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Author: Britt Reano and Ally Wilson

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The Mindfully Millennial Podcast is focused on self-love, self-care, and taking the next steps toward a more mindful, celebrated life. Each week, Britt Reano and Ally Wilson will introduce a new guest and topic that will inspire you to take more time to love yourself and discover new versions of self-care that you didn't even know existed.
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This week, we are chatting with NYC-based makeup artist Quinn Murphy, who (pre-COVID) worked with celebs like Julianne Moore, Kate Hudson and Lily Aldridge. 2020 caused Quinn’s life to turn upside down (#relatable). As a self-employed makeup artist, there is no such thing as working from home. On this episode, we talk to him about how he’s coping with major life changes, how this year has impacted his mental health and the present state of the country. We go DEEP, but we also have a lot of fun. Follow Quinn on Instagram: and subscribe to his new podcast:In My Chair podcast
On this week's episode, we're talking to Lorena and Lucia Espiga, sisters, Akashic Records Readers and hosts of the Soul Tribe Podcast. We took an interest in past lives after hearing from medium that we had a past life connection. Luckily, we met Lorena and Lucia and we did a reading with them and learned so much about our friendship, ourselves and our souls. This might be a bit too deep for some, but even if you're not sure about past lives, this is such a fun episode to listen to. We talk about: What the Akashic Records are and how Lorena and Lucia tap in What to expect from a reading Ally & Britt's past life connections What it means to surrender and open up to receiving intuitive downloads You can learn more about Lorena and Lucia on their websites and set up your own reading!LORENA'S WEBSITE: https://www.lorenaespiga.comLORENA'S INSTAGRAM:'S WEBSITE: http://www.luciaespiga.comLUCIA'S INSTAGRAM: Listen to their podcast here: http://www.thesoultribepodcast.comJust for fun, we shared our skin care routines in today's intro. Find a few of our faves below:Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray by JuiceBeautyRetexturizing Night Cream by January LabsFacial repair Oil by CocokindPurifying Scalp Scrub by Christophe RobinGet your personalized skincare recommendations on Haldi
On the pod today we’re bringing back a guest from one of our most downloaded episodes of season 1. Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are is here with us to chat about plant medicine. Lindsay is a spiritual wellness coach and uses mindset work, lunar phases, manifestation,  plant medicine and more to help her clients work through relationship issues, childhood trauma and discover self confidence and self love. Lindsay is an open book, sharing her own experiences and rituals with plant medicine from ayahuasca to marijuana to cacao! Whether you’re curious about trying a plant medicine ritual yourself or just want to hear someone else’s experience this one’s for you. 
Today we're chatting with writer and disability advocate, Alex Ayaub of The Nines blog. She's sharing the work she's doing to call for more accessibility within the fashion industry and the brands that are currently catering to differently-abled folks already. With so little awareness around accessibility not only in fashion, but in general, Alex brings to light small ways we can all call for widespread awareness and how people can get involved. You can learn more about Alex's mission and follow her always joyful, always honest Instagram @alexandraayyyFrom the intro - not sponsored, not affiliate links: Get your fitness on with Ally's personal trainer (now taking virtual clients!)Have a date night-in with a fun murder mystery game from Amazon
On today's episode, we're talking to Krista Williams co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast about her journey to becoming a Reiki Master. When we typically think of a Reiki Master or Reiki Healer, we usually think of someone who is providing a service to someone else, but Krista’s version of healing is for herself. She believes you can’t heal someone else until you heal yourself. Krista uses Reiki as a way to provide self-love healing and we love that form of self-care.   We get into: Krista’s journey to healing through Reiki and how she applies the practice to her lifeReiki healing and psychic communication with animals (yeah, you read that right)How she uses her energy to communicate in her personal relationships and with her community If you haven’t already, check out the Almost 30 Podcast to learn more about Krista and connect with her on Instagram.
On today's episode, we're talking to Katherine Healey, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Applied Shamanic Counselor. Katherine shares her experience and journey to becoming a a Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and how she helps her clients find their way on their own healing journeys. We get into: Katherine's process in discovering Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic practice How Depth Hypnosis works Angels, guides, and inner wisdom How to tap in to your inner knowingDream interpretation You can learn more about Katherine and schedule your very own virtual Depth Hypnosis appointment at Ally and Britt mention a few of their favorite things on today's intro. Not sponsored & no affiliate links!Workout with your own virtual personal trainer (Ally highly recommends!) Turn your room into a Tik Tok room with a star light projector Treat yourself to a Eucalyptus subscription service
Thank you to everyone who's ever listened to Mindfully Millennial! We love putting this podcast together and we wanted to pop in to say how grateful we are for you. Each one of you who listens gives us the motivation to continue to book awesome guests and bring you even more content. Thank you!What we're reading: White Fragility by Robin DiAngeloSo You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma OluoThe Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine What we're listening to (podcasts): Code Switch by NPR Balanced Black Girl by Lestraudra Alfred Check Your Privilege by Myisha T. HillAccounts we're following as we learn more about allyship for BIPOC: @luvvie - Author of I'm Judging You@rachel.cargle - Writer and Activist and creator of The Great Unlearn@theconsciouskid - Parenting and Education Resource @the.root - Bringing awareness to issues in the Black community Our episode on being an ally for women of color in the workplace, featuring Sage and Aparna, Founders of Future For Us can be found on iTunes. Stay tuned for Season 2 launching later this summer! 
Today's episode features Marivette Navarrete, the fearless female behind The Mujerista - an online community dedicated to empowering Hispanic and Latina women. Marivette shares the story of why she created The Mujerista, how her mission has expanded over the years and the different ways she's bringing communities together. For so long, Marivette looked for a space where she felt a sense of belonging and community but noticed there was something missing. From this, she decided to create a space where Latina voices could not only be heard, but amplified. Since launching The Mujerista, Marivette has been featured in Forbes magazine, has interviewed A-List Latina celebrities, and she's created a brick and mortar space to cultivate community even more. We'll get into: How Marivette identified a problem and created her own solution The importance of amplifying Hispanic and Latina women's stories How to create and cultivate a community Why inclusivity among communities mattersWhat's next on her entrepreneurial journeyYou can learn more and discover The Mujerista on and follow them on Instagram @themujerista. Ally and Britt will be back for season 2 this summer! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram for the latest updates @mindfullymillennialpod
Today's episode focuses on a topic that's taboo in our modern society and we're navigating this taboo topic with Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Sexologist and Sex Therapist. We're talking all about self-pleasure, masturbation and the art of getting to know your own body. With the current pandemic and most people self-isolating, boredom, anxiety and stress are all taking a toll on our bodies and minds. On this episode, Dr. Jenn breaks down the importance of getting to know your body and why clear intentions and communication are key when exploring our sexual desires and fantasies. We'll talk about:  The shame associated with women and sex Mindful masturbation and the art of getting to know your bodyWhy clear intentions and self-reflection are important What it means to have fantasies and desires How to have an open conversation with your partner about self-pleasureWe talk through a few different resources on today's podcast. You can learn more about Dr. Jenn and find her mindful masturbation how-to on her website, out Dr. Jenn's instagram and send her a DM if you have questions, need recommendations for mindful pornography or if you want to thank her for sharing. You can find more about the NY Health Department's memo on safe sex during COVID-19 (and yes, it's real!). 
Today's episode features a conversation with Sarah Farris, an energy work and Reiki practitioner. Sarah is a gifted intuitive who taps into her client's energy to help articulate personality traits, free up stagnant energy that builds up when we don’t allow ourselves to process emotions or when other factors prevent us from releasing energy. She has worked with clients over the phone from all over the world to understand their baseline energy, spiritual energy, how they communicate energetically and what might be blocking their energy in the present. On this episode we get into: What energy work is and how Sarah uses intuition to help her clientsHow Sarah channels a client's energyBritt's reading and how she needs harmony in her life to balance her energyAlly's reading and how she gets a lot of her energy from relationships with other peopleHow Ally and Britt's energies are parallels of each other Learn more about Sarah on her website or Instagram and book an energy reading. 
On today's episode, we're excited to be back with astrologer Hannah Siddiqui. Hannah is more than just an astrologer, she's a talented photographer, writer, and a breathwork and meditation teacher but today's episode is all about natal charts but this time with a twist. We're welcome our husbands, Gordon and Artemus on today's episode to sit with us while we each get a side-by-side sinastry reading. Synastry readings are couple's readings where Hannah will look at each couple's charts side-by-side to see how our charts reflect our relationship's dynamics. On this episode we talk about: Ally & Gordon's overlapping moons and what it means for their relationshipWhy synastry readings aren't about matchmaking How side-by-side readings can help you identify areas of improvement in your relationshipBritt & Artemus' conjunct ascendants and how it brought them togetherMars, Mercury, and love languages You can learn more about Hannah on her Instagram @theroadtohannah and book a natal chart reading with her here. 
On today's episode, we're talking all about clean, non-toxic beauty and skincare. After attending Credo's Clean Beauty Summit, we left inspired and more motivated than ever to double check the ingredients for any products that go on our skin. In this episode, we share all about how we made the swap from a dirty makeup bag to a clean one. We also share some new-to-us finds that we discovered and learned more about at the Credo event. We'll talk more about: What clean, non-toxic means in the beauty industryHow we made the swap from dirty to clean Our clean beauty favorites and holy grails New ingredients and products we discovered that we can't wait to try Why cleaning up skincare, makeup, haircare and cleaning products are important Where to start if you're looking to make a clean swapThis episode was not sponsored but a few of our favorite places to shop for clean beauty include, Credo Beauty, Follain and The Detox Market. We talked about apps that help you measure just how "dirty" specific products are. One of our favorites is called Think Dirty. Discover more on our Instagram and ask us any questions you have by following us @mindfullymillennialpod.
We are beyond excited to introduce you to today’s guest, Nikki Novo. Nikki is a spiritual mentor and medium. We swear, Nikki is not of this earth. She has a truly incredible ability to read people. Her method is to work through a client’s charka system, looking for blocks and opportunities for healing and growth. We both had individual readings with Nikki and can only describe the experience as one of the most profound and healing conversations we’ve ever had. After Ally’s reading she was texting Britt “OMG OMG OMG. That was life changing!”On this episode we discuss: How Nikki found her calling. From working in the publishing industry and starting a dating blog to giving dating advice through her psychic abilities.What to expect in a session. Nikki helps her clients who are looking for dating advice, a spiritual mentor or answering a question about yourself.Ally’s reading. Her anxieties about balancing life and work with motherhood.Britt’s reading. Finding her purpose through her career and how Nikki’s advice has manifested since their session. PLUS BRITT’S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Resources:Book a session with Nikki (HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND) Follow Nikki on Instagram @nikkinovoLearn more on her websiteListen to her podcastBuy her book
On today's solo episode with Britt, she's opening up about the moment she learned that her career didn't define her self-worth. Like a true Aries with a south node in Virgo, Britt shares why career is so important to her and what it felt like to realize that her self-worth extended far beyond her work life. She talks about her career journey, her saturn return and what she learned along the way.You'll hear more about: How she started her career in the Bay AreaThe 5-year plan Why the promotion she hoped for wasn't what she wantedThe moment she realized she was more than her job title and positionHow finding spirituality and learning more about herself changed her perspectiveYou can find Britt on Instagram at bee.reano and you can find Mindfully Millennial on Instagram at mindfullymillennialpod.Check out the hydrating skin oil Ally is obsessed with on Credo Beauty.
For our last episode of the year and decade, we are sharing advice on how to make 2020 the best year yet. We are reflecting on what we’ve learned this year and what we hope to bring in to the new year. Britt is focused on releasing control and practicing patience. 2020 is going to be a big year for Ally becoming a new mom and her goal is to practice balance and to be mindful about how she’s spending her time. On this episode we invited back some of your favorite Mindfully Millennial guests from 2019 to share their words of advice for the new year. We hear from…Carley Schweet, Self-Care Coach, Guest on episode # 17 - Carly’s advice for everyone is to set intentions and boundaries and get really clear with yourself.Hannah Siddiqui, Astrologer, Guest on episode # 6 - Hannah wants to encourage everyone to let go of what is no longer serving you and be clear about your vision as you step into the new year.Lindsay & Kelsey, Former hosts of the Single In Seattle Podcast, Guests on episode # 12 - K & L’s advice is to live your best year yet in 2020.Jordan Thomson, Confidence Coach, Guest on episode # 19 - Jordan wants you to be a decision maker! Be bold and make mistakes! Sarah Salinas, Human Design Reader, Guest on episode # 9 - Sarah’s advice is on how to really take in the last year and set the stage for the year to come.Dr. Jenn, Sexologist, Guest on episode # 7 - Dr. Jenn’s advice is to set an intention around intimacy, don’t make it a goal you can check off a list but something more intentional.Katelyn Parsons, Holistic Health Coach, Guest on episode # 4 - Katelyn encourages everyone to create space in your day to check in with yourself and your emotions. Happy New Year everyone! 
On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Spiritual Wellness Coach Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are. Lindsay’s goal is to work with women to help them step into their divine feminine and manifest all that they desire in life. She focuses on the spiritual side of coaching as a means to address the symptoms in ones life by focusing on the root cause and helps her clients shift their mindset and find self-love so they can live the lives they want. We talk about: Lindsay’s coaching style Manifesting abundance and money The spiritual modalities she practices with clients Her experience with plant medicine What self-care means to her as a spiritual coach and mother You can learn more about Lindsay on and follow her on Instagram @ourandare
Today's episode features Behavioral Health Advisor, Kelley Hoag of Root To Rise. Kelley holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and is also a Certified Integrative Health Coach. Her approach is all about ditching the diet and tuning in to discover the root cause of the habits you're hoping to change so you can rise to your highest self. Instead of focusing on a bandaid solution, Kelley focuses on long-term results through behavioral analysis and coaches her clients on ways to pay more attention to the small choices they make throughout the day that can make the biggest long-term impact.On this episode we talk about: Goals vs. resolutions Why starting slow can help lead to long term results and change The way habits are formed and how to shift them Why you should ditch the diet Practical tips for following your intuition when it comes to making healthier choicesYou can learn more about Kelley and her work on and follow Kelley on Instagram @roottorisehealth
On today’s episode we’re talking to Doula Mallory Jacks. Mallory uses her skills as a doula, feminine lifestyle mentor and mindfulness advocate to help women feel empowered and educated about their bodies. She started her own journey of self-care by learning about the Fertility Awareness Method which gave her the power to take control of her reproductive health, understand her cycle and strengthen her mind-body connection. She now uses these tools along with her intuition to educate and empower her clients and today she’s sharing this wisdom with you! We discuss: Mallory’s personal journey and how she leans into her feminine energy How to activate your femininity and creativity Tracking your menstrual cycle and how it can be used in your day-to-dayMallory’s work as a doula and how she provides support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum Learn more about Mallory on her website and Instagram. Start tracking your menstrual cycle with Mallory's free Moon Journal 
Just in time for your holiday travel plans! Today fitness trainer, writer and entrepreneur, Michelle Razavi is sharing all of her tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. Michelle is the creator behind the blog “Travel Like a Trainer” where she shares travel guides, what to eat and how to workout on vacation as well as health hacks from beating jet lag, how to pack healthier and what you should do to prep before a flight. We love Michelle’s philosophy on health, she advocates for balance and approaching food as fuel instead of “good” and “bad” foods. She believes in allowing yourself to indulge on vacation while staying accountable to your health. We discuss: Navigating cultural norms and traditions around food in other countries How to prep for a flight and fasting to avoid jet lagThe best workouts, what to bring and which exercises to doMichelle’s new marine collagen protein bar she created with good for you and good for the planet ingredients How to motivate yourself to get back into a routine post-vacationFind out more about Michelle on her website and Instagram.
On today's episode, we talk to Abiola Akanni, creator of Trap Vinyasa. Laced with trap music, a heavy beat-based genre of hip hop originating from the South, Trap Vinyasa is a high-energy yoga-fitness class combining  yoga asana with dance, boxing and body weight exercises. In addition, we offer traditional yoga offerings to help BIPOC and allies develop their personal yoga practice. Designed to help you explore sensuality, this community combines the storytelling power of hip hop with the healing nature of yoga to empower you to rewrite the story of your body. Abiola's ability to curate an inclusive, positive community is what sets her apart in the fitness and wellness world. On this episode, we'll dive into: How Abiola's upbringing empowered her to re-write her story The importance of creating space for women of color to feel safe, comfortable, and empoweredWhat it means to create a community when the one you're looking for doesn't already existHow intentional movement helps build your body confidence and enables you to tap into your sensuality How Trap Vinyasa is different from hip hop yogaYou can learn more about Abiola and connect with her on Instagram @yogabybiola and learn more about Trap Vinyasa on
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