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A Call to Heal

Author: Bold Brave Media Talk Radio

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Pick up the phone and become part of A Call to Heal. This unique radio show provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing this reality. Earth and her inhabitants are suppressed and primarily suffering. We spend our lives enslaved to money, our jobs, illness, and entangled relationships never quite attaining the illusive success and freedom we seek.
Through connection with Infinite Awareness, the co-hosts, Julia and Karolee, bring forth information and energy, to its listeners, to literally enable them to change their body’s well-being.  Listeners are encouraged to call in for specific individual healings that will aid everyone on the call. If you are seeking freedom and looking to change your life and this world, this energetic show can be the impetus to assist you in creating a new reality.
155 Episodes
This week, Karolee, through a powerful meditation took us on a journey to the Earth’s Ascension grid for deeper connection. Releasing and honoring grief, releasing martyr energies, clearing of the third eye. We facilitated self-care practices such as grounding, clearing and shielding.
This week, Julia took us on a journey to the stars to activate our starlight DNA. We visited the Chamber of Beliefs, stopped bleeding energy and losing power, embraced our wild woman self and reminded the importance of loving ourselves.
This week we welcomed our guest, Mary Lancaster, as she led us on a powerful meditation of clearing with the four elements. Sirian Whale deprogramming and integration, connecting with past, future and inner child to receive information and gifts. Received the Gift of the Blue Ribbon, empowering success, received the gift of the Royal Energies and the creative gift of honey.
This week we welcomed our guest, Whitney Mullings, as she led us on a powerful meditation to activate our Divine Magnetism. Clearing power blockages associated with sugar addiction. Tree of Life Activation and Diamond Talisman Starlight gift. Opening up to the shadow parts of ourselves were all part of tonight’s sho
This week we welcomed our guest, Ashley Long, as she led us with a powerful Cardology meditation, assisting us in releasing our fears. Clearing the heaviness of responsibility and the beliefs off our shoulders, letting go of the need to heal the world and accepting forgiveness and freedom. Upgrades to our DNA and Light Body cord. Gifts received were the Book of Wisdom, the Elven touch and Rainbow cape.
This week we welcomed our guest, Lauren Baxter, as she led us with a beautiful Pony Ride through the flower field, where we received the sacred word. The Sacred Goddesses that joined us this evening were Shiela Na Gig, who is all about opening to new possibilities, we also welcomed Sophia the Goddess of Divine Wisdom, the Queen of the Darkwood Elves who assisted us with our shadow work and Hestia the Goddess of Hearth and Home to assist us in creating our sacred space.
This week we welcomed our guest, Mary Papayani, as she led with a beautiful Light Force Chakra Clearing meditation. Removed root to full body implants from two of our callers. Grounding cord upgrade, releasing of many implants including past life coil program which blocked balance and flow. Kwan Yin and Lakshmi assisted us with the gifts of abundance, forgiveness and compassion. Archangel Michael assisted in cutting cords of attachments and calling pieces of ourselves back from previous relationships.
This week we welcomed our guest, Tina Gehman, she led a beautiful meditation on the Trueness and Essence of who we are. Being in flow , embracing conceptional thinking as opposed to linear thinking was one of tonight’s themes. Setting the intentions and following the synchronicities of the moments in the now. Aligning subtle bodies, the importance of clearing, grounding and shielding. We enjoyed an Arcturian Crystal Activation to expand the heart and a Ray Activation that benefitted the whole body..
This week we welcomed our guest, Xane Daniel, he led us on a beautiful and powerful emotional burden clearing meditation. Healing hand and womb, heart mind activations. Assistance from the Beings of Andromeda to help us be in flow. The Weaver helping with Divine Freedom.
This week we welcomed our guest, Shekinah Ma, she led us on a powerful 5th dimensional, sacred heart, treasure chest meditation. We had several activations including the Divine Feminine Balancing, Crystalline Wings, Silver Blue Violet Lunar healing ray, the dolphin connection and the pearl Mystery School activation. We had the release of Nano Technology, ancient implants, Klingons and past life energies.
This week we welcomed our guest, Tim James, owner of Tim led us on a powerful balloon breathing exercise. We cleared an implant in the ear as well as releasing blockages in the sternum. We received the gifts of the poppy and the sunflower. Inner child and past life healing. Our Pleiadian future self came to guide us on our current journey.To receive a 5% discount on your first at use Discount code Health5
This week we welcomed our special guest Emily Davis, Emily led us on a, powerful meditation that assisted us to connect and to awaken our resonance. We assisted in the releasing of suppressed energies of the feminine, cleared entities in our energetic fields, accessing our inner magic. The Arcturians reminded us to connect with them and allow them to assist us with fun and joy into our lives.
This week we welcomed our special guest Tess Jensen, Tess led us on a beautiful, powerful Mountain Top meditation. This week was all about letting go, the importance of having a daily Spiritual Hygiene routine. Sekhmet, the Cosmic Midwife and Hedgewitch blessed us with their gifts and energies. We also released the energies of anger and burden.
This week we welcomed our special guest Nikole Ackley, Nikole led us on a powerful meditation connecting us all to each other. The themes we looked at were addressing the current energies, which included change, trust, balance and the importance of spiritual hygiene including the Rainbow Egg. We received the gifts of the Starfish, the Orion Light, the Beings of Andromeda gifted us with their knowledge of change.
This week, we welcomed our special guest Christy Ann Clark, Christy led us on a powerful Cosmic Planetary Heart Grid meditation. The healings this week consisted of inner child abuse healing, shift in soul plan and teams. We received the gifts of the Pink Gemstone Heart Ray as well as an upgrade to our inner fiber-optic cord and ground plug. Goddess Rhannon helped us to clear the doubt around our Galactic self. Archangel Michael assisted with the platinum dagger to cut the cords of attachment from past lives that were keeping us from honoring and embracing our authentic self.
Karolee led us on a powerful journey connecting us with the 13 indigenous grandmothers of Earth, reactivating the Divine Feminine Principal. Releasing false programming of our inner child’s restriction, not allowing them to be their true self. Releasing shields around the third eye. Spiritual hygiene for the empath. Clearing the Unconscious Death Urge and Animal Communication Activation were all themes of tonight’s show.
Julia led us on a beautiful meditation with Goddess Iris activating the Holographic Rainbow body. Removal of implant systems, activation of hand healing codes, reset the core pulse of the universe through the heart chakra. We also did an addiction clearing through the ancestral line and addiction implant removal. Galactic Connections throughout the show.
Karolee led us on a journey on the Holy Mountain and Healing Temple. Expansion of the fiber optic grounding cord. Crown and third eye openings and expansion, connection with supporting multi-dimensional beings were all part of this week’s show.
Julia led us on a powerful meditation in which we were able to solidify our foundation in Trust. Inner child work releasing and integrating worthiness. Clearing fear, guilt and anger energies in family dynamics. Blue Diamond waterfall clearing. Released ancient shadow side communication for receiving the energies of the planet upgrading the energy systems to allow more flow and ease.
Karolee led us on a powerful meditation activating the Star Fire Cone. We received many gifts including the Golden Unicorn, the Elven Touch and the gift of Renewed Hope. Other themes included adjustment in the foundation via the hips, we also released massive grief and anger.
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