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Time to Identify with Rachel Klaver

Author: Rachel Klaver

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Hear stories of other small business owners as they explain the turning points that lead them to make changes that positively altered the course of their business, and/or their life.
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Retail with bricks and mortar stores can still thrive with changing consumer habits and ability for us as buyers to source anywhere and everywhere. Liz Oldfield talks to Rachel Klaver about how Milly's Kitchen, a gorgeous and well known shop in Ponsonby, Auckland is growing and evolving. She talks about needing to adapt her marketing, why people want quality, and how to establish yourself as a trusted supplier for people who can choose anywhere to shop. Independent retail can thrive, and is thriving in some areas. It's all about getting the recipe right.
Evie Kemp is a New Zealand based creative who's able to take her talents and apply them to a huge range of applications from prints, to interiors, fabric design, and products Her style is big on colour and maximilism, creating a cacophony of style whereever she lays her hands, and creates. She regularly works both independently, and with brands, to create something completely different - from textile design, prop making and sourcing, interior design and styling, to content creation and communication. Evie has built her business through her use of Instagram, showing her personality, creativity and authenticity in each post. In this podcast she talks about how she's shaped her business, and how diversification has helped her stay engaged and focussed.
Superstar trainer in how to communicate like a real person (instead of creating emails using corporate speak), Ambassador in Badassery, Motivational powerhouse and straight shooter from way back - Shelly Davies is so worth listening to! Her story of her coming to understand her own power, and standing in her own truth is incredibly inspiring.
Campbell decided to focus on helping first home buyers during the GFC, when people were struggling, losing jobs, and things looked dark. Was it a crazy move? Or completely the right one? Campbell is an amazing story teller, passionate about helping first home buyers, and gives a real eye into the magic of really knowing who you work with best, and sticking to it. Well worth being inspired by!
Cait runs a successful personal styling company helping women feel better in the clothes they're in. With her fashion background, mixed with her down to earth style (and the fact she's living the realities of style vs life with two young children!), Cait has carved out a business that reflects her personal style for her clothing, her values, and her family. We talk about how she's had to refine and make changes to her business, especially after her family grew, and what business lessons she's learned along the way.
Rochelle Price's mission is to help business owners and leaders find thier way to a fuller, more aligned life, through healing, training and support. Her move into this work was birthed into action when her Maori ancesters (and grandmother) guided her into helping heal her sick daughter, when nothing else had worked. Learning to lean into her Maori gifts, and listen has helped her find her own way. Now, she's using that to help others too.
Bex adds joy, gratitude and a loving energy to everything she puts her hand to. Launching her own publishing company Wildling Books to publish the Picture book Aroha's Way, written for children and families needing help with managing anxiety is no exception Bex talks to Rachel Klaver about the rules she's not following in publishing, how this book is meaningful to her and how it's striking a chord with families all over New Zealand
Caroline Marr launched The Carpenter's Daughter almost thirty years ago, when the idea of plus sized fashion was a rarity. Since then she built up a brand well loved by New Zealand size 14+ women. As it stayed fiercely NZ designed and made, Caroline grew her business to a chain of stores across NZ. With the advent of internet shopping, and the high costs of retail stores, Caroline opted to close down and walk away from it all. But after some time away, she realised there was still life in her, in The Carpenter's Daughter and, with the help of her assistant Fletch, has embraced a new way of doing business in today's retail market.
Tracey Hancock was driven, hard working, highly focussed and ambitious in her career. And then she got sick Really sick. I'd still say Tracey is still incredibly focussed, and driven (and hard working) but that illness changed her trajectory and lead her into a completely different type of work. We talk about that, and the importance of taking time to just be listened to on Time to Identify with Rachel Klaver
Leaving behind a successful career as an executive coach and group trainer, Rachel McInnes took time to gain a doctorate and study in an area that both fascinated her, and had relevance in her own life. She talks to Rachel Klaver about how coming out of the academic world, and moving back into the business one, while finding the rest of her life impacted by personal change and disruption has impacted what she now offers to the people she works alongside.
For many of us business owners, we feel we've never got quite enough time for things that count. Sarah Greener discovered that often that's because we're spending time on the things that don't align with our values. She made significant changes to her own life, and now teaches other business owners to do the same. Rachel Klaver talks to Sarah about her own journey to finding the time she needed and how others can do the same.
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