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We Got Nets - A Brooklyn Nets Podcast

Author: Doug Norrie

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We Got Nets is a podcast all about the Brooklyn Nets. Your hosts, Doug Norrie and Adam Armbrecht, break down all things Nets including player news, game previews, recaps, hijinks and much more. #Brooklyn Nets #Nets
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Episode 8 of the We Got Nets Podcast is up on the heals of the NBA fully releasing the 2019-2020 schedule on Monday. There’s a lot to like about Brooklyn’s schedule this season with a ton of games broadcast on a national level as well as some early season matchups against the Knicks. The We Got Nets crew takes you through some of the games that stood out to them and what it could mean for the young Nets players to be thrust more into the NBA limelight this year. They also talk some USA Team Basketball for Joe Harris and some personal odds and ends around traveling and their plans for the fall. All of this and more on Episode 8 of the We Got Nets Podcast.
The We Got Nets Podcast is back! This time around they are recording a live and in-person episode. After a week hiatus, the WGN guys return to the podcast with a live episode from Upstate New York at Adam’s summer cabin. That means they are face-to-face discussing a variety of Brooklyn topics. Of course, they have to start with Doug’s assertion that there might be a value bet in the Nets missing the playoffs at +400 this season. He explains that this doesn’t mean the Nets aren’t a favorite to miss the playoffs but rather the elasticity around why that number seems palatable. Mainly, they look at some possible health concerns for Kyrie Irving and what any missed time for their new superstar would mean for the Nets’ chances. There’s also a discussion about the podcast *themes* after receiving some flack around what a Nets’ podcast should actually focus on. Are they a fan podcast? A statistical one? Both? And finally, there’s a look at some Nets crunch time lineups and how the positional overlap and possibly redundancy on the roster could be problematic until Kevin Durant returns.
The We Got Nets Podcast is back at with Episode 6 of their Brooklyn Nets podcast. With Summer League winding down and finishing for the Nets, the guys look back with some quick takeaways from the time in Vegas specifically for the players who are clearly coming to the big squad in the fall. Then they get into the Brooklyn Nets’ season over/under total from PointsBet book and break down some early model looks at how the Nets could project to come under that number. Finally, it’s on to Sean Marks’ press conference in which he describes the Nets’ culture and how the team found out Kevin Durant was coming to Brooklyn. All this and more on Episode of the We Got Nets Brooklyn Nets podcast.
The We Got Nets Podcast is back for Episode 5. Coming off the major free agent signings of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets look positioned well for the future especially once Durant is fully healthy. Some short term news includes Irving and Durant officially signing their contracts over the weekend with Kyrie choosing to wear 11 and Durant 7.But of course, the major NBA news came down late Friday night/ early Saturday morning with the stunning announcement that Kawhi Leonard would be joining the Clippers and Paul George would be coming with him (via trade). This has implications for the Nets in the Eastern Conference and the guys break down how the title and conference odds changed with this news, the realistic expectations about Brooklyn this year and more. There’s Kyrie Irving talk as well with some betting shops putting his season scoring at 23.5 points per game at -150. They discuss whether that’s a real possibility with the Nets’ style of play or if he could well exceed it. And finally, there’s some summer league talk and discussion around Doug’s longer written piece published last week about Jarrett Allen and the chances of him becoming more of a stretch big as his career moves forward. They talk about the possibility of even pairing him with DeAndre Jordan for some shorter stretches this year. Linkswww.wegotnets.comiTunes
The We Got Nets Podcast is back for Episode 4 following one of the most exciting days in recent Nets’ history. With NBA free agency opening, the Nets were able to secure Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving as their big moves, positioning this team as a possible title contender when everyone is fully healthy. It was a banner day and marked a new chapter in Nets history as part of the Sean Marks rebuild. The We Got Nets guys are breaking it all down with reactions to the Durant signing, what it means to have two superstars on the team and how Sunday played out across Nets’ nation. They also discuss the addition of DeAndre Jordan to the pair and how his contract was part of the trio all coming over together. Doug and Adams start looking ahead to the 2019-2020 Nets season and what it will mean playing without their best player in Durant as he recovers from the Achilles injury. They try to set realistic expectations around this Brooklyn team and how some of the other Eastern Conference moves play into the Nets chances. All of this and much more on a full We Got Nets Podcast discussing Brooklyn’s big free agent signings, team coverage and much more.
The We Got Nets podcast is back for Episode 3 and even for the offseason, there’s just so much to talk about. Of course, first and foremost, the guys have to get into some of the news surrounding the Kevin Durant rumors swirling right now. A number of different pieces were written/ posted over the weekend having the Nets as clear favorites to land the injured superstars. Bleacher Report tweeted a Caesar’s Palace odds update with Durant as a -125 favorite to land with Brooklyn. Plus Zach Lowe from ESPN and Tommy Beer from Forbes wrote longer pieces about the idea that Durant could end up a Net. The guys break it all down and what it would mean for Brooklyn this season and beyond. They also try to make sense of what it would mean with Kyrie Irving for this season, how DeAndre Jordan possibly (or doesn’t) fit into this mix as well. There’s also some draft talk at the end plus Doug starts to nerd out with Dungeons and Dragons talk that Adam quickly squashes. It’s a packed third episode of the We Got Nets Podcast.
The We Got Nets guys are back at it with their third episode of the podcast. The Finals are barely over and yet the talk of the NBA has already fully shifted to the draft, free agency, and of course the monumental trades that went down in the last few days. They guys briefly touch on the Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers as well as Mike Conley heading over the the Jazz on Wednesday. Then they transition into what things are looking like for Brooklyn with rumors that they might no longer be pursuing Kyrie Irving as aggressively as was once assumed. This leads to a debate about whether it would be *better* to bring on Kyrie or to stand pat with D’Angelo Russell as their primary *max* contract. Where they land might surprise you. There’s also a discussion about the Nets’ core need, in terms of last season’s performance, and that’s the lack of reliable interior play on both offense and defense. They discuss the possibility of bringing in someone like Al Horford who will opt out of his player option with the Celtics and look for another deal. And that’s where they break into some DeMarcus Cousins talk and if he would be a player to bring in if they could get him at a *discount*.And finally, Doug breaks down the trauma of getting stung by a bee earlier in the day.
The We Got Nets crew of Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie take to the first ever WGN Podcast to begin breaking down what could be a very exciting Nets offseason. They start off the podcast with some NBA Finals thoughts and how this year’s Finals really have some cascading effects in terms of the landscape for the league as a whole. Then it’s into some of the free agent targets and how those players fit, or don’t fit, into what could be an optimal plan for the team going forward. There’s discussion, of course, about Kyrie Irving, and whether this is the kind of move Brooklyn really should be making in the offseason. Can he, in any way, be paired with D’Angelo Russell? How does signing Irving compare with targeting someone like Jimmy Butler? And then they talk about some of the next tier down of free agents like Nikola Vucevic and Khris Middleton, guys who aren’t necessarily superstars but could really help this team take a step forward. It’s the first podcast of many with the guys planning on covering Brooklyn Nets news and notes, team moves, plans going forward and much more. The We Got Nets podcast is your home for all things Nets basketball.
The We Got Nets Podcast is launching for the 2019-2020 basketball season. Your hosts Doug Norrie and Adam Armbrecht are breaking down all things Nets-related including player news, offseason moves, game previews, and much much more.Follow on Twitter on Facebook
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