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A highly entertaining and relatable cast of lovable rotating hosts talking news, culture, movies, music, nostalgia, politics and life. And maybe sports.
74 Episodes
Cranky flies solo because the rest of us are too busy packing to leave the country. Author Paul Hair returns for his encore so Cranky isn’t completely alone. Tune in to hear Paul’s innovative ideas about how to settle political disputes that would be a lot more productive than shouting at each other on social media. Paul’s new book, Her True Self, tackles a transgender teen’s struggle, but especially a sibling’s path to acceptance. His reasons and approach to writing it will be of interest! You might also get to hear some election result prognosticating. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @PaulHair1 Web: Paul’s Amazon author page:
Cranky and Dawn welcome host of a stupid little show, Stu Burguiere, to our stupider littler show! It’s mostly a nice break from current events as they get to know Stu a little better, and learn that we could just go follow his wife’s social media to learn about his life...the same way he does. Topics include: dark Garfield, some of Stu’s career history and how terrible social media (especially Twitter) is, and how the Cuomos are even worse. Its a fun one you won’t want to skip! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @aurora_g96 @StuDoesAmerica Web:
Cranky and Deebs welcome back another returning guest, comedian Michale Loftus. They toss around some of the most fun election analysis you’ll find (with a little bit of optimism thrown in). And yes, of course they cover the apparent shenanigans complete with our favorite impression Michael has in his arsenal. He also gives some great places to find his work, including Fox Nation-and you’ll want to stick around for an update on his guitar playing progress. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @DeebsFLA @theloftusparty Web:
Sarah and Dawn host Breitbart’s Border and Cartel Chronicles project leader Brandon Darby to discuss what a “coyote” is and isn’t (hint: it’s not a canine that carries children) in the wake of the mention they got on the last presidential debate. They also talk about causes and effects of illegal border crossings, what might help control it, and the humanitarian approach that is so often lost in the fight. It’s a bit more serious than our usual fare, but important info for everyone. Twitter: @FoundersGirl @aurora_g96 Web:
Dawn and Cranky welcome radio host, TV personality, author and psychologist of the stars Cooper Lawrence. They chat about celebrity culture, mostly centered around her most recent book, Celebritocracy: The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy. If you’ve ever wondered about the psychology behind celebrity worship (or disdain), if their causes and activism are legit, and whether they deserve pushback on their social media, this is the episode for you! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @StillCrankyAF @CooperLawrence Web: Get Celebritocracy:
Jeff and Sarah host columnist and podcaster Derek Hunter for a spirited discussion about his interview with Donald Trump, Jr, launching a further discussion about how President Trump is relatable to supporters you would not expect. Derek has met President Trump in person so he has much to add. They also speculate on the upcoming Civil War (or not) & political party shenanigans. You also have to listen to see which “white” denouncements he makes. Twitter: @FoundersGirl @proteinwisdom @derekahunter Web:
Carla and Dawn are joined by returning guest Ashe (Schow) Short, this time to tell the tale of her wedding that was heavily impacted by the covid outbreak and lockdowns. It was postponed not once but twice, though there was an edible consolation prize. Carla’ daughter also recently had a modified, though not postponed wedding. Please enjoy this respite from the seriousness of the world. Twitter: @LibertyBelleCJL @aurora_g96 @AsheSchow Web:
With Deebs and Sarah hosting Anna James Ziegler, we mix up the format (accidentally) with what sounds more like a YouTube livestream, so please feel free to send us money for this great content! Anna fills in some details about Amy Coney Barrett and the State of the SCOTUS. They also touch on Anna‘s especially recent popularity (and approach) on Twitter and one of the things that brought her there, her romance novel. She also teases some of the other fiction she is working on or has my mind. Twitter: @DeebsFLA @FoundersGirl Web:
Cranky and Shaughn premise their interesting chat with returning guest, comedian and author Evan Sayet, with their backgrounds of being grateful immigrants to the US. They dive into his new book The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto and the very different views of the world currently held by people of different political beliefs. But Evan is able to connect the dots between the aspects of socialism and how it’s a supremacist ideology. Also, bonus-what can we look forward to in democratic socialist next phase?! Fun! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @Shaughn_A2 @EvanSayetWeb:
Jeff and Cranky have a fascinating chat with both Kyle Shideler, who is a Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Chris Rufo, a writer and filmmaker and tea search fellow at the Discovery Institute. They discuss Antifa and BLM (the organization) and their roots in communist/Marxist, domestic terror groups of the 20th century, and now the carryover into modern society through the current education system. Conservative are now the counter-culture, so they also have some ideas on how to combat this, as well as the deterioration of diversity of thought and race relations. Twitter: @proteinwisdom @StillCrankyAF @ShidelerK @realchrisrufo Web:
Cranky and Deebs welcome back friend of the show and ThreadMaster of Ceremonies Drew Holden, who finally gets to thank us for his popularity bump immediately following his last appearance. Media hypocrisy is front and center for this convo since Drew has the corner of the market on calling it out, centered around the reaction to NancyHairGate and Trump shiny object of the day, but also divisiveness in general. It’s a great discussion and also touches on the drive to skepticism among news consumers and the drive for clicks among media. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @DeebsFLA @DrewHolden360 Web:
Dawn and Cranky un-cancel Grandma Killing Nazi Bethany Mandel long enough to get her secrets to avoid cancellation. They also touch on the intersection of online cancel culture with in-person “Karen culture” (poor irl Karen’s!). You’ll also get a fun story about Bethany’s editor husband Seth, and a useful lesson in using social media for good instead of evil, namely fundraising for worthy causes. Twitter: @aurora_g96 @StillCrankyAF @bethanyshondark Web:
Sarah and Cranky chat with fellow KLRNRadio personality Stacey Lennox about the seventh grade graduation-esque virtual DNC convention. She’s been working hard to cover all of it, losing sleep, and risking her sanity so we don’t have to! If you’ve been avoiding it, this primer will bring you up to speed and continue preserving your mental health, at least a little! Twitter: @FoundersGirl @StillCrankyAF Web:
Deebs and Cranky welcome THE NOTORIOUS CFG! Chad Felix Greene discusses how he came to the conclusion that he’s conservative and how he decided to “use his gay Jewish” privilege to deliver his messages on Twitter, The Huffington Post (for a while) The Federalist, and now The Post Millennial. Listen to find out who delivers the most hate to him online, and a big announcement: you heard it here first- Chad is writing a book about all the Trump anti-LGBT accusations from GLADD, and breaking down the truth behind them when taken “Within Context.” Twitter @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @Chad Felix Greene Web: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comChad:
Cranky and newly minted cohost Jeff welcome Glenn Reynolds! Three aging white male bloggers discuss topics related to the evolution of blogging and internet culture. They discuss his book, An Army of Davids (2006) and how it holds, while also previewing his new book out October 13: America’s New Destiny in Space. They also touch on peer to peer communication, the Internet and social media providing good and evil and what the algorithms mean to our manipulated experience online. What do you think Glenn’s number one complaint about Twitter is? Listen and find out! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @proteinwisdom Web:
54 Sarah and Dawn welcome KLRNRadio friends Aggie and Lu. Result: four really cool girls discussed whatever the hell they want! And laugh a lot. Twitter: @FoundersGirl @aurora_g96 @aggierican @CyberRedStick Web:
Deebs and Cranky welcome Noam Blum, aka Neontaster, for a wide ranging and fun conversation. They cover the Washington football team, Anime and how much it encompasses compared to western cartoons, and a little bit about his childhood and Israel, and how traveling to the states made him an entertainment hipster. They also hit on the evolution of the Neontaster Twitter account and how it effected Noam’s life, and his new podcast. And of course, the Yoko content we all crave! Twitter: @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @Neontaster Web:
Cranky and Sarah welcome speaker, author and comedian Evan Sayet to cover a lot of ground on current political and cultural climates. They discuss his political journey through the years including how the aftermath of 9-11 really cemented his place as a conservative. They also focus on a lot of the themes of both of his books (KinderGarden of Eden: How Modern Liberals Think, and the upcoming Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto-this is one of his first interviews on the new book!). His conservative “coming out” speech is the most watched Heritage Foundation video ever! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @EvanSayet Web: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comEvan:
Dawn and Shaughn talk to one of the most interesting men in Britain. Zuby joins them for a fascinating discussion on his background and how life experiences shaped his current outlook and informs the way he views the condition of at least the two countries he keeps tabs on and where the differences in culture are most obvious. They also touch on his music, fitness passions (and ebook on the topic plus of course his WOMEN’S deadlifting record) and much more than the 30 minutes they were allotted! Join us for our first international guest! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @Shaughn_A2 @ZubyMusic Web: Zuby:
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