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Grief 2 Growth examines how the greatest tragedies of life often are opportunities for the most advancement. Planted, not buried is the motto of Grief 2 Growth. Unless a seed is planted, it remains full of unrealized potential. But, once that seed is planted, it can bring forth much fruit.

Brian is a grief survivor. After the sudden and tragic passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter in 2015, he became inspired to live his life to the fullest to honor her and make her proud.

Grief 2 Growth presents guests who have overcome tragedies and share how they have survived those tragedies. Afterlife experts are often featured. Brian also hosts healers and experts in grief through both education and experience inspire us each to be the best we can be.

Brian shares insights he has learned with the hope they will help you on your journey.
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In Part 2 of our conversation, Alba continues the story of her experience with Aurelia.Alba Monn is an author and a mother who had a fascinating experience with the birth of one of her children, Aurelia. Alba had a near-death experience that changed her life. It was, in actuality, a shared death experience, as you will learn when you hear her story.I’ve broken this very special episode into three parts. In parts 1 and 2, I get out of the way and let Alba tell her story as she recalls it. It might be a bit confusing in parts because the story doesn’t begin on the night her daughter was delivered in an emergency situation, it begins years earlier. In part 3, I ask Alba to go into more detail and we discuss the lessons from her absolutely amazing experience.In her experience, Alba learned:* Forgiveness is absolutely essential for our soul’s well-being* Souls have no age* Humans are all flawed equally and differently,* A life can have profound meaning no matter how short the time here on Earth* Something prepares us for the tough lessons we’re about to encounter, if we pay attention* Tragedy is less of a punishment and more of an opportunityHer book tells the story about healing after the loss of her child, PROOF OF ETERNITY by Alba Monn. It is intended to give hope to everyone who has lost a loved one, especially their own child. It's available at Amazon as an ebook.Support the show (
Alba Monn is a mother who had a fascinating experience with the birth of one of her children, Orelia. Alba had a near-death experience that changed her life. It was, in actuality, a shared death experience, as you will learn when you hear her story. This is one of the most profound NDEs I have heard.I’ve broken this very special episode into three parts. In parts 1 and 2, I get out of the way and let Alba tell her story as she recalls it. It might be a bit confusing in parts because the story doesn’t begin on the night her daughter was delivered in an emergency situation, it begins years earlier. In part 3, I ask Alba to go into more detail and we discuss the lessons from her absolutely amazing experience. This should tie the whole thing together.In her experience, Alba learned:  Souls have no ageForgiveness is absolutely essential for our soul’s well-beingSouls have no ageHumans are all flawed equally and differently,A life can have profound meaning no matter how short the time here on EarthSomething prepares us for the tough lessons we’re about to encounter if we pay attentionTragedy is less of a punishment and more of an opportunityGet Alba's book here: the show (
Adam has dedicated himself to a lifetime of service, prompted by the early passing of his toddler sister when Adam himself was a young boy.Today, Adam Rabinovitch is Executive Director of COPE - a nonprofit grief and healing organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child. I have worked with COPE to provide support to grieving families. They are a valuable resource.Adam was previously Executive Director of Giving Open Access to Learning, Inc. (GOAL) - a nonprofit educational program that provides children from under-served communities with the resources to help them get the most out of their education.Prior to that, he was Deputy Director of Neighbors Link a nonprofit committed to strengthening the healthy integration of immigrants in local communities.Adam is also proud to be a volunteer board member and to serve as Board Chair of Brick By Brick, a NGO and social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in East Africa.ℹ️  https://www.copefoundation.orgSupport the show (
Sandra Champlain is the host of We Don't Die, a popular podcast; the author of We Don't Die, a bestselling book; and the single biggest reason I started podcasting. Sandra was a lifelong skeptic about the afterlife. But, she also feared death. Her investigative and skeptical mind led her to delve deeply into afterlife studies to know for herself what is true and what is not. Sandra not only studies the afterlife, she's hands-on trying things like Electronic Voice Phenomenon, channel, mental mediumship, attending physical mediumship demonstrations, and even traveling to Arthur Findlay College, the "Hogwarts of Mediumship". Sandra is a much sought-after speaker and a friend for several years. I was finally able to find enough time in her busy schedule to get her on Grief to Growth for an hour.You can find more about Sandra on her website, including information on her new show Shades of the Afterlife on Coast to Coast radio.ℹ️  www.wedontdie.comSupport the show (
In this scintillating conversation, Dr. Kovacs and I discuss the nature of consciousness and who we are as human beings. We talk about the deep truths behind ancient myths. Dr. Kovacs has been exploring the nature of consciousness her whole life. This was greatly accelerated when, within a three-year period, her mother, her son, and then her husband were killed in three separate automobile accidents. While she had studied shamanism before her son’s accident, she and her husband actually experienced their son’s consciousness after his death for an extended period of time.  These experiences completely changed their lives.  Betty J. Kovacs, Ph.D. earned her doctorate from the University of California, Irvine, in Comparative Literature and Theory of Symbolic/Mythic Language. She taught Literature, Writing, and Symbolic/Mythic Language for twenty-five years. She served many years as Chair and Program Chair on the Board of Directors of the Jung Society of Claremont in California and sits on the Academic Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation. Dr. Kovacs is the author of Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World, winner of the Nautilus Silver Book Award and the Scientific & Medical Network 2019 Book Prize. She has also written The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life.Her first book, The Miracle of Death, is about these altered states of consciousness.  After her retirement, she began an intensified period of research into our ancestors’ experience of a vaster consciousness, Cosmic/Christ Consciousness, which she relates in her new book, Merchants of Light.Links:Website: https://kamlak.comYouTube Channel: of Love in a Dying World: Spiritual Renaissance: the show (
I am happy and hopeful to share this special episode with you. All of my episodes are special. But, in this one, I discuss a particular type of pain that some of us suffered at the hands of toxic theology. I hope it helps someone who listens. If you know someone it could help, please share.In this episode, Dr. Purcell and I discuss how similar our childhoods were due to the teaching that God made us imperfect and we were deserving of eternal torment for that reason. We both struggled for decades trying to reconcile this teaching with our hearts. Traditional Christianity is literally insanity.In this episode, we discuss the evil god of Calvinism not loving enough to save everyone; who in fact, creates most people just to throw them into eternal torment. We discuss the weak god of Arminianism who wishes he could save everyone, but it’s beyond his capability to do so. And, we talk about who/what we believe to be the true God who not only loves everyone but actually knows what He’s doing.Dr. Boyd C. Purcell holds an undergraduate college degree in Comprehensive Social Studies from B.G.S.U. He also has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Bowling Green State University.His Master of Divinity Degree is in Biblical Studies from Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Boyd’s doctorate is in the integration of psychology and theology.He is a retired hospice chaplain, having provided comforting spiritual care to hundreds of dying patients. Dr. Purcell has experience as a psychotherapist on the Christian Therapy Unit of a psychiatric hospital. He has taught counseling courses to students earning their Master of Arts Degree in Counseling at Marshall University Graduate College.He pastored an Evangelical Church for 15 years until condemned by the denominational officials for coming to believe in too much of God's all-inclusive, unconditional, everlasting love, amazing grace, infinite mercy, and perfect justice for all people everywhere in the whole world!He has written several books including: "Spiritual Terrorism: Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb" "Christianity Without Insanity: For Mental/Emotional/Physical Health."  "Symbolic Fire in the Holy Bible A Thru A," the subtitle, "God is Fire/Baptism of Fire/Salted with Fire."His website is:ChristianityWithoutInsanity.comℹ️ Support the show (
Barby Ingle is a best-selling author, reality personality, and lives with multiple rare and chronic diseases; reflex sympathetic dystrophy(RSD), migralepsy, PALB2-var, endometriosis, and other pain disorders. Barby is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and president of the International Pain Foundation. She is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author on pain topics. Barby knows grief from the loss of loved ones in her life as well, both her parents, and her grandparents have passed on.Barby was living her dream. She trained and performed cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics starting at age 4 through college. Straight out of college. Barby started a cheer/dance training company. A year later she was hired by Washington State University as the head spirit program coach. Barby has been battling chronic pain since 1997. First with Endometriosis which resulted in a full hysterectomy and left oophorectomy. Then in 2002, she developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a progressive neuro-autoimmune condition that affects multiple systems in the body and needs to be treated early so that disability does not take over and TMJ. Barby lost her physical abilities was bedbound for years.  Barby used a wheelchair to get out of bed. It took 3 years to get a proper diagnosis and another 4 years to get the proper treatment. As she searches for a cure, she has become her own best advocate and work sharing the information so that others do not have the same life struggles that I have. Even after seeing over 100 healthcare professionals, having major surgeries she didn’t need, complications such as internal bleeding, medication interactions, kidney stones, tumors, severe constipation and so much more – Barby did not give up or give in!In this interview, Barby teaches how we can also become our own best advocates.Her blog, reality shows, and media appearances are used as a platform to help her become an e-Patient advocate, and she presents at healthcare conferences, speaking publicly, sharing her story, educating and advocating for patients across the globe.ℹ️  https://www.barbyingle.comSupport the show (
Leslie Lindsey Davis is the author of the book "You Can't Eat Love" where she shares the lessons she learned on a journey to learn to love herself. Part of the work was finally dealing with the ungrieved loss of her mother decades before. Leslie learned how to name and honor the emotions that she had kept shoving down. It was not until she began to confront the emotions, especially the grief that she was able to set aside her 'drug of choice' - food. Her least favorite phrase as it relates to grief is "you'll get over it" followed quickly by "aren't you over that yet?" As part of her journey, Leslie lost over 100 pounds when she learned the art of self-love and how to process her grief properly. Her book helps others learn these same lessons. How do you heal in a world that wants to keep moving forward and doesn't want to hear about your pain?ℹ️  https://www.youcanteatlove.comSupport the show (
Reid Peterson- Grief Refuge

Reid Peterson- Grief Refuge


Reid Peterson is the Creator of Grief Refuge, a mobile app that is a daily companion to people in grief. Reid has years of experience working with grief and creating online learning. He has combined the two into a unique app for your smartphone.Reid's biological father died in 2006 and his stepfather died in 2016. After losing both father figures in his life, he sought support through community grief counseling and support groups. After realizing comfort and solace could be provided to grievers more consistently, he made the Grief Refuge app to provide support on a daily basis.Women, this is a great episode to share with the men in your life. There are too few of us men in this spiritual/grief field.Reid lives with his wife, Jessica, in Santa Barbara, California. Together, they spend time at the beach playing volleyball, hiking in the foothills, and living heart-centered lives.ℹ️ https://www.griefrefuge.comSupport the show (
Frances Key is the scribe of a four-book series called The Team: A Mother's Wisdom from the Other Side. She began writing the books 19 days after her mother died when she sensed her mother communicating important spiritual insights to her. She considers the true authors of the books to be her mother, Teddy Key, and the spiritual team she rejoined after she died. If you've listened to me for any length of time, you are aware I am obsessed with these books. I first interviewed Frankie in May of 2020. I have participated in a book study she led. And, I've read The Team books no less than three times, maybe almost as many times as she has read them. I find myself referring to concepts in the books continually.The first book was received from Teddy, while Books 2, 3, and 4 carry the energy of both Teddy and other teammates who came through to share their perspectives on life and death. In this interview, I discuss with her some of the concepts in Book 4.You can find out more at:ℹ️ https://www.theteambooks.comSupport the show (
This is Dr. Valla's second appearance on Grief 2 Growth. In May 2020, Dr. Valla and I spoke about healing our inner child within. In this episode, we focus on difficult life situations. Are they planned? If so, why would we do that?!The topic of this episode was inspired by the origin of Dr. Valla's work, which is working with disabled children. Why would a person choose to have a disabled child? Why would someone choose to come to this planet disabled? Rebecca is a Psychiatrist, has been a lifelong spiritual seeker, and has also been involved for nearly 10 years with IANDS, an organization devoted to Near-Death and related Experiences. She has worked extensively with developmentally disabled children and adults, both before and after her training as a Psychiatrist.There is a grief experience that is very common when a child is born with a disability. Sometimes, that child's developmental problem isn't known at birth but becomes known at a later time. The grief appears whenever loved ones realize that their child will have a growth path that is not as expected for most of their peers.Sometimes, their survival is not assured or is thought to be shortened for the long term. Sometimes they require a great deal of care both medically and to meet their basic survival needs at home, which requires intenseadjustment on the part of family and others. Some situations require a decision at some point along the way, as to whether the child can best be cared for in the home. There may be talk of a need for "institutionalized" care. The poignancy of the pain of these families may obscure the opportunities for growth, love and connection, and joy. There is a process of healing and learning that demands work, and brings with it the experience of self-discovery and personal expansion.ℹ️ https://www.rebeccasvallamd.comSupport the show (
Some people believe Near-Death Experiences are hallucinations, hoaxes, or even tricks of the Devil. But, Near Death Experiences line up with what the Bible tells us awaits us and who we truly are. Near-Death Experiences are evidence of the Bible's veracity.Pastor John Burke is an author and the founding pastor of Gateway Church in Austin Texas. He's written six books including "No Perfect People Allowed" and "Soul Revolution."His latest book Imagine Heaven hit number 1 on Amazon and was a New York Times bestseller. In this interview we discuss his interviews with over 1,000 clinically dead near experiences and their descriptions of what awaits us. Pastor Burke tells how we can all benefit from this amazing information brought to us because of modern methods of resuscitation.For more about Pastor Burke, visit:ℹ️ Support the show (
Krista St-Germain is a Master Certified Life Coach, grief expert, widow, mom, and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast. When her husband was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, Krista’s life was completely and unexpectedly flipped upside down. After therapy helped her unfurl from the fetal position, Krista discovered Life Coaching, Post Traumatic Growth and learned the tools she needed to move forward and create a future she could get excited about. Now she coaches and teaches other widows so they can love life again, too.In this episode we discuss: 1) Why do traumatic situations often feel like a movie playing out before your eyes?2) What is Post Traumatic Growth: Scientists have now discovered that loss can actually be a catalyst for growth and a source of resilience and strength. 3) The myths about grief stages: The popular “5 stages of grief” actually isn’t based on the grief of losing a loved one. 4) What the widow/survivor fog is: Feel like you’ve been in a daze after losing your partner/child/parent? Forgetting to pay the mortgage? Forgetting to pick up the kids from school? This is VERY normal and Krista can explain why your brain might be feeling a little foggy.5) Why you must take care of yourself first: Remember the last time you were on an airplane? Didn’t your flight attendant remind you to take care of yourself before you try to assist others in case of an emergency? The same is true with grief. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Here Krista can share why you have to process your grief and trauma in order to ever be able to help your kids through their grief too.6) The truth about moving forward: You won’t move on, you won’t get over it, but you WILL figure out how to love your spouse/child/parent, miss them and keep on living.You can find Krista at: Support the show (
Bridget Finklaire is an author and spiritual teacher. We had a wide-ranging discussion as she has a wealth of knowledge to share that comes from years of experience. She's a wealth of knowledge. I started with six pages of notes and we only got to about half of what I wanted to talk to her about in our hour together.Bridget is originally from the UK and lived in London for many years before moving to Cape Town, South Africa. She is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and healer, and used to work in London's Harley Street.Since 1995, Bridget has been on a journey of spiritual awakening. She's studied and taught many spiritual, metaphysical, and personal development teachings and explored different techniques – from meditation to yoga and from chanting to prayer. She currently facilitates a study group for The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch (r) by Dr. JJ Hurtak.In 2012, Bridget began coaching people to create their lives 'on purpose' - purposefully and according to their soul's purpose. In 2018, she pulled together three distinct areas of her expertise to create The Bone Circle - a unique, transformative, and life-changing program.Her novel "Red Dress" is available in July 2021. It's based on her life's work and has been compared to Eat, Pray, Love.  It incorporates many of her spiritual teachings into an entertaining package.Her 'why' is transformation. Her core message is 'love is the way.'ℹ️ https://www.bridgetfinklaire.comℹ️https://www.johnhuntpublishing.comSupport the show (
Anthony Chene attended business school and began a career in finance before realizing that was not his life’s passion.After graduating in media journalism and audiovisual production, Anthony worked as a video reporter within companies, media agencies, and TV channels. Now, Anthony works as a freelancer (DOP, director, or video reporter) for various clients, and develops his own projects (documentaries, video clips, fiction). Millions of people have watched his films on YouTube.I learned about Anthony from watching his interviews on his YouTube channel. Anthony creates beautiful films of interviews with Near-Death Experiences and documentaries that answer the deepest questions about life, who we are, and why we are here.I coaxed Anthony to come out from behind the camera and the microphone and to sit in the hot seat so his fans could get to know something about the man behind these life-changing works of art. I've been a fan of Anthony's for a couple of years. I hope this interview will help his fans know him a little better.Anthony is based in France, and travels on a regular basis for his productions.Find Anthony at his YouTube Channel or his website www.anthonychene.comSupport the show (
Dr. Lozano reached out to me to tell me about her work with using hypnosis for past life and life between life regressions. It's something I've always been curious about. So, we agreed that I would give it a try before having her on the program.Vondie is a Life Between Lives hypnotherapist. She’s also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and former Psychology Professor who’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, and on KABC Talk Radio.LBL hypnosis can help people connect with their soul's true identity and purpose. The hit movie, Soul, is about what souls do before they’re born. As a Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist, Vondie helps people discover what their soul does after they die, before they’re born into a new life.Grief 2 Growth listeners mention the show for 10% off any single session with Dr. Lozano before the end of 2021.You can reach Dr. Lozano at:ℹ️ https://www.lovebetweenlives.comSupport the show (
My work is largely about helping people change their perspectives. Rich's book "Change Your Story Change Your Life" is about that same thing. Taking the same set of facts and telling a story about it that is beneficial.Rich Curtis is, and always has been, a guide. For a decade as a raft and backpacking guide and now as a real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, and success coach. Rich guides, coaches, writes and speaks to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, adventurers, and go-getters rewrite their stories, get unstuck and live their dreams. As a story expert, passionate student of neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral psychology, Rich believes in a world where people are invested in the process of being better tomorrow than they are today. His life’s work, including his book, Change Your Story Change Your Life, has been about helping people get there.Outside of work Rich is a dedicated father of two, husband, traveler, and outdoor adventurer. the show (
Comedian Jerry Lewis has said that Allen Klein is “a noble and vital force watching over the human condition.”Klein (aka “Mr. Jollytologist”® and Ambassador of Light) shows people how to use humor and positivity to deal with life’s not-so-funny stuff. He is an award-winning professional speaker, TEDx presenter, and author of The Healing Power of Humor, The AWE Factor, and Embracing Life After Loss.Klein is also a former hospice volunteer and Director of the Life-Death Transitions Institute in San Francisco.The book we discuss in this interview is "Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide for Growing Through Grief) and the five stages (not those stages) we go through to grow from grief to laughter.Find Allen at:ℹ️ https://www.allenklein.comSupport the show (
Beth Cavenaugh RN, BSN is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse, Reiki practitioner, writer, and educator. Sliding into her 25th year as a nurse, Beth has spent the last 15 caring for hospice patients. Beth writes about end-of-life matters and published Some Light at the End, Your Bedside Guide to Peaceful Palliative and Hospice Care.Some of the topics we covered in this conversation include the challenges of taking care of a hospice patientcan people be more accepting of death?the regret people can feel after taking care of their loved onehow people die and the varied ways and timeline that people die.what to expect at the end of lifehow to Manage Anxiety for the Hospice Patient and the Caregiverhow to take care of yourself when you are taking care of a hospice patient for more on Beth, visit:ℹ️ the show (
After we have lost a loved one one of the most sought-after signs is a "dream visit". We hear about them all the time. But, what do we know about them from a scientific viewpoint?Dr. Joshua Black is a grief researcher, speaker, author, consultant, online course instructor, and host of the Grief Dreams Podcast. He has focused all of his MA and Ph.D. research (in psychology) on investigating dreams in bereavement (also known as grief dreams) and continuing bonds from many types of loss (including prenatal loss and pet loss). Most of his academic research and publications have specifically been on dreams of the deceased. Dr. Black is considered one of the world’s leading academic experts in grief dreams. Due to the lack of academic research in this field, Dr. Black has focused his efforts on raising awareness on grief dreams through doing talks, interviews, and developing an online Grief Dreams course. Additionally, he developed a grief dreams website ( and runs several social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @griefdreams).ℹ️  https://www.griefdreams.caSupport the show (
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