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Todays America loving politics. True A-political talk show. The only loyalty I have is to the people!!
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Unleashed Jeremy Hanson revitalized 5/11/21 Im back and feeling great. Today lets explore dancing being taken away by DC mayor Bowser for weddings and receptions. In Footloose we thought it was just a story, now its a reality. Bowser also paves over BLM plaza and MSM says nothing. The GOP is telling lies about its candidates are outsiders. GOP also wants mothers back in the work force immediately blaming Biden and straying further from its family oriented persona. And more on Unleashed Jeremy HansonSupport the show at
Tonight Kate has a incredible conversation with one of the most respected Americans in the patriot movement Craig Sawman Sawyer!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson and our future! True news and why we have become the rebel fire brand we are!!
17 amazing coffee experiences, Parking lots gone wild, 2nd ammendment sanctuaries, Loud booms from frost, Creepy doll contest, Custard filled Banana bacon contest
Start your day off right with some laughs and fuel for the day. Morning Crankers the ultimate goof machine for the working men and women of America. Today we talk about MN police dept orders people to stop having sex in parking lots. Johnson and Johnson vacine pulled, 20 of the dumbest things people got fired for and more. Welcome to Morning Crankers.Support the show by shopping at and use the promo code "Crankers" for up to 66% off premium sheets, pillows, slippers and house wares.
Morning Crankers EP 39

Morning Crankers EP 39


The fastest growing Morning show on the planet. Come and enjoy some laughs, some oddities and the art of that. Entertainment comedy the way it was intended to be.
Morning Crankers Episode 38

Morning Crankers Episode 38


Entertainment Comedy and Todays news. Come and join Dan and Jeremy for the best morning show experience on the planet.
How to be a true hero and a real friend. Topics, relationships , truth and happyness.
Entertainment, Comedy, Feel Good Stories, Donuts and the art of that.
REBEL IS AS REBEL DOESAmerica has always been a nation of rebelsStart acting like real Americans or become subjectsSupport the show at correspondence to PO box 841 Mountain Grove MO 65711
Morning Crankers EP 36

Morning Crankers EP 36


Fun Comedy Variety show!! Morning comedy at its finest!
Tommorrow Biden starts on the 2nd ammendmentBidens commerce secretary admits Trumps China tarriffs were working.Democrat from North Vegas switches parties because of Democrats embracing socialismPlease Help support the show at
The funniest new Morning Show on the planet. Come join us for some laughs news and fuel for your day! Experts in the art of that
New California law making wavesTom Henneghan



The art of that. Good News, Comedy!!!
Morning Crankers Ep 34

Morning Crankers Ep 34


Happy Funny Comedy and variety news. The art of that
Shooter in DCDems prying into our private infoAtlanta loses big time



Happy Funny entertaining news and comedy.
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