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Description is a blog and podcast about craft beer. We talk about beer in REAL terms, no pretentious swilling or "notes of Autumn".

Join Sean and Stu on a journey of palate development and random chat
74 Episodes
This week, Seán chats with Darren Matthews (comedian/Darren Matthews & Sometimes Friends podcast) to have a can and ramble about the week’s topics. They get into a chat about socially distanced comedy gigs & shows, tell drinking stories, Bullhouse brewing’s recent announcements, the world’s strongest beer and other beer news. The beers sampled this week are the Quadditch Belgian Quadrupel by Larkins Brewing Co and the Blood Orange Pale Ale by Great South Bay Brewery.
This week, Seán flies solo to ramble about the 50th birthday sesh, The Rock getting Covid-19, Trump's nobel peace prize nomination, Neil Buchanan is Banksy, missing live events and he shares some beer news. The beer sampled this week is the Daydreaming Of Far Off Lands IPA by Modest Beer.
In this episode, Seán and Stu get together for a chat about their weeks and life changing events. They ramble about out who won the best beer garden in the UK, Joe Rogan censored, what's annoying Stu? and they share some beer news. The beers sampled are Scrabo Gold Pale Ale by Ards Brew Co and Mickerbocker Glory Bock by Bullhouse Brew Co.
In this episode, Sean and Stu get together via skype once more to discuss their mammoth VBBF beer review session last weekend, The Batman and other movie trailers, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the Brewdog vs Aldi saga, the mythical b&m off licence and loads more. They take some questions from the listeners and share some beer news. The beers sampled this week were the Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose by Magic Rock Brewing and the Mediterranean Lager by Anadolu Efes Brewery.
Seán and Stu get together via skype once again for a few beers and a chat. This week, the lads ramble about returning to the gym, BMW drivers, the Bill and Ted soundtrack, beer festivals, the sesh and they discuss the latest beer news. Tune in for some hijinks and get involved on social media! The beers sampled were the Winter Is Coming Oatmeal Porter by 12 Acres Brewing Co. and the Rinse and Repeat IPA by Beer Hut Brewing Co.
It's another week for Skype podcasting for Seán and Stu. The lads get together to drink a few beers and have a chat. The ramblings this week include a spoiler free review of the movie Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, passive aggressively working from home, the government are cowboys, mask wearers vs non-mask wearers and they discuss the latest beer news.
In this episode, they ramble about an explosion in Beirut, Carl Benjamin vs Akilahobviously, post-lockdown haircuts and nights out, Fightback brewery teaming up with the Music Venues Trust and loads more. The lads also answer a few questions kindly sent in from listeners. The beers sampled this week are the Insert Pretentious Beer Name APA by Bullhouse brewing and the Amber Lager by Brooklyn Brewery.
This week, Seán and Stu get together over Skype for a chat and some beers. The fellas discuss post-covid house parties, Joe Rogan & Brie Larson on gaming, a man attacks a seal with bottle, cats with Covid-19 and loads more. The beers sampled this week are Jack Brand Crystal Rye IPA by Adnams and Revival English Bitter by Moor Beer.
In this episode, Seán and Stu chat with Ruairi Woods (Comedian and host of the WoodsTalk Podcast) over Skype. The lads ramble about post-lockdown pub visits, socially distanced comedy shows, Strabane, questions from the listeners and breaking up with a beer subscription service via electronic letter. The beers this week were cans of Asahi, Guinness and Dark Skies Stout by Drygate Brewing.
In this episode, Seán and Stu catch up over Skype after a little break. This week, the lads ramble about managing their mental health, Stu’s adventures in the Mourne mountains, Segways, Dark Tourism, Cancel Culture and they share some beer news.
In this episode, Seán flies solo to ramble about post-lockdown pub visits and clothes chopping, beer wrecking digestive systems, entitled celebrities and a chicken shop ruining Stu's birthday week - all this and more! The featured beer this week is the Mango NEIPA by Galway Hooker brewery.
Happy birthday Stu! This week, Seán and Stu get together on Skype to ramble about Piers Morgan, cancel culture, tearing down statues, a big furlough conspiracy, share some beer news and answer some questions from listeners, amongst other chat. The beers featured this week are the Lockdown Pale Ale by Norn Iron Brewing Co. and Bira 91 IPA by Bira 91 Brewery.
This episode Stu is Joined by Comedian Darren Matthews to discuss the C&C/Maine man, Craic-uums, the bars re-opening, gigging and punters, Tab Clear and Tom from Myspace.
Rejoice! Seán and Stu finally met up for a beer and a socially distanced chat in person after months in lockdown. In this episode, they discuss the lockdown effects on mental health, 5G conspiracy and more. The lads also try out the non-alcoholic Smashed Lager from Drynks Unlimited ahead of No Craic November.
In this episode, Seán and Stu are joined by Roy of which is a beer blog based in Northern Ireland.They ramble about the 'rona, beer festivals, local breweries doing home deliveries, beer licensing and share some beer news from the current week. The beers this week are: Strata Pale Ale (Modest Brews) Overworks Raspberry Sour (Brewdog) Kalamansification Tropical Sour (Wild Beer Co)
Seán & Stu take to Skype for a catch-up. This week, they discuss Bruce Dickinson, Netflix's Epstein documentary, lazy journalism, the Real Balds of Belfast, what's annoying Stu this week and much more. The beer this week is The Trooper Beer which is a collab beer from Iron Maiden and Robinson's Brewery).
This episode Stu is joined by Nikki Stewart to discuss neighbors, GOT, farting in sugar, Croatia facts and Nikki gets diddled! The lock-in continues....
This week, Seán and Stu are joined by Alanagh Chipperfield & Ilse Van Staden of the Ke Nako Biltong company ( to find out about the incredibly tasty and wondrous world of biltong. The beers sampled in this episode were Baltic Porter (Farmageddon brewing), Elbow Patches Stout (Virginia beer co), Last Train Stout (Fourpure brew co) and Dead Pony Club (Brewdog).
Lockdown skype podcasting continues. This week, Seán and Stu chat about the improving tech of internet podcasting, world's strongest men at handbags, a return to the prohibition era of pubs after lockdown and the positive mental health value of not being a dick. As usual, there's some beer news and the beers featured this week are Off Menu IPA (Camden Brewery) and Elevation Pale Ale (Wicklow Wolf Brewing)
In this episode, Seán & Stu call over the sea to chat with Pádraig, bassist of post-rock outfit A Burial At Sea. They discuss music, life in a new city, memories of ye olde Irish gigging scene and answer a series of 'would you rather' questions. The beers featured in this episode were Fancy Wiring (8Wired + Fierce Beer collab), Soundwave IPA (Siren Brewing) and Cheshire Chocolate Porter (Unicorn Brewery).
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