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A highly entertaining and relatable cast of lovable rotating hosts talking news, culture, movies, music, nostalgia, politics and life. And maybe sports.
59 Episodes
54 Sarah and Dawn welcome KLRNRadio friends Aggie and Lu. Result: four really cool girls discussed whatever the hell they want! And laugh a lot. Twitter: @FoundersGirl @aurora_g96 @aggierican @CyberRedStick Web:
Deebs and Cranky welcome Noam Blum, aka Neontaster, for a wide ranging and fun conversation. They cover the Washington football team, Anime and how much it encompasses compared to western cartoons, and a little bit about his childhood and Israel, and how traveling to the states made him an entertainment hipster. They also hit on the evolution of the Neontaster Twitter account and how it effected Noam’s life, and his new podcast. And of course, the Yoko content we all crave! Twitter: @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @Neontaster Web:
Cranky and Sarah welcome speaker, author and comedian Evan Sayet to cover a lot of ground on current political and cultural climates. They discuss his political journey through the years including how the aftermath of 9-11 really cemented his place as a conservative. They also focus on a lot of the themes of both of his books (KinderGarden of Eden: How Modern Liberals Think, and the upcoming Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto-this is one of his first interviews on the new book!). His conservative “coming out” speech is the most watched Heritage Foundation video ever! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @EvanSayet Web: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comEvan:
Dawn and Shaughn talk to one of the most interesting men in Britain. Zuby joins them for a fascinating discussion on his background and how life experiences shaped his current outlook and informs the way he views the condition of at least the two countries he keeps tabs on and where the differences in culture are most obvious. They also touch on his music, fitness passions (and ebook on the topic plus of course his WOMEN’S deadlifting record) and much more than the 30 minutes they were allotted! Join us for our first international guest! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @Shaughn_A2 @ZubyMusic Web: Zuby:
Sarah and Cranky welcome back Cam Edwards from Bearing Arms (and breeding goats). Tune in for this discussion on guns in America, how the existence of “autonomous zones” and unrest has effected the image and status of gun rights, and what an armed populous means in real terms. And we can’t have Cam without some Farmville talk-which especially means GOATS! Twitter: @FoundersGirl @StillCrankyAF @CamEdwards @BearingArmsWeb: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comCam:
Sarah and Dawn are reunited with friend of the show and Kruiser Cabana Peaceful Partylord, Stephen Kruiser. Stephen is with PJMedia, and a stand-up comedy veteran. Opening with ways the Kruiser Cabana is far superior to CHAZ/CHOP, they provide some important distinctions. They also chat about his comedy career through the years, what, if anything, we are still allowed to laugh about, and how the comedy scene has changed and may continue to evolve. You’ll need to listen to the end to hear about his future career as a specific kind of Instagram influencer! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @FoundersGirl @stephenkruiser Web: Stephen’s newsletter:
Cranky and Sarah are together again and are joined by Jeff Goldstein (Protein Wisdom blog). They lay the groundwork for Jeff’s autonomous zone, then switch gears to discuss how Jeff got into blogging back in the days before he was an overlord (with a name you won’t soon forget). They discuss the bygone era of the original blogging crowd, interactions, and intricacies of being knee deep in the joke. Some of the nostalgia will make you want to immediately go to the archives if you aren’t familiar, and reread and reminisce if you are! Twitter: @FoundersGirl @StillCrankyAF @proteinwisdom Web: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comJeff:
The gang is back to celebrate our first podcast birthiversary! And this party was more fan than the funniest story about your first car! If you've ever wanted to get to know us better, this is your lucky day. All of our “Bleeping Bunch” episodes help you do just that! Twitter: @aurora_g96 @LibertyBelleCJL @DeebsFLA @FoundersGirl @ag_texas @StillCrankyAF @Shaughn_A2Web:
Deebs and Carla won the podcast lottery and got to talk to Bruce Carroll (GayPatriot)! They chatted about the fun to be had with Bruce’s current events related Twitter names and avis and the blame his followers get for his photoshops. They also touch on Bruce’s colorful Twitter history. You have to tune in for the juicy Scarborough conspiracy theories...Plus, this is the episode voted most likely to discuss Twitter Blue Check Superlatives (which are hilarious and well earned)! Twitter: @LibertyBelleCJL @DeebsFLA @GayPatriotTM (for now)Web:
Dawn and Sarah welcome you to Phetasy Island! They chatted with Bridget Phetasy about the grit and resilience themes of her podcast, Walk-Ins Welcome, especially in relation to the current state of affairs. Of course we can’t have Bridget on without also talking about humor as a coping mechanism, and her YouTube program Dumpster Fire. Also touching on some ways things have changed in light of coronavirus, especially some we’d like to see stick around, it was an info packed half hour. Twitter: @aurora_g96 @FoundersGirl @BridgetPhetasyWeb: http://www.bleepingpodcast.comBridget: phetasy.com
Cranky and Deebs welcome Christian Toto back to the program to discuss some of the most noteworthy current events in entertainment, especially the repercussions of the coronavirus on the movie industry including movie theaters and whether it will ever go back to “normal.” They expound on the left-leaning lane of the entertainment industry and touch on a couple refreshing counter examples on streaming services. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @DeebsFLA @HollywoodInToto Web: Toto:
All the facts regarding the Covid medicine approval! Cranky and Dawn take attendance and then clear the way for Professor Molratty to break down COVID drug trials, testing and efficacy as well as come of the controversies surrounding them. We touch on a great archery analogy to help all understand, as well as unapproved uses and issues for autoimmune individuals. Take notes, there’s a quiz for extra credit! Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @aurora_g96 @Molratty Web:
Dawn and special guest host Angie welcome YouTuber, author, and libertarian entrepreneur Julie Borowski to chat about her unique approach to videos and social media, her fun merch online store and the effects of becoming a mother while being “very online” (so online, she even has a trolling OnlyFans account now!). They also touch on her children’s book, some market consequences of the coronavirus lockdowns and what they are most looking forward to when the mandates are lifted. Twitter: @aurora_g96 @Artist_Angie @JulieBorowski Web: Julie’s links:YouTube channel store
Cranky and Dawn host the most interesting millennial in the world (of Twitter, anyway), DC communications strategist and contributor at The Resurgent, Drew Holden. They chat about the media and its biases and accountability shortcomings and are regaled with tales of his time as a legislative assistant on the hill. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @aurora_g96 @DrewHolden360 Web:
We’ve got the whole gang back together...and we mean THE WHOLE GANG...for a second round of the Bleeping Bunch round table! What happens when NINE friends share an hour and try to answer multiple quarantine related questions? Well, they answer ONE question anyway. Twitter: @aurora_g96 @LibertyBelleCJL @DeebsFLA @FoundersGirl @Artist_Angie @ag_texas @_wintergirl93 @StillCrankyAF @Shaughn_A2 Web:
Cranky and Sarah go deep state to score the interview of a lifetime: one of the many alter-egos of Jay Malak! Of course they talk about all things Twitter: how to navigate (get/avoid/deal with) Twitter suspensions, journalist narratives and accounts, and moms gone wild, as well as the current state of the coronapocalypse. Twitter: @StillCrankyAF @FoundersGirl @Btaylor74 Web:
Dawn and Sarah set out to set some parents’ minds at ease about sudden accidental homeschooling with guest Paula Bolyard (Managing Editor of PJ Media), an actual experienced former homeschooling parent. Things quickly and appropriately evolve (devolve?) to making themselves laugh and feel a little better over some of the hilarious schooling-from-home memes that are circulating. Twitter: @aurora_g96 @FoundersGirl @pbolyard Web:
Deebs and Cranky host writer, editor, foodie Jay Caruso. Jay is a prolific writer and they barely scratch the surface on his work and point of view while packing a whole lot of quality into a little bit of time! Listen in as they discuss losing the big picture in our political climate, the coronavirus relief package, maintaining your principles in the era of principles for clicks, Joe Biden’s campaign and his chances of surviving against Trump...and a little bit of baseball. Twitter: @DeebsFLA @StillCrankyAF @JayCaruso Web:
Join Sarah and Dawn as they lament not chatting with guest Kira Davis in person in a martini bar...but have a great convo about quarantine and AB5 and its ramifications on California (plus the added strain on the workforce with coronavirus). Then on a happier note, Kira tells us about her great podcast (Just Listen To Yourself) and breaking news: there’s a Christmas in March movement that reflects the human spirit and makes Hallmark movie fans very happy. Certified 100% social distancing safe! Twitter: @FoundersGirl @aurora_g96 @RealKiraDavis Web:
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