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A Nokia original podcast. Join Michael Hainsworth as he explores the implications of emerging technologies on society, business, politics and the environment of tomorrow.
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COVID-19 has created a massive spike in global internet traffic. Telecoms which prepared for a 50% increase year over year are seeing that growth in just the last month. How will this critical infrastructure cope? Nokia’s Rafael De Fermín has answers.
Your phone company consistently ranks at the bottom of consumer satisfaction lists. But how do you satisfy Gen-Z in the 5G era? The CEO of JUV Consulting @ziadtheactivist has a unique understanding of this environmentally aware demographic born and raised in the age of the smartphone because he’s part of it.   Effectively marketing to Gen Z will take more than a flashy ad on Instagram:  Why marketing 5G to consumers is a hard sell:
The future of online gaming is 5G, and a high-profile stumble by competitor Google doesn’t concern the company behind Angry Birds. Rovio’s Hatch Entertainment thinks it’s got the secret to success, and VP Nick Thomas says telecom companies will be looking to developers to leverage the technology.   5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming: Cloud gaming: From 4G to 5G:
Who are we without our technology? Chanté Thurmond of The Darkest Horse discusses how we can raise our consciousness and use technology for radical inclusion in an age of individualism fueled by smartphones, social media, and the sense of self.   IoT: Your family’s new love language  Preparing our kids for a tech-focused future
Autonomous vehicles and AR tend to steal the spotlight, but 5G’s game-changer is for the factory floor. Veteran Nokia Bell Labs director Marina Thottan discusses how network slicing is a key driver for Industry 4.0. Network slicing is a game-changer for operators deploying 5G: 5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming:
There’s been a shift towards recognizing bricks and mortar retailers can’t compete with e-commerce giants, so they shouldn’t try, and that’s led to a focus on customer experience. For some retailers, the solution is technological. But no matter how much technology we throw at the future of retail, author and futurist Blake Morgan warns that companies that aren’t thoughtful about that customer experience will fail. 5G will usher in a new era of shopping for both consumers and retailers:  The Future of Shopping in the Age of AI:
One of the biggest technological leaps is expected to come into its own in 2020. 5G wireless saw early adopter nations roll-out the high-speed cellular service in 2019 and they offer a glimpse of what’s to come. Industry analyst Stefan Pongratz gazes into his crystal ball on adoption and consumption rates, what the roadblocks are to mass deployment, and why telecoms will see their greatest growth rates out of private networks and network slicing in Industry 4.0. Waves of Innovation with Marcus Weldon:  Looking back (and ahead) after South Korea’s first six months of 5G:
Millennials and boomers have a lot more in common than they might think. In their 20s, baby boomers were frustrated with the state of politics, the environment and society, and were demanding change. Thanks to today’s technology, millennials will succeed where the boomers did not.   How 5G will encourage people to do more online:  Fear is not enough, teach kids about digital citizenship:
Innovation comes in waves, but the head of the technology lab that brought us the transistor, the laser, and cellphones sees things differently this time. Bell Labs President Marcus Weldon says the wave that’s swelling today isn’t driven by consumers — but by industry. And the man charged with charting the future of 5G wireless says he sees five key ways the world is about to change forever.   From futuristic to fact: Sci-fi gadgets and technology that became real  The smart cities forecast
5G wireless is a transformational technology, and not just for consumers. Enterprise is champing at the bit to unleash 5G-based services around the world. But as Ovum’s senior telecoms operations analyst Adaora Okeleke tells Futurithmic, artificial intelligence will be at the heart of everything the industry does — if it can get its own house in order.   Why AI, automation will be the silver bullet for operators:  Three ways for telcos to leverage AI:
Tech titan Tom Edwards of @BlackFin360 talks about how the blurring of the lines between technology and culture is only going to grow as AI, AR, and 5G become embedded in our physical spaces to replace our smartphones. Ambient computing and 5G trends: AR and the Future of Identity:
5G wireless offers some great rewards, but it’s not without risk. Hardenstance founder Patrick Donegan says the telecom sector needs to get its security house in order before rolling-out next-generation services.  5G Security: With flexibility comes complexity: Think 5G security right now:
Nokia strategist Simon Osborne says that 5G will require the telecom industry to tear down its silos built-up over the last 20 years or risk failure. 5G Security: With flexibility comes complexity: The key to 5G success has nothing to do with technology:
5G wireless is about to change our world as the heavy lifting of crunching numbers for everything from augmented reality to video games will be done elsewhere. Nokia trend seeker Leslie Shannon  joins Michael Hainsworth to talk about what “ambient computing” will mean for us, and the telecommunications industry.   5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming: OK smart speaker! Why should I trust you?:
Nokia’s Simon Osborne joins Futurithmic to talk about the remarkable leap in security-related issues the telecommunications industry faces with a revolutionary wireless technology. Why flexible security is a 5G business essential:  Think 5G security right now:
Riya Karumanchi is the 16-year-old founder of a healthcare startup aiming to bring a technology thousands of years old into the 21st century. And companies as big as Microsoft are lining up to fund and support her vision of the future. Learn more about the SmartCane: Developing technology for older adults:
Rory Sutherland is a real-life advertising industry Mad Man. The Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK isn’t convinced artificial intelligence will do all our shopping for us, as Amazon predicts. Sutherland insists purchases are made with emotion, not machine learning.   The Future of Shopping in the Age of AI:  How AI will change your shopping habits: 
The man who made it his mission to catalogue facts isn’t deterred by politicians and corporations stretching the truth or flat-out lying. We’ll find out why Jimmy Wales is optimistic there’s still room for truth in the age of Alternative Facts, and the role the media needs to play today.
The little glowing rectangles we all carry in our pockets can reveal a lot about us. But MIT’s artificial intelligence pioneer Sandy Pentland tells us we can learn a lot without revealing any personally identifiable data. We’ll learn how to leverage the power of the smartphone for good.   Will Big Data Affect Government Policies?  What our smartphones reveal about our social habits:
As the industry overcomes technical hurdles of Augmented and Virtual Reality, it’s grappling with an existential crisis: how to remain ethical in the race to be first with new technologies. Dan Robbins of industry frontrunner HTC dives into the technical and the ethical advances as 5G wireless prepares to cut the cord for high-end VR.
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