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A highly entertaining and relatable cast of lovable rotating hosts talking news, culture, movies, music, nostalgia, politics and life. And maybe sports.
93 Episodes
Faith Concepts. My Books: FAITH pleases God. Errors of Faith being taught- (1)Faith comes by hearing,& hearing- NO! Faith only comes by hearing, accepting what you hear into your heart and then obeying the Word God spoke to you! (2) That all men (people) have a measure of faith based on Romans 12:3- No! God says all men do not have faith in Deu.32:20, Jesus says all men do not have faith is some areas in Mk 4:40, and the Apostle Paul who wrote Rom 12:3 above says all men do not have faith in 2 Thes3:2,. So don't think you have a lot of faith because you have a lot of Scripture knowledge in your head! Jesus says in Matt 7:21-22, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.(22) Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? (23) And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity." These are people who know God's Word, quote God's Word and His Word touches many people and works in their lives BUT the person quoting God's Word has it in his head and it is not in his heart. Like the donkey God spoke thru to Balaam in Num 22:28. God backed up His Word to Balaam from the donkey but it didn't make the donkey holy or "saved". We have a lot of "donkeys" speaking God's Word today without having God's Word in their hearts! on 7 AM CST Thu #GPWF #Christian or anytime at (Radio)
Bleeping Call-In Nite!

Bleeping Call-In Nite!


Cranky flies solo to have one of his dream conversations with DC Rock DJ Dave Collins. They chat about some history not only of music, but of rock stations in general. Dave has a rich musical history as well. He has one of the most dedicated and interesting early backstory for his ideal career path. Let’s just say some radio pirates start very young. And so do some legit radio disc jockeys. Dave has a fascinating radio origin story you just can’t miss! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @DCRock Web:
KLRNRadio’s Brad and Aggie interviewing Joshua Phillip - Epoch Times
Cranky and Sarah bring on other CPAC attendee and fellow KLRNRadio host Jenn Holmstead for a sneak peek at the coming shenanigans. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @JRHolmsteadWeb:
Deebs and Cranky reunite to bring us a fascinating discussion with Not-A-Cat Lawyer Ron Coleman. They hit on a huge range of topics from impeachment to the history of and present day state of the GOP, and the future of conservative “movements” in relation to Trump and otherwise. Ron also worked on some of the election challenge lawsuits and gives us a peek behind that curtain! Twitter: @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @RonColeman Web:
Cranky and Sarah are together again with guest Chef Andrew Gruel to talk about his evolution in the entrepreneurial restaurant niche, including rethinking seafood at his Slapfish restaurants. Andrew saw the writing on the wall early as Covid lockdowns started ramping up and put in motion several proactive measures involving himself, his family, his company, and other restauranteurs. Chef doesn’t just sit on the sidelines-tune in to hear all of his recent actions from working to keep the restaurant industry afloat, to making seafood sexy! Tune in to meet our new best friend Andrew! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FiundersGirl @ChefGruel Support Web:
Dawn and Cranky manned (and womanned) the controls as Terry Schappert parachuted in for a great chat starting with his acting origin story. They also discuss all the fun to be had on his show Hollywood Weapons, segue into Improvised Weapons (including dog poop bags) and about the senior dogs he adopts just to produce those weapons (just kidding). Tune in for a good time! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @StillCrankyAF @terryschappertWeb:
Sarah and Cranky were thrilled to give Anna James Zeigler a second act after the first was full of technical issues (we still heard her brilliance, just in an unusual way). They manage to have a lot of fun and find many silver linings (serious and unserious) in all the chaos. Throw in a really interesting postmortem on the Trump era and some reasonable predictions that might also add more silver linings, and it made for a really great episode. Twitter: @FoundersGirl @StillCrankyAF @ajzeigler Web:
We got the band back together! What was one of Carla‘s favorite Christmas gifts? Did Sarah pick the most controversial Christmas song just for the fun of it? Does Cranky even like Gentile Christmas movies? Will Dawn be able to pick just one of anything? How many of his favorite holiday drinks can Deebs handle at his advanced age? And how many strippers did Jeff date in college anyway? Wait... what? Tune in for these answers and more!Twitter: @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @LibertyBelleCJL @aurora_g96 @proteinwisdom Web:
Cranky and Sarah welcome back one of the hardest working men in conservative talk radio, Chris Stigall, opening with a quick fun geography lesson! Take a walk down Chris’ career memory lane to see how he went from writing for David Letterman to grilling senators, including recent iteration of his current work. Tune in to see if Chris admits his dream product to endorse, and hear the encouragement he has to offer. Plus: the mail bag! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @ChrisStigall Web:
Cranky flies solo because the rest of us are too busy packing to leave the country. Author Paul Hair returns for his encore so Cranky isn’t completely alone. Tune in to hear Paul’s innovative ideas about how to settle political disputes that would be a lot more productive than shouting at each other on social media. Paul’s new book, Her True Self, tackles a transgender teen’s struggle, but especially a sibling’s path to acceptance. His reasons and approach to writing it will be of interest! You might also get to hear some election result prognosticating. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @PaulHair1 Web: Paul’s Amazon author page:
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