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The Real Conversations Podcast by Nokia

The Real Conversations Podcast by Nokia

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In our Real Conversations podcast, we bring together experts to explore how technology innovation can help solve the most critical challenges facing business, people, and the planet today. Join us and discover how we can realize the full potential of digital.
102 Episodes
Isaura De Albuquerque, Director of Global Procurement and Supply Chain at Orange, tells us creating momentum in a Circular Economy collaboration is key.
Laura Ashley-Timms explains why asking the right question is the secret to collaboration both inside and outside companies.
Arnaud Chevallier tells us why collaboration is key to solving complex problems, and why a simple approach can lead to better outcomes
Frost, Founder and CEO of Included, challenges us all to reframe Diversity & Inclusion as cost effective way to drive business success
Marilyn Waite discusses how microgrids can help tackle fuel poverty
Mishka Dehghan of T-Mobile for Business talks everything 5G
Hear from Nokia’s Liana Jo Ault who is building plans for the next evolution of energy consumption
Hear from Esa-Matti Sarjanoja who is working at the vanguard of digital twins in Nokia’s ‘factory of the future’ in Oulu
Dr. James A. Glazier is on the team building a digital twin of the human system. Discover why he thinks we may “be cyborgs” within 15 years. 
Open ecosystem evangelist Katja Henke explains how iY14 Lab is bringing the wireless community together to accelerate network aggregation and Open RAN.
Dr. Thomas Hillig, founder of THEngergy, builds the case for microgrids, when, where and how to use them.
Bram Abramson, principle of 32M, a digital rights and risk advisory firm advises to focus on these five security principles.
Leslie Labruto, director of the Marshall Impact Accelerator at the London School of Economics, describes how microgrids can be a force for good. 
Luis Bollinger of Holo-light discusses the industrial metaverse and describes some of the use cases he’s seeing right now.
Ilyas Khan, the CEO of Quantinuum, gives us a calculated overview of quantum computing and its role in shaping and securing the future of tech.
Mimi Nicklin explains the origins of empathy and its significance in the design of grounded and virtual environments where the stakes are high. 
Discover lessons learned from the founder of the first true metaverse, Philip Rosedale, with Second Life. 
Mardia Niehaus explains why breaking the glass ceiling starts at the ground floor and how our future depends on it. 
Sebastian Eger on how seeing is believing and why granting robots the gift of sight with cameras, 5G and edge cloud opens a world of possibility.
Jefferson Wang explains why a modern network is required for digital transformation and it is a competitive advantage.
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