in awe of our God and how He’s moving in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. I am going to commit to praying for our Afghan brothers and sisters every single day. God has awakened me. Thank you.

Aug 24th

Laura G Hayes

thank you for sharing! I needed this today!!

Jul 26th

Anita Howard

Jeannie Allen, I love you wholeheartedly! You have transformed my life for the better. I thank God for this podcast and hate that I was late subscribing to it. Thank you thank you thank you❤️🙏🏾❤️

Jul 9th

Brandy H

I love this podcast. I love the enthusiasm in your voice, I love that I can too cry the same tears you cry, I love your love for the Lord and HIS word, I love that you are real, raw and you don't hold anything back. Can we be friends please?!? Even if not, I'm glad God can still use you to be a HUGE blessing in my life. Thank you for caring and sharing!!! Blessings!!!

Oct 27th

Misty Hickey

Wow! Jill is amazing! There were alot of things she said that spoke to my mind heart and soul. The one that will always stick with me is "Courage is fear we prayed on". Im not a crier at all but by the end of the prayers I was balling. Thank you to both of you, Jennie for being Jill to me and Jill for saying what you did.

Jul 29th


i love the music behind this episode. it really transformed this prayer and meditation for me. so good!

Apr 27th

Jennifer Pitcher Pina

Wow!!!! Absolutely incredible interview

Feb 21st

Jennifer Pitcher Pina

I am so grateful for this podcast! Thank you for fighting for us!

Feb 20th
Reply (1)

Jennifer Pitcher Pina

Wow!! That was fantastic!! I am going to listen again because there was so much truth. Thanks for this awesome podcast.

Feb 18th

Jennifer Pitcher Pina

This was fantastic! Thank you

Jan 27th

Liza Van Zyl Santos

Jennie is so easy to listen too. Everything points to Jesus and having more of Him in my life. Super practical and honest, I have grown and loved this podcast and I am picky 😉

Nov 27th

Sarah Lathrop

I could listen to Miss Thelma talk forever! Love this episode.

Oct 30th
Reply (1)

Margie Coursey

love the podcast Jennie & friends! thanks for the inspiring. challenging, real, informative bible-based discussions and practical suggestions! keep me coming!

Aug 28th
Reply (2)

Meg B

I am so grateful for this podcast. It gives me a boost of joy when I listen.

Aug 20th

Christin-Derek Carpenter

sooo good!! thank you for talking about this! my husband and I are starting a church plant and it's great to be encouraged about something we're trying to create in our new community!

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

Jennifer Willis

thank you for sharing your heart Kate. I listened to this with my 15 year old daughter. this met her right where she is right now. your words were encouraging.❤

Jul 2nd

Amarilys Birks - Doula

I'm super excited about this podcast!!! I found Jennie through the If: Gathering that I was invited to by a complete stranger who I was connected to through her mom randomly at a McDonald's playground. I love what Jennie is all about becausr her heart is one that seeks to follow Christ and that is what I want. I hope to one day meet her in person and dare I put it out there, be a speaker at one of her events!

Jun 27th
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