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Breaking down TV one episode at a time starting with Good Omens
7 Episodes
We are beginning our podcast with Good Omens on Amazon Prime. Week by week Erin and Suzanne will breakdown the 6 episodes of Good Omens. 
This week Erin and Suzanne break down the Good Omen's trailers. Erin still uses air quotes, Suzanne says "in the book" too much, and both of us talk about how fantastic casting is.
Good Omens has finally been released by Amazon Prime! Erin and Suzanne dive in and break down Episode One. Suzanne spots a few easter eggs, Erin loves saying attache, and they're both drinking.
Suzanne and Erin break down Episode Two: The Book, we get to see Suzanne's superpower of pausing for easter eggs and Erin finally accepts that Crowley is her spirit animal. 
We're now on Episode 4 of Good Omens! We're closer to the End Times now! Suzanne can't decide if she wants a frog or a chameleon on her head, Erin explains who/what the Kraken is, and they both agree that Good Omens is a series that is easily re-watchable.You might notice a little skip over Episode 3. Erin's laptop decided to have a crisis and corrupt the file. So we're moving along to Episode 4 and we'll deal with Episode 3 another time.  
Suzanne and Erin discuss Episode 5 of Good Omens. Erin finds an Easter Egg, Suzanne has a theory as to the four horsemen's transformations, and both of them are still tickled pink over Anathema and Newton.
We have reached the final episode of Good Omens! Suzanne and Erin discuss the difference between Papier-mâché and macramé. Erin was right and Suzanne is a dork. What a ride it has been with you and Season 1 of Season in Review. Soon we will launch details of Season 2. Follow us on social media and our website and stay tuned!!! 
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