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Welcome to the Fabulous at 50 Podcast celebrating a vibrant global community of women over 50, through entertaining interviews that will inspire, educate and empower.

Your host Joanne Neweduk, was born to nurture and promote vibrance. She oversees the global operations for Fabulous at 50 and is both the Community Director for Calgary, Canada and the online membership programs.

Joanne believes that women in midlife have much to share with each other and the world.

As an oncology nurse, integrative practitioner in multiple modalities, author and coach, Joanne moves people from challenging situations to positive outcomes through the use of her innate gifts and learned skills. One of her greatest joys these days is having the opportunity to interview fascinating women who are making an impact in the world.
45 Episodes
"When one tugs at nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." - John MuirHave you ever had something happened to you so devastating that it literally took away your ability to breathe and dropped you to your knees? Keltie Masters speaks candidly through her compelling account of how tragedy struck her family and of the despair and shock that took its toll on her. Listen in as your host, Joanne Neweduk, offers deep reverence and compassion through Keltie’s dark journey back to love, and her miraculous soul expansion through the healing power of nature.Keltie Masters and husband, Stan, have always had a love for nature. But it wasn’t until adversity struck, that they realized not only how much nature had to offer, but how truly important it is to our well being and the critical need to preserve it. As wildlife photographers, their passion is to educate & inspire people to reconnect with nature through their lenses. Our latest creation is our Canadian made “Wearable Works of Art & Accessories”, featuring our own beautiful images of wildlife and scenes of nature. Their vision of finding better solutions that support communities and protect the environment has led us to “giving back to nature” by supporting wildlife rehabilitation programs with their proceeds … as they believe every effort makes a difference. Keltie and Stan invite you to join them in being a part of that difference.
Join your host Joanne Neweduk in a dynamic conversation with guest Sharon Carne, as she proclaims that women in their 50’s are designed to be in the most POWERFUL time of her life!! As a professional classical guitarist, Sharon was moved to expand her knowledge of music into the field of sound healing. Through sound and music, vibrations can be food for our nervous system. Just like there is junk food, good food, and super food… There is junk sound, good sound, and super sound. Sharon founded Sound Wellness in 2008 after participating as a facilitator in a study on stress through the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University. In 2017 the Sound Wellness Institute was born. Through the Sound Wellness Institute, Sharon developed programs and training for holistic practitioners who wish to use sound and music to support their practice. The Emergent Workforce programs have been developed to support wellbeing, community, purpose, creative collaboration, and kindness in the
Join us for a great conversation with your host Joanne Neweduk and heart-centered Event Manager, Yvonne Basten. Yvonne developed her adaptability and positive attitude through emigrating to Canada from the Netherlands, and through many incredible experiences during eleven years of traveling the globe with her young family.She runs an event management company, “Event Management (dot) Guru” supporting heart-centered coaches during their online events with logistics & sales. Contact Yvonne Basten through her Website: Event Management.GuruClick here to receive your 5 Success Essentials for Online Events!
Wash off the M.U.D. with Sandy and Joanne - April 21, 2021Join this fun and enlightening discussion as Fabulous at 50 Podcast Producer, Sandy D’Acey, interviews Joanne Neweduk based on daring her to share her personal story released in 2018. Learn how M.U.D. (Me Under Distress) gets in unseen places of our mental, emotional and physical bodies and keeps us stuck in unconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. AND it can often keep us from what we want most! Based on the true-life story of your host, Joanne Neweduk, “Daring To…” is a rich sharing of what many women have experienced or endured. Some may still have M.U.D. blocking their dreams. Whether it’s bravery or daring, we are invited to take a deeper look at the layers that we’ve unconsciously put up with for months, years or even decades! "The greatest obstacle we will ever have is to overcome is ourselves”, says Joanne.Over the past decade, Joanne has metaphorically pulled up the weeds, planted a new garden, and is enjoying a deeply fulfilling life. Feeling cherished by the special man in her life, inspired by the wisdom of her adult children, and enjoying great synergy with her career, Joanne understands herself and her life purpose more than ever. She shares, “There may still be a M.U.D. puddles from time to time, but I’m much more aware of them now and can move easily navigate my path.”To learn more and to download your copy of “Make Mine Fabulous ~ 21 Ways to Energize Your Life” visit These tips helped Joanne DARE to Wash off the M.U.D. And you can too.
Join us as your host, Joanne Neweduk reads her published story 'Daring To...".Joanne is inspired by women and how they push the limits living their lives, seeing it all through new eyes and in new ways. Washing off the 'mud' reveals our true brilliance. "From my experiences, I know that there is always hope and a way to heal. There is always something or someone who is able to help us climb out the 'pit' and wash off the the muck." Ask for help when you recognize the muck in your beliefs that needs to be released. "The greatest obstacle we will ever have to overcome is ourselves."For a copy of Joanne's story, reach out to us at and request a copy.Ask us about her upcoming Audiobook Version of "Daring To..."!Fabulous Health
Join your host Joanne Neweduk, as she introduces the wisdom of Heather Driedger. As a certified and licensed Health Coach Heather Driedger specializes in empowering women during transitional time menopause. Her ‘Applause for Menopause’ boutique online course offers natural and innovative solutions to address symptoms of perimenopause and post menopause. As an Alberta, Canada, certified teacher and published author, Heather’s passion of teaching, along with her intuitive coaching skills, enables her to successfully empower women as they transition into greater wisdom.Email Heather for a complimentary gift that you will LOVE! heather@heathershealthcoaching.comContact Heather on her website to learn more:
We welcome you in joining your host Joanne Neweduk and guest Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart, as Cynthia shares openly about her healing journey with PTSD with a goal to bring hope to others who are struggling with this life-altering diagnosis. Cynthia is a retired RCMP officer having served for over 25 years. She retired 10 years ago, and 2 years into her retirement was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. Her healing journey completely changed her life, and she is now a Speaker, Writer, Mentor and Mental Health Advocate for First Responders. Cynthia is currently writing her memoir working with New York Times Best Selling author, Laura Munson. On Cynthia’s website you will be greeted with “Sharing my life story is an opportunity for me to give you hope, and let you know you are not alone. There is so much healing with connection and community. Let this be a first step!”Website: https://www.cynthiahamiltonurquhart.comFree Download - Cynthia's Mental Health Hub: "Five Important Things from my Healing Journey".
Join us as Joanne interviews Kirei Yasunori, Owner/Founder Evolved Strength Training Studios, Calgary, Alberta/Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada. Kirei is passionate about the benefits of safe, supervised weight lifting for 50+ women. She opened Evolved Strength at age 50 to keep herself fit so she could enjoy an active life and feel proud of her appearance. Kirei loves to help women move into the "wisdom years” feeling strong, healthy and beautiful with just the right amount of intelligent exercise. (Her workout is 15 minutes) "I love my life, my body, myself” says this strong, wise woman who exudes vitality, happiness and presence. Offer… Free consultation/workout!Public contact: Training | Evolved Strength | Calgary, Ab and Kelowna, BC -
Join us for a HUGE announcement! Fabulous at 50 has released it’s new website and Fab@50 Club Membership with lots of perks and bonuses! We'd love for you to be a part of our supportive community! Our NEW bright, vibrant website portrays the heart of this community where we educate, empower and inspire YOU. It's never too late to follow your dreams. At this time in our life, “We have much to share with each other and the world.” ~Joanne Neweduk Want to be part of the FabNews-letter and receive your FREE copy of “Make Mine Fabulous… 21 Ways to Energize Your Life. ebook? Visit: Now for those who want to have real life connection with the community, we invite you to join our membership for tons of laughs, sensational self-care, marvelous movement, wonderful book discussions and much more on our weekly zoom calls. For details visit: Check out our blogs, podcasts, YouTube channel video podcasts, and membership opportunity. Let's answer your questions. You can connect with us on social media or email us directly: We are celebrating a safe, welcoming place, where every woman has a positive space to recreate and reimagine what is next. Are you looking for a renewed sense of yourself? Joanne knows first-hand what it feels like to hit a life-altering situation, and is now loving the experience of how her inner wisdom and community has served her personally and at a more expansive level.See you on the inside!
“…author Dana Goldstein is throwing back the curtain on the most challenging years of a woman's life. Holding nothing back, the author brings her unique sense of humour to her menopausal journey, sharing stories of hair growing where it shouldn't, erotic dreams that leave her shaken for days and her struggle to stop herself from killing her beloved husband…”Join me as I interview this fascinating and down to earth woman to learn the motivation behind writing her "Memoir of Menopause…Murder on my Mind”.Dana Goldstein is an author and entrepreneur. Her second book, "Murder on my Mind: A memoir of Menopause" takes the lid off what, for many women. is a challenging stage of life. Dana has been writing stories since the age of 9 and is also the author of "The Girl in the Gold Bikini", her memoir about family and food.Website: www.danagoldstein.caAbout the book: “Menopause. Every woman walks through this lava pit of hormones, remorse and chicken wing cravings, yet few of us are offered a warning about the perils, let alone a survival guide.”Copy & Paste this fabulous book link:
In honor of host Joanne Neweduk’s birthday, she and guest JoAnn Stoneberg discuss entering Pisces and what to expect for March 2021.JoAnn Stoneberg is a uniquely gifted energy healer who uses various healing modalities in her professional practice. JoAnn helps you deal with Past Wounds, Unresolved Drama, and Unwanted Patterns of Behavior. She also clears energy imprints from homes, helps earthbound spirits cross over and uses Astrology and Tarot to discover your potential.Contact Info:JoAnn StonebergIntuitive Soul www.astheplanetsturn.comBook a Free 30-minute Conversation…
Success Catalyst - Yvonne E.L. Silver is the Founder of Women & Wisdom Media. Yvonne is a Speaker, Bestselling Author, Radio Show & Podcast Host, Certified Executive Coach and Chartered Professional HR Consultant. Yvonne coaches and mentors visionary entrepreneurs and leaders to flourish in business, by mastering their authentic voice to have confident conversations, so they can thrive in a man's world.- Website: Bestselling Author: “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” OFFER: Your Personality Style - discovered in 90-seconds! Text: CODE to 403-668-9279www.WordsWomenAndWisdom.comWin more in life – discover your proven Personality Style in 90-seconds at: Author: “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations”Available on Amazon now: Show Host: @Yvonne_ELSilver
Have you ever heard of “enclothed cognition”? Me neither! But it’s truly fascinating psychology of how we dress impacts how we function and how we think. Join me as I have a dynamic conversation with Colleen Hammond about what it means to have a personal brand style, what “enclothed cognition” is and how to be camera ready for zoom calls. Colleen Hammond is a former network news anchor and Miss Michigan turned Executive Image Consultant and Personal Brand Strategist. For over 35 years, she has been teaching women how to figure out what to wear to look and feel fascinating. Past clients include actors, CEOs, moms, entrepreneurs, and a recent US Presidential candidate.
Join us as Joanne Neweduk shares thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Karen Stollznow. Dr Stollznow is a linguist and the author of several books, including, 'God Bless America'. Karen researches language and culture, and is a host of the 'Monster Talk' podcast. Her most recent book is 'On the Offensive', looks at prejudice and discrimination in language past and present.Website: karenstollznow.comFollow Dr. Karen Stollznow's Twitter account:
Join your host, Joanne Neweduk as she interviews Lisa Blough. Lisa is the CEO of Hotmess Organizing & Design and creator of “The Binder”. She is a professional organizer who helps women purge, organize, and design systems in their homes, especially as they go through tough transitions like moving, new family additions, divorce, death, and downsizing. She helps her clients go through their belongings, so their loved ones don’t have this burden later. With a compassionate but firm approach, she’ll lead you through the steps you need to gain clarity, let go, and design a space and system unique to your needs. Goodbye, hot mess! Hello order, calm, and joy.Business Contact info:Phone -
Joanne Neweduk talks with Cathy Gotfried about her 34 years in travel and tourism, and a lifetime of wanderlust. Cathy Gotfried, President of Erawan Travel Ventures and “Babes in Bali” Tours is deeply committed to making her clients travel dreams come true. Since 2002 Cathy has also created life-changing travel experiences by arranging and escorting groups for inspired women of all ages and from all walks of life to the magical island of Bali. Contact info:Email: cathy@erawantravel.caBusiness phone: 403 278 4084 Cathy’s Tips: 1.Don’t put off travel – there may never be a perfect time. Exploring the world can be so good for us physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe travel can be life changing so I encourage women to pack those bags and get going while you are healthy.2.Once you’re travelling, make sure to connect with the local people. It can make a huge difference to your experience. I love local walking tours and cooking classes. 3.Research your destination, which is especially important once the world opens up again. And don’t forget to purchase out of country medical insurance.
Join host Joanne as she and Lisa discuss how daunting it can be to start dating after 50. Lisa Copeland is a leading internationally recognized Love, Coach, and Dating Expert for women over 50. Through her program, “Finding A Quality Man Over 50” Lisa inspires and teaches women how to feel confident, empowered, and able to enjoy dating. She has strategies for putting yourself “out there” in a way that is true to yourself and successful at the same time. You can get a free copy of her eBook “The 5 Little Known Secrets to Finding a Quality Man” at To get in touch with Lisa:
Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021


Join host Joanne Neweduk and podcast producer, Sandy D'Acey, as they welcome 2021 with intentions for the new year and lessons from 2020.Happy New Year from Joanne, the production crew and the Fabulous at 50 family! To contact Sandy D'Acey for Voice Empowerment:
We know you'll enjoy this time-honored classic, read by the fabulous Joanne Neweduk. Joanne's family have created a treasured holiday tradition with the reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas eve. So cozy up, and settle in as we revisit the childlike wonder of the magic of Christmas. Some notes about the author: Clement Clarke Moore's famous poem, which he named "A Visit From St. Nicholas," was published for the first time on December 23, 1823 by a New York newspaper, the Sentinel. Since then, the poem has been reprinted, translated into innumerable languages and circulated throughout the world.Moore was an author, a noted Hebrew scholar, spoke five languages, and was an early real-estate owner and developer in Manhattan. Despite his accomplishments, Clement Clarke Moore is remembered only for "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," which legend says he wrote on Christmas Eve in 1822 during a sleigh ride home from Greenwich Village after buying a turkey for his family. Some say the inspiration for Moore's pot-bellied St. Nicholas was the chubby, bewhiskered Dutchman who drove Moore to Greenwich Village to buy his holiday turkey. Moore never copyrighted his poem, and only claimed as his own over a decade after it was first made public. Moore read the poem to his wife and six children the night he wrote it, and supposedly thought no more about it. But a family friend heard about it and submitted the poem to the Sentinel, a newspaper in upstate New York, which published it anonymously the following Christmas. Moore's poem immediately caught the attention and imagination of the state, then the nation, and then the world. Finally, in 1844, he included it in a book of his poetry. Moore died in 1863 and is buried in Washington Heights, New York. Because of his "mere trifle," as he called it, 175 years ago Clement Clarke Moore almost single-handedly defined our now timeless image of Santa Claus. Some scholars now believe the poem was actually written by Major Henry Livingston, Jr. Whatever the authorship controversy ultimately determines, this work has become a Christmas favorite. "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
Enjoy this episode where Joanne Neweduk talks with guest, Jessica Soodeen. Jessica has had the good fortune of working all over the globe, in corporate settings and at some of the top motorcycle racing circuits in the Europe and Canada. These adventures proved to provide Jessica with an awareness into how to navigate, develop positive relationships and results in the midst of cultural diversity. She's raced motorcycles, coached formula race car drivers, and facilitated corporate workshops globally. Jessica Soodeen - Facebook and LinkedIn:
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