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The Fat Ass Fast Food Podcast

Author: Jack McNutt,Matt Silkworth, Tom Davis, Morgan Clancy

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Four friends looking out for you! We'll test the good and the bad so you can have the best fast food!!
24 Episodes
A little bonus segment from our podcast with UTZ chips.  Why did UTZ stop putting the regular BBQ chips in bigger bags?!!
It's UTZ vs. Them!

It's UTZ vs. Them!


We smell an UtZ chip flavor contest!!  Tom has us play a game and we are not sure if we ever actually came out alive... hmmmm... weird...
Jack decided to take advantage of all the fish sandwich deals for the season of lent, and he took the rest of us with him, (Matt hates fish).Matt takes a journey for a cheap chicken sandwich, and Matt's Mom chimes in on why Fresca was allowed when soda was given up for lent.All that and thrilling story of a turtle gone rogue!!
The Mc-Chick-fil-A?

The Mc-Chick-fil-A?


Matt, Morgan, and Tom discuss the new McDonalds Crispy Chicken sandwich. Jack is not a fan.
A very special episode where Matt sits down for a heart to heart to heart take with his Nephew Joey and his Niece Julia. They talk chicken nuggets, they talk bologna sandwiches. Hey ... it happens...
Gimme a Pizza Dat A$$

Gimme a Pizza Dat A$$


The official return of your favorite fat asses!!  What better way to start the season than by eating pizza and talking about murder?!  We also discuss frozen pizza and our own perfect pie!Intro featuring Cesar Cordero of The Short Box Podcast, and Brett Cunningham from the band Native Station.
We pretend to be nice to each other and Frankenstein some meals!  Our Special guest helps us how to make the perfect kid meal toy!!
My gift to my fav Brother in Law!! Enjoy Dude!!
We talk a lot about our favorite chicken. Meanwhile, the bugs run free!!
The McNutt

The McNutt


Our dear friend Matthew is all grown up and leaving us as he joins the military.  It seems like only yesterday when he tried his first Taco Bell, and he has never looked back!  We send him off with the Nacho Party Box Challenge, will he finish?  Will Jack be able to finish his this second time around?.... Meanwhile we make all the 90's movies references while coming up with our own Celebrity McDonalds Custom Made Meals!!Get ready to try the McNutt!! 
Some stories from the past come up as we try a whole lot of pumpkin spice stuff!  Tom hates it, Morgan loves it, and Matt was a rotten child. Put your Ugg boots on and grab a PSL, it Halloween with the Fat Ass Fast Food Podcast!!
Wawa came, we saw, we ate sandwiches... and more sandwiches.... and more sandwiches.  Until we couldn't eat anymore sandwiches...  Then we got gobblers!!  Sean, from the band Strange Birds joins us on the phone to talk some Wawa go to's while his wife trolls him in the background :D
Taco Bell is removing more items, Wendy’s has a pretzel that’s not a pretzel. And there are nuggets, nuggets I say!!! Spicy ones!
We all try Door Dash for some good fun, then Brett from Native Station joins us to give us the inside scoop on the delivery service!!
Danny Mays from the band Here's to the Night joins us to talk all things Sheetz!!! 
Our First Mini Episode! Taco Bell we love you so much, but you have a lot of 'Splaining to do!!!!  Taco bell is discontinuing a bunch of items, get 'em while you can! We discuss our sadness and try to figure out why oh why this is happening!
All Bread Is Flat

All Bread Is Flat


Tom made a lot of bad choices, including getting a little buzzed with the rest of us during quarantine!!! Find out the real truth behind McDonald's Chicken Nuggets!!  :D
Episode 2! We are diving into one of our all time favorite fast foods, TACO BELL!We somehow managed to know somebody who has never had Taco Bell so we showed him what he's been missing out on! Jack tackles the Nacho Party Box! We talk about some of the discontinued items from Taco Bell over the years and discuss if Baja Blast is the superior Mountain Dew!Remember to Rate, Review, and Share the show! Thank you!
Welcome to the first episode of the Fat Ass Fast Food Podcast! We give our review of the Impossible Whopper, Morgan stops by with her healthy take of a Big Mac, and Jack tries his first food challenge: THE TRIPLE WHOPPER!
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