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Hey Yo! GK NITEZ!!! Let’s talk Wrestlemania 39! We will start with the Whole Bloodline- (16:30) Cody vs Roman; (25:35) 3 Big Storylines so far; (31:22) Rhea vs Queen; (42:42) Edge vs Finn; (44:34) Lita/Trish vs Dmg Ctrl; (47:01) Gunther Match; (48:26) Lesnar vs Omos; (5023); Rollins & Paul (52:47); and Who do we want to see in the event? Well, there’s a lot to cover. See take a listen...
Hey Hey Hey YO GK Nitez! Let's talk about WWE's Night of Champions. It was a busy weekend with AEW's crazy Double or Nothing Pay per View. We talk a bit about it but we are focusing on WWE's NOC. This was a great event with lots of SHABANGS! Let's dive into it and see if you agree with our ratings.
Hey Yo GK Nitez! Hey! DO YOU LIKE 3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS in one company? Do you think it was a good idea to bring in another world tittle while there's a chance that one of the others could be split from WWE's Roman Reigns? Some are for it and some are against it. Let's have an ole skool debate about it.
Hey yo! This is a revisit of our Podcast 60 - AEW Mayhem. In this episode, we talk about whether or not Tony Khan cleans this mess up right or wrong or wait-n-see. What type of boss is he going to be? Let’s talk about it.
Hey Yo GK Nitez! What’s Up?! Let’s talk about due to Ezra Miller’s erratic and very disturbing behavior with an underage girl, and whether or not they should just scrap the WHOLE movie and start over. (19:30) Let’s talk about all of the new and upcoming Sci-Fi shows and movies like Andor, Power of the Rings & House of Dragons, Black Panther, and Werewolf By Night. So let’s get into it!
Hey yo! GK Nitez, Let’s talk about those comments from Gilbert Arena about not putting anyone before the 1990s in his NBA Top Ten. Hmm… crazy talk or is there something here? (18:15) What do yawl think about the She-Hulk up to this point? Does this sitcom-style fit the MCU? Let’s talk about that.
Hey yo GK Nites! What in the world is going on in da AEW locker rooms? Did Tony Khan LOSE control over his employees? Is being to Buddy-Buddy-Fan-Boy instead Big Boss? Well, there is some stuff going on here that we predicted would happen years ago. So… how can he clean this up? Let’s talk!
Hey Yo Team! We think it would be good to promote a few of our older but pretty awesome NBA podcasts. First, we talked about the difference between NBA Stars, Gods, and Titans. (18:35) Then… We talked about that NBA Top 75 list; who should be on it, who shouldn’t be on it; and a whole lot more!!!
Hey Yo! We are having some conversations about whether there’s too much Misogyny in these movies lately. (14:45) What do we think about the Hulk and She-Hulk and is this case with that show? (31:00) Let’s do a quick Prey movie review and talk about its female lead actress; was this movie culturally accurate?
Hey Yo! Did Yawl see CM Punk’s return back from injury and unleashed some more pipe bombs? And… what about Jon Moxley delivering some pipe bombs of his own? (33:10) Let’s talk about Kenny Omega’s return along with the Young Bucks and FTR. (42:45) AEW Women's division. (45:10) Is Yawlz feeling NXT 2.0 and all of its colors… what about the talent of Bron Breaker. (52:15) Finishing off with Liv Morgan as heel…?
Hey Yawlz! We are continuing our talk with West Africa's Dancehall-Reggae Tone artist Supa Saa. In this portion of the podcast, we will talk about how a lot of urban music out of these waters is growing there. Also, he talks about how each part of Africa has its own imprint and style of music. In Addition, we talk about the Basketball Africa League and growing in American sports. Take a listen. This is a good one.
Hey yo GK Nitez! Man do we have a show for yawls. We have our special guest, West African Dance Hall- Reggae Tone Artist Supa Saa on the show. We are going to talk about all of the double standards and hypocrisy in sports like... The Barry Bonds and David Ortiz Hall of Fame comparisons along with Roger Clemons and Media. Also, we talk about Watson, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners, and other sports double standards. Come and take a listen. You will love It!
Hey Yo GK Nitez! Let's get into that Deshaun Watson talk. He's gotten 6 game suspension for Sexual misconduct but wasn't prosecuted for any assault. Should the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continue with the in order to give Watson further suspension? Is that fair compared to the NFL owners' slap in the wrist when they "embarrass the shield?" (16:45) In Addition... Should the Rock try to muscle his way into making the Black Adam as the centerpiece of the DC Cinematic Universe; even though Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern and others have more stories to be told? And he is an anti-hero, will that make sense? IDK... Let's talk about it!
Hey Yo G..K..Nitez! Smackdown and Raw were soo different and entertaining! It’s been better since Summer Slam. Why?… TRIPLE H! That’s why! Is it that Triple H has something to prove to you all or just to Vince McMahon that the NXT formula works? Does this excites everyone or does it still fall flat? IDK, Let’s talk about it!
Hey GK Nitez,! We are diving into our thoughts surrounding the Brittany Griner situation in Russia like who’s at fault, whether or not if our government doing enough, and who are the key pieces in getting her home. (35:00) We also dive into an older issue with Will Smith and him slapping Comedian Chris Rock, and where things go from there? In addition, what should our approach be as people in this society when judging these situations? Good Stuff! Take a listen.
Hey Yo GK Nitez! We are comparing some of the All-Time Greats in Basketball, Football and Boxing. We get into discussion about rules in order to compare. (12:00) We talk Muhammad Ali, Fury and Klitschko and the Mindest that some these greats have. (33:25) Can we compare things objectively? (36:55) How much of a factor was their coaches, mainly Tom Brady, Montana, Micheal Jordan. (47:25) Let’s finish did Lebron vs MJ. This is a good one. What do you think?
Hey Yo GK Fans! We are breaking down what we thought about all of the phases and movies that Marvel is doing and the DC movies future. We got some insightful stuff about the direction of both cinematic universes. (46:16) The Great Gunny ask the ALL-SPORTS Guru Dre Ervin about what’s going with the WNBA; does it need to expand; should they get paid as much as male players; what they need to do to make the league stronger and more visible? Let’s talk about it!
Hey Yo GK Nitez! I’m sure you heard the WWE news… Big Daddy Chairman Vince Mcmahon is out as the head of creative and chairman. What does this mean for both AEW and WWE? I’m telling you, it will mean something for all promotions. (29:00)In Sports, let’s talk about Curry’s Jordan-level run, KD’s drama, and what will it take to get the NBA on a better path-if it needs it.
Live from Lilac City Comicon in Spokane, Washington. in this episode, Charles and Logan Anderson from "Movies 4 Breakfast" talk about their podcast show, the best movies to review, and why he and his wife comes to Comicon.
Live from Lilac City Comicon in Spokane, Washington. In this episode, we get into great detail on what we think about the differences between Netflix's Punisher and the Punisher in the comics. Steve grew up reading Punisher for the last 40 years and has an interesting take on it. Also, we get a little Captain America talk in this.
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