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Author: Oracle of The Ether

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Me sharing my thoughts on relationships in my community.
140 Episodes
Hood meditation ( ꈍЗꈍ) mua╭👄
So tired of seeing it & hearing it, you're not that smart. Nothing KNEW under the sun.
At this point accepting a not so "divine" masculine/ feminine will only hinder ur process. (For those that have been on this journey for awhile, especially if magic/voodoo was involved (
If thy eye be single 👁
If you're a true divine being you're not going to be worried about someone that's not checking for you. #noexcuses
Story time with Ether 🤷🏾
Can you stand the rain ☔
Nothing new (knew) under the sun?!
Shape shifters, the truth about Black economics
Astrology with the Oracle👽
The devil playground sex, drugs, money & lies the walking dead.
Get that bag?!
If you're triggered by him you have some work to do, the energy you put out you will get back.
Not all twin's have the same mission
Bow wow😂😂😂
Now talk yo sh!t
When they don't close door's you bolt lock urs.
Spiritual warfare don't give them the energy to take you out.
Balancing the scales
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