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Author: Mark Sundin

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A relaxed hour or so chatting about our adventures, and those of our paddling mates, from Australia and around the world. We'll feature tales of expeditions, races, the paddling stories of people ranging from the high profile over-achievers, to those who simply get out each week and enjoy our waterways.
12 Episodes
Rob Mercer joins Mark to reminisce about his 2004 expedition from Cooktown to Cape York, across 900km of pristine coast in the far north of Australia.A yarn about remote paddling in big fast following seas, with the ever-present threat of crocs and stingers in the water.
The tale of Joe, Trev, Ollie, Simon and Jacqui, and their goal of paddling Bass Strait within six months of their first paddle strokes.Bass Strait engenders images of mountainous seas, wild westerlies and the islands they ravage, and the idea of four novice sea kayakers taking on the 330km journey does seem unlikely at best.However you should never underestimate the power of good plan, targeted training and a fair old helping of 'gravel in ya guts'.Enjoy the story of the Bass Berserkers!
A short tale of the fury and unpredictability of one of Sydney's infamous Southery Busters, and a lesson in becoming blasé about the reliability of weather forecasting.
Bob Turner started paddling in 2007, and very quickly decided a worthy goal would be to paddle across Bass Strait, on its day one of the most daunting stretches of water in the world.It took him eleven years to fulfil the promise, but the paddling journey to get there was as diverse and interesting as the expedition that capped it all off.In this episode Bob recalls his personal paddling life and then relives the Bass Strait crossing in 2018, which he did with Rob, Mark, Andrew and Gazza.There's even a review of some craft beers that were consumed to lubricate the conversation...!
An amusing tale of two old mates getting together to paddle the iconic 111km Hawkesbury Classic ultra paddle marathon.  Damian 'The Axe' Willis and Mark Sundin indulge in a blokey chat about a three month campaign culminating in the Classic.
A short tale of the development and launch of new lower volume sea kayak, the Audax Azure.As soon as the Audax was launched and won instant approval from our kayaking peers, we began work on a lower volume version to cater to paddlers in the lighter weight ranges, to provide a well trimmed kayak more suited to their weight. We had to try to maintain the Audax' mix of speed and stability, whilst designing hull features that provide a more satisfying ride for paddlers who often find themselves more exposed to the wind.The result is a sea kayak with potential for racing and fitness paddling, with a carrying capacity up to 120kg for extended multi day or multi week expeditions. It's made in Australia, designed and fitted out by Rob Mercer, and completely customisable to your colours and preferences.
A week or wild weather around Sydney had Mark contemplating the kinds of conditions he'd take on and why, and what that can mean for other paddlers, let alone rescuers. Possibly not the most structured fifteen minutes ever published, but a mix of ideas for paddlers to consider!
Part two from the ultra marathon racing tourists Kate & Steve Dawson, covering the story of the 700+ kilometre Yukon River Quest. Listen first hand for a vivid picture of what it would be like to enter a race that takes anywhere from 40-90 hours to finish. A great yarn, and an inspiring story if you've ever wondered just what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.
To just call this iconic North American institution a race is understating the challenges of ultra distance (420km) in temperatures approaching 40 degrees, sleep deprivation, night navigation and the possibility of an Alligator Gar leaping into your head torch or an American Alligator taking a bite on one of the many portages.Kate & Steve tell the tale of their adventure on this phenomenal paddling challenge.
This episode answers a question we've been posed over many campfires through the years, what are the best sea kayaks we've paddled? In a wide ranging chat, Mark & Rob discuss the merits of several genres of kayaks, from the traditional British skeg designs, to the contemporary Fast Touring Sea kayaks, with a few side trips into the more playful & Greenland-style boats that have crossed our path Over the years.
A sea kayaking expedition through the Capricornia Quays islands in Queensland, with Rob Mercer, Mark Sundin & Chris James. Completed in July/August 2011, this trip traversed more than 400km of island chain, with crossings from 30-95km, culminating in the landing on the remote North Reef, a lighthouse island not previously reached by kayakers.It was the first major trip undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere in modern fast touring sea kayaks, and showed what was possible with a fit, motivated and skilled set of paddlers in a fast sea kayak.
A week before they depart for America to take on the dual challenge of the 400km Texas Water Safari and 700km Yukon Quest, Mark chats to Kate & Steve Dawson about their own paddling stories and the challenge ahead.
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