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Author: Rob Clark

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Purely my opinion, examining the available evidence and testimony pertaining to the assassination of JFK. Looking at history in a new light!
185 Episodes
Hear a little known interview of Oswald by Lt. Francis Martello of the New Orleans Crime Commision and learn about mysterious connections between them and Tulane University.
We learn about the secrets of former Army Colonel Al Carone, his Military Intelligence connections, his Mafa connections, his CIA connections, and his connections to the JFK assassination...and how the powers that be can erase it all...tune in for a fascinating story!
We've all heard the famous closing statements from the Clay Shaw trial in the movie JFK. But what was Garrison's opening statement to the jury? Who were his witnesses? What was he trying to prove? Also the intriguing story of Roger Craig almost getting blown his own words! Researcher and listener Jake joins me for a discussion!
Igor Vaganov is looked at possibly being a spy, an assassin, definitely up to some strange behavior on 11/22/63...Suom Ynona's letter to Penn Jones about "Doubles" is discussed. Tune in!
Carmine checks in with the show to discuss his recent blog post and the attacks that he has been enduring for the past 7 months and to discuss his current feelings on the JFK case and what the future holds for him!
Two batches of secret files are discussed as well as some interesting Ruby tidbits...
Ep. 180 ~ Waxing and Waning

Ep. 180 ~ Waxing and Waning


What is the truth behind the parafin casts made of Oswald's hands and cheek? Nitrates and neutron activations...also some heavy bombs being dropped by friend of the show Mr. Carmine Savastano...tune in!
Noted author Joan Mellen drops by the show to discuss the Garrison case and goings on in New Orleans...
The Pedro Charles letters, Gilberto Lopez, and many others are looked at...also an interesting letter from Jack Martin!
A look back in time with some of the main players intertwined in the assassination on the one year anniversary of the assassination.
Author and researcher Fred Litwin returns to the show to discuss his new book about Jim Garrrison "The Great Accuser" and the problems with his case against Clay Shaw. For more, head to
Ep. 175 ~ Garrison's Mr. X

Ep. 175 ~ Garrison's Mr. X


The original Mr. "X" for Jim Garrison was a man named Richard Case Nagell. Let's take a look at the man through the lense of the Garrison investigation.
An odd pairing for this show, but...their files were on top of the pile! Manny Aguilar's military intelligence interview exposed...known associate of Hall, Howard, Hemming, and Seymour. Also, the alleged asssassin's her own words.
What do Carlos Bringuier and Gen. Edwin Walker have in common? Tune in to find out....
We take a look at the voracity of Julia Ann Mercer's story of seeing Ruby in a green pickup parked in front of the grassy knoll on the morning of the assassination...also, the FBI finds a handwritten "manifesto" written in Oswald's own hand at Ruth Paine's house!
Epileptic fit in Dealey Plaza? Does Jack Dougherty know what the hell Jack Dougherty was doing on Nov.22, 1963? Banister's mistress talks to the dynamic duo of Buras and Delsa, and Carlos Quiroga comes up yet again...
Ep. 170 ~ Agent Oswald

Ep. 170 ~ Agent Oswald


Was Oswald an agent? Was Marina cheatng on Lee in Russia? Was the Johnson 30.06 found in Dealey Plaza? Tune in, and find out!
A gun found near Dealey Plaza leads us down the rabbit hole! To follow along with the docs, copy and paste this link!!Apw212vJMoNNqyQiCfhmMCFKHULm?e=N7NzXL
Allegations of homosexuality rampant in New Orleans in the early 60's, reach to the main suspect.
Comments (10)


Two idiots licking each other's testicles. PASS

Feb 12th


How low can Rob Clark go? Take a listen and find out. Then unsubscribe from his everything. (Dougie Campbell too!)

Nov 17th


Yet another silly, pointless episode where the host does nothing but read from a document for the entire show.

Jun 14th

Bob Burrows

The author of this book is woefully ignorant of the facts surrounding the assassination. Don't waste any time listening to this nonsense.

Sep 5th


More lone nut horseshit. Shame on Rob Clark. . .

Aug 12th
Reply (1)


Rob is great, but this one's a turkey. It was all Israel on 11/22/63. No, it wasn't. Gobble, gobble.

Jul 16th
Reply (1)


fred litwin is a laughable piece of crap.

Jun 24th

Joseph Slaton

love your podcast but this guy needs to understand Richard Cain was the guy watching chuck nicolleti and sam giancana.

Jan 8th
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