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🎙️  Episode OverviewYou might have come across Eric through his award-winning podcast ‘The One You Feed’ where he has interviewed hundreds of the wisest and most inspiring humans on the planet.He's also a father, serial entrepreneur, behaviour coach, and author on a quest to understand how we might live more intentional lives.And we get into the impact that these conversations has had on his life and perspective over the last decade, but we begin with the chapters of his life before the podcast — at age 24 Eric was living out the back of a van, spending $300 a day on his heroin addiction and up to 50 years in jail.We dive into this transformational journey of recovery—the gifts and challenges inherent in the AA program as well as his thoughts on what created the conditions for both his addiction and the sobriety that followed.It was interesting to see how Eric and I share a mutual fascination for questions around how to take insights and apply them to everyday life—and the parallels between the Spiritual Habits group program that Eric hosts with the work that I’ve been involved with around resilience and researching the nervous system.🫁  Episode Sponsor // Nervous System MasteryThis podcast has its first official sponsor — it’s a 5-week program called Nervous System Mastery designed and hosted by myself. The course is designed to share research-backed protocols to cultivate calm, agency + resilience in everyday life. We've had incredible feedback from the first version that ran in October last year, one previous student wrote to me and said: “Nervous system mastery was supportive, grounding, expansive, interesting, delivered with integrity and true passion. Science + practical evidence.”Building and teaching this course is now my primary obsession and the income that comes from this course, directly enables me to put my time & money into these episodes. If this sounds interesting at all, you can find more details here >> << 🔗  Show Notes + Links🎙️   Subscribe to the 'One You Feed' podcast on Spotify👨‍🎓   Learn more about Eric's 8-week Spiritual Habits Program🖥️   Watch his superb TEDx talk on the battle of changing your behaviour
Paul and I first met 3 years ago at an event in Portland—he had recently left his job in corporate consulting and we bonded over how lost we'd both felt at times.Later that week I gave him a copy of 'The Three Marriages' a book by David Whyte where he talks about the Pathless Path that is required for anyone looking to do or create something original.Fast-forward to today and Paul has just published his first book — Called the Pathless Path — which is his roadmap of sorts for those of us who might have had the boldness to quit the default path & taking an experiment-based approach to figure out how to live well.Some of the themes we dive into are:🤔  How he has been exploring the magic of non-doing❓  Some of the most powerful questions he uses during curiosity conversations with others who are looking to take the leap.🎢  How to navigate the painful reality that family + friends might not understand his decisions to walk away from a successful career.📚  Some of the things he believes hold most people back from living more intentionally & the big breakthrough moment he experienced in the midst of writing his book.***This episode is also sponsored by Nervous System Mastery, a 5-week Bootcamp led by Jonny Miller—applications for the Spring Cohort will be opening up soon so if you're curious to nerd out on research-backed protocols for emotional self-regulation + resilience you can find more details at***🔗   Links📚  Get your copy of The Pathless Path🖥️   Subscribe to Paul's excellent newsletter and listen to his podcast.🐦  Connect with Paul and say hi on Twitter
🎙️   Episode OverviewI'm thrilled to bring you this conversation with philosopher, writer & activist Charles Eisenstein. For those of you who aren't familiar with Charles' work—it's no exaggeration to say that his ideas contained in his books and writing have shaped my personal worldview more than any other author I can think of.What I appreciated about this conversation was his deep presence and at times a refusal to answer my question because he felt like there was a deeper and more real question beneath the surface. You can feel the urgency in the tone of his voice, the deep sense of how much is wrong with the world and his sincere desire to not bypass this deep discomfort.I've re-listened to this conversation several times myself and some of what really stood out for me was:👽  Our mutual sense of confinement, wrongness and alienation that we felt growing up in middle-class education — he described how he wrestled with this question of ‘who marooned me on planet crazy’.👐  His earnestness to be "fully available" and to be in service to life and his belief that it’s actually technically 'easy' to heal the planet, but our consciousness is getting in the way 🌎   We also touched in on the state of the world and how he believed that grief for the dying world is actually what is required for the world not to die.🎅  Making the case for getting truly serious about being selfish & why laziness is a message that points towards how our life energy wishes to be expressed. 📚  Why Dr. Seuss' Myth of the Grinch is so relevant for our times and what we can learn from seeing today's world through a more mythic lens.************************************************************************************************************************************🫁    Apply for Nervous System Mastery // Cohort #2This episode is also sponsored by me—or more specifically the upcoming Nervous System Mastery training that I've poured my heart and soul into. Applications will be opening up soon so if you're curious to nerd out on research-backed protocols for emotional self-regulation + resilience you can find more details at >> << ************************************************************************************************************************************🔗    Show Notes + Links💌    Subscribe to Charles' superb substack newsletter👀   Explore his thought-provoking essays from the past decade🌎   Two of Charles' Books: A More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible & The Ascent of Humanity👨‍🎓   His self-paced online courses (the gift economy + exploration of masculinity are highly recommended)📹   Curated youtube videos containing some of his biggest ideas  📚 Two Books Mentioned by Charles📖  Charles favourite story growing up:  The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster🎄  A myth for our times: How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
This is a really unique episode—Michael King has been a mentor of mine and dear friend for nearly four years now.  If it weren't for some of our conversations I'm not sure that Curious Humans would even exist, at least not in the form that it does today.I find some of his perspectives and approaches to meditation and life so refreshing and my goal for this conversation was really to tease out some of the ideas and radical concepts that he has shared with me privately over the years.Some of the questions we explored:😬  What is the case for living life from a place of ease rather than over-efforting — which is something that I've wrestled with for a long time, as well as how our experience of reality is shaped by who we are and our beliefs.🧘  Some common meditation myths and pitfalls that he sees with meditators with varying levels of experience as well as how he recommends navigating the landscape of meditation and the vast number of options and traditions and approaches out there.📝  And finally, he also shares a really powerful framework for feeling into and moving through any challenging emotional experience or resistance.***Michael is also launching the third iteration of his Meditation Teacher Training early next March which I was a student in two years ago. What I learnt in that training profoundly shaped not only my work as a founder coach but also deepened my own practice and my relationship to my own mind and emotional landscape. So if training to become a meditation teacher or deepening your own practice is something that calls to you, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Michael. He's generously offering Curious Humans, listeners, $200 off the 2022 training — just mention Curious Humans when you reach out.***🔗  Links🧘 Check out the Meditation Teacher Training 2022 👋  Find Michael on Instagram @kingsmeditationandmentoring
I'm really thrilled to be bringing you this philosophical deep dive with truly I think one of the most radical and thoughtful thinkers of our generation.Dr. Zachary Stein is a co-founder of The Consilience Project—which publishes novel research and explores questions surrounding global risk mitigation and existential threats facing humanity. He is the Academic Director Center for Integral Wisdom and the author of 'Education in a Time Between Worlds' – which I've personally gifted myself to many friends and shifted how I think about the future of schooling.In this conversation, we cover some truly fascinating territory, because of his multi-disciplinary approach Zak has a truly unique perspective on some of the biggest questions of our time.To give you a sense of what to expect in this conversation:🙏   We began with a model of what it means to move into the perspective of post-traumatic growth...🌱   He shared a thought experiment of 'Nous Arc' which asks the question of what seeds of ideas could be stored such that they could reboot human civilisation.🫁   We talk about the role of nervous system regulation in models of adult development 🌎   Zak's diagnosis of 'Global Intimacy Disorder' and re-imagining what it means to be human and his work to start the conversation for a new kind of global philosophy called cosmo-erotic humanism. What questions come alive in your mind? How might you see yourself contributing? Drop me a note on twitter... and finally, if this conversation resonates, do consider sharing a link with a friend who might also appreciate it.🔗   LinksZak's Homepage // zakstein.orgThe Consilience Project // consilienceproject.orgNous Arc // Zak's talk at the centre for integral wisdom
Joe Hudson is many things — he's a Venture Capitalist and renowned executive coach, but beyond that, he is a rare example of someone who in my perspective has accessed some profound truths about the human experience and is putting himself out there into the world helping others to find greater joy and ease in their lives. ***❓  We begin with his perspective on wonder and explore what makes for the capacity to ask transformational questions.🤩  He then shares his VIEW framework—which stands for Vulnerability, Impartiality, Empathy & Wonder—and how life-changing it can be if we're able to truly inhabit these states of being.🔥  We both then begin to unpacking the concept of emotional fluidity, why it's very different from emotional management and dive into specific examples of unclogging the tube of anger, Joe's process for dissolving shame (in which I become the guinea pig and it gets real for a few minutes)Joe also mentions his experiences doing naked breathwork, the one-two punch tactic he used to use to get out of speeding tickets, why selfishness is a word used to get children to do what their parents want and why you have to allow your heart to break a little to increase your capacity to love.***I was quite taken aback by how many of my recent Nervous System Mastery students had taken Joe's 'Connection Course' and how tremendously impactful they shared it had been in their journeys of self-exploration and finding greater depths of emotional maturity.I rarely (if ever) promote other courses, but having listened to Joe's 'Art of Accomplishment' podcast episodes, heard from several of his students whose lives have been transformed by his work as well as the depth of our recent conversation I believe his work and methodology deserves to be shared more widely.So to this end, I'd like to make the case for at the very least considering the 'Connection Course' that he's offering—it's very reasonably priced ($300) and uses a “cohort of two” learning format that combines the power of cohort-based learning with the flexibility of a self-paced course.It's an opportunity to access workshops usually only reserved for elite execs and combines 20 years of Joe's research into dozens of spiritual traditions + robust psychological frameworks, also backed by the more recent findings from neurological research."This course is a unique approach to relationships with yourself and others. It dramatically changes your ability to accomplish what you want in your life with ease and joy. It will help you examine the way that you show up at work and in your personal life, all through training a mindset that leads to more connection and more satisfying relationships."So there you have it—a wholehearted recommendation to first listen to the podcast conversation with Joe and if the themes of emotional exploration resonate, then definitely check out the amazing podcast and self-paced connection course linked below for a deeper dive.>> You can use the code CURIOUS to save 10% on Joe's course here << ***Links to Joe & the Art of Accomplishment👨‍🎓  Art of Accomplishment Connection Course (link)🎙️  Art of Accomplishment Podcast (link)📸  Art of Accomplishment on Instagram (link) 💬  Joe Hudson on Twitter (link)
In this episode, I speak with my good Twitter friend Malcolm Ocean. Malcolm is many many things, but first and foremost I consider him to be not only relentlessly curious but also prolific in sharing his practical philosophy mostly through the medium of thoughtful Twitter threads.I predicted that the experience of listening to this conversation might be a little like the feeling of being trapped inside a pinball machine bouncing between unrelated topics... but in fact, what unfolded was a really satisfying dance around parallel threads which centred around our mutual interest of human attention and perception — and how these theories have deep practical value our daily life.Some of the topics we danced around include:❓ The value and art of holding questions, and sitting with deep uncertainty.🔥  His case for an aliveness-based productivity system and discussing why to consider even setting goals in the first place.🧠  How the barely known ideas contained in 'Perceptual Control Theory' have shifted his outlook on life and how these theories connect to the work of Iain McGilchrist's findings on the differences between our left and right brain hemispheres.🌎  We talked about our 'domino memes' as a way of attempting to articulate the different levels of impact that we're hoping to make in the world and I also really appreciated his framing of what he calls 'negative effort' which is a way of saying the creative work that we can't not do — and ideas for how we might incentivise this on a wider scale.Relevant Links👋  Find Malcolm on Twitter: @malcolm_ocean (and his thread collection) 👀   Read his blog:❓  Ribbonfarm blog post on 'Questions are not just for asking'🧠  His superb Divided Brain Twitter primer🎲  His 'Domino Meme' (and my domino meme)📚  A cheeky bootleg copy of 'Making Sense of Behaviour' (the actual book is out of print)
Kelly Wilde is an artist, podcaster, performer, meditation mentor and poet who has been exploring the intersections of soul explorations, creative work and rewilding. She also happens to be my wife, and this episode fell on our 18-month anniversary — it’s a particularly juicy conversation and easily the most personal conversation that I've aired to date.In this conversation, we dance around a range of personal topics including: 🪨  Reflections on the last couple of decades of her life—from existential reckonings, identity crises, multiple career paths and rock-bottom moments that she has been through—and how these challenges have given way to a deeper clarity, knowing herself more intimately and beginning the process of what she describes as rewilding the feral aspects of her psyche.🧘  This led into the story of our experience at a 10-day meditation retreat we attended in Mexico last year, and how reflecting on death led to us getting married a mere two weeks later.❣️  We also talk about our reflections on the value we found from working with a couple's therapist, early on in our marriage and how being aware of what she calls the skeleton woman archetype has helped us to navigate rocky moments along the way in our partnership.I hope you enjoy this intimate conversation with the love of my life, Kelly Wilde.***Where to find Kelly on the Interwebs:📸   Instagram: @kellywildexo🎙️  Podcast: Wild on Purpose  👩‍🎨  Website:
Conni and I have collaborated on a number of projects over the years and we've both followed remarkably similar paths from the world of entrepreneurship into the world of breathwork & nervous system science. In this conversation, Conni starts off by sharing some of her personal journey, her various heartbreaks and compartmentalisation of her sexuality that led her from being a very successful travel writer into being a prolific creator in the world of personal development and ultimately to the work she's doing now as a breath coach. From there we pretty rapidly dive go into the nitty-gritty aspects of breathwork and unpack some of the nervous system neurobiology that we've both been learning... including: 🌬️ How some of the functional breathing practices have impacted her life and the lives of the clients she works with, what it means to have a dysregulated breathing pattern and how to begin correcting this.🫁  She goes on a myth-busting roll, talking about common misperceptions around the role of CO2, we both share our concerns with Wim Hof training and riff on the importance of honing our sixth sense of 'interception'. 🧠  How helpful it has been for us to gain an embodied understanding of the difference between our 'Ventral' & 'Dorsal' branches of the parasympathetic nervous system.🤯   This episode might feel like a lot of information if you're just hearing this for the first time, but I encourage you to stay with it my hope is that there will be some real nuggets for everyone listening regardless of how much knowledge you currently have.– – – – – 👨‍🎓  Nervous System Mastery Online BootcampRegain control of your body + mind — cultivating effortless calm & sustained focus. Upon completion of this intensive 5-week Bootcamp you will be equipped with science-backed protocols & have built your own personalised "Human Operating System" — enabling you to regulate stress in real-time, rewire breathing patterns & reset your nervous system.  Dates: Oct 17 – Nov 22Learn more here:– – – – –🙋‍♀️  Where to find Conni Online🖥️   Website + blog:💌   Her awesome newsletter: flow + wonder🎙️  Conni's 'CREATE' podcast📸   Instagram: @breathwork.alchemy🐦  Twitter @connibe
In one of the longest and most wide-ranging episodes to date, this conversation is with filmmaker, poet, relationship coach and utterly unique human being Alice Frank—who is here as she says to proudly "eff the ineffable".Her book 'My Real Name Is You' has been loved by Eckhart Tolle said 'My favourite poem I ever heard' and Jason Mraz who shared: 'Her words are alive the same way notation can fly off a page and become sweet music.'I'm slightly at a loss for words attempting to describe the ground that we covered but I will add that she is one of the most present people I've ever met and has a truly astounding capacity to articulate the great mysteries of life. Here's a sampling of where our conversation led:✨ Her spiritual awakening that lasted for a decade and what her experience was of being no-one (and the challenges of living so deeply in the present)... followed by what she described as her 'breakup with god'.😆 Why we lose touch with our sense of play and why we should strive to 'relieve reality of its seriousness'. I loved that one of her favourite mantras is 'Can you imagine if it mattered? Can you imagine if it mattered?' ❤️ Her journey from the depths of polyamory to more recently getting married, reframing un-conditional love to 'all-conditional' love & how she now coaches couples to remember what this even means. 🎴 Her current meditation practice and why she created a 'silent retreat in a box' — a beautiful series of mantra cards to create your own home meditation retreat (definitely check this out!)***Explore Alice's Homepage + Portfolio // UniamoryConnect with Alice on Instagram // @uniamory
Max Stossel is an award-winning poet (whose short films have been seen over 40 million times) advisor to Tech for Humanity, successful filmmaker and all-around wise human who I'm grateful to call a brother.In this poetic + lyrical conversation we explore:🖋️ The journey that led him from designing notification systems at a social media company to exploring the art and science of attention.📱 The dangers of smartphone addiction + practical questions as users that we can be asking ourselves📝 How he describes his work as a blend of poetry, standup comedy and storytelling💔 How he's found the courage to lean into painful experiences and get curious about heartbreak🦅 How his writing workshop on avoidance and imposter syndrome led to my publishing a short poetry book.🙋‍♂️ His experience and insights from leading men's groups and how this work has changed his life for the better***See Max in action // wordsthatmove.comConnect with Max on Twitter // @MaxStossel
This is one HELL of an episode with honestly one of the most interesting and radical thinkers of our generation.Jamie is a renaissance man. He's well known for his work writing Stealing Fire and creating the Flow Genome Project—and as you'll hear in our conversation the book he has just published is unlike anything else you'll ever read.I see Jamie as being a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific. He's pioneering studies with Johns Hopkins and MAPS whilst wading deep into questions of how to we evolve and mature as humans or in his words—how do we "Stay awake. Build stuff. And help out."In this conversation which felt more like a science-fiction rhapsody we bounce around between:🤯  Why we're facing a new Meaning Crisis and the dangers of 'Rapture Ideologies'🧘‍♂️  The Hedonic Yoga of Becoming experiment he dreamt up and ran with after a conversation with Roland Grifiths at MAPS💔  We talk about grief and the real need for cultivating a culture of post-traumatic growth🎮  How he's planning on launching a post-modern religion in hyperspace taking the form of an alternate reality game called Y-ANON. Truly this has been one of my favourite and mind-bending conversations to date—if you enjoyed it please take a few moments to share on the socials, go out and buy his book Recapture the Rapture and start experimenting with some of the protocols and practices that he shares (Bonus points if you send Jamie a letter telling him what you’ve done!)***📚 Buy Jamie’s New Book //🎙️ Listen to his 'HomeGrown Humans' podcast📸 Follow on IG // @flowgenome💌 Subscribe to the Flow Genome Newsletter
Dr. Bill Plotkin is a depth psychologist, wilderness guide and visionary ecopsychologist—his work might well be the map that you didn't know you were looking for. It has been for me an immense treasure trove of practical wisdom and guidance for thinking about my own growth and maturity.At the end of our conversation, he shared that this was a book written for future generations—and I believe it may take decades before the importance of this body of work is fully understood.I hope that this conversation will play some role in spreading his ideas—and on that note, in this deep dive conversation we explore:🤓  His definition for what it means to be a genuine adult (and why he believes 80% of humanity are currently stuck in early-stage adolescence)🗺️  His map of the five stages of the descent to soul and the path to becoming a true elder🌎  His 'four facets of mind' as a unique framework for personal development a and cultivating human wholeness❤️  What he calls 'sacred wound work' a story of the weavings of the Native American Diné people🔥  What I consider my own mythopoetic identity to be based on an insight during a vision fast in Nepal🙋‍♂️  The big question that he would have liked to pose to Carl Jung❓  What it means for him to 'fill one's space with a question'🏫  His vision for this work to be put into practice by a global network of 'mystery schools'***Read Bill's book // The Journey of Soul InitiationGo Deeper // explore the upcoming Animas Offerings
This seeds for this conversation were planted at the end of last year when I was listening to a podcast called ‘Hack Reality’ and Cris shared her phone number at the end of the episode—I sent her a voice memo about the Poet David Whyte... we since became good friends and when COVID hit she followed an intuitive hit to reach out and ended up living with us here in Oaxaca Mexico for a month.Cris has one of the most eclectic backgrounds you’ll come across. She went from founding a venture-backed AI fashion company, to hosting a podcast about the future of technology, and more recently has taken a left turn into the world of trauma healing and spent the better part of the last three years designing a card deck for exploring shadow emotions—which is about to launch on Kickstarter.So as I said, one hell of an eclectic background and as such our conversation dances around between:🔥 Insights from exploring the money stories and the rock bottom moment of having to shut down her company on short notice👣 Learning how to connect with her intuition following an assignment to follow her curiosity walking barefoot around San Francisco❤️ Her experiences working with MDMA and LSD-assisted therapyAnd then things go off the deep end and she talks about a kundalini awakening experience she had in an ancient Mayan Ruin, and about 52 minutes in Cris shares her roadmap and toolkit for people to begin with Shadow work, navigate existential crises and exploring the roots of their repressed emotions and the vision she has for her card deck being used as an Emotional Guidance System.🐉 I thoroughly encourage you to check-out the card deck Cris spent the last three years designing over on Kickstarter.Alright, that’s more than enough rambling from me. If you appreciate this conversation please do give Curious Humans a review on iTunes and share with someone else who you think might appreciate it.
Arthur Worsley is a close friend of mine that I met in Bali where over many dinners together he educated me in the tactics for learning Bhasa, memorising my TEDx talk and really opened my eyes to the world of meta-learning that he has specialised in. Back in the day, he studied neurophysiology at Oxford in the UK and since became conversationally fluent in 8 languages and also applies his learning superpowers to things like ultra-marathon running and collecting wisdom from the crazy number of books he reads.In this wide-ranging conversation, we dive into the simultaneous devastating personal loss and financial gain that he received nearly a decade ago and how that was a catalyst for reinventing himself. He also walks me through how he thinks about procrastination and the four main causes of it, his approach for cultivating and tracking mindful metta moments and some thoughts on how his life may be altered by the child that he and his fiancé are expecting.📚 Read Arthur's book reviews, ongoing meta-learning insights, his habit tracker and (free) book on working less hard here:
Dr. Christian Busch directs the CGA Global Economy Program at (NYU) and teaches on purpose-driven business, entrepreneurship, emerging markets, and (social) innovation at NYU and at the London School of Economics (LSE). Christian is also the co-founder of Sandbox Network, a leading community of young innovators, as well as of Leaders on Purpose—an organization convening leading CEOs. He has a host of impressive accolades to his name, one of the Davos 50, an RSA fellow and frequently speaks at the World Economic Forum. He's also the author of a fascinating new book called 'The Serendipity Mindset' that we really dive into in this conversation.🎙️ In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about what he learned from his near-death car accident at 17, his journey from economics lecturer to writing a book about cultivating smart luck, surefire ways of having dull conversations and some tangible suggestions for building the muscle of serendipity in one's own life.📚 You can say hi to Christian on Twitter @ChrisSerendip. And I strongly encourage you to get your mitts on a copy of Christian's new book 'The Serendipity Mindset'💌  Are you curious and also human? Signup for my monthly musings here >>
Casper Ter Kuile is one of the most genuinely joy-filled humans that I have had the pleasure of knowing.In this conversation we do a deep dive into his new book 'The Power of Ritual' which is out the day this episode airs, it’s honestly a perspective-shifting and heart-warmingly beautiful book on discovering the sacred amidst everyday life and seeing the world through the eyes of ritual. It's a real corker of a conversation! A few of the stories + questions we dive into are:⛪   Some of his early experiences as a climate activist that unexpectedly led him to Harvard Divinity School🙏   Redefining what it means for something to be 'sacred'⏳   Why he loves the powerful idea of liturgical time🤔   What he considers to be some of the enemies of ritual 📝   How to go about designing your own rituals amidst the lockdown.❤️   Rituals that we've both created to foster meaningful connection with our respective partners amidst the quarantine📆   How he has managed to create a secular sabbath for himself (and stick to it for over 4 years)🧙‍♂️   His favourite Harry Potter scene (this is unexpectedly powerful!)🎙️   The one lesson that he's taken away from working with the OnBeing team.***Where to find Casper on the interwebs Say hi to Casper on Twitter @CaspkerTK Join some of the virtual events Casper is leading Read 'How We Gather' for free online Join Casper's Newsletter (it's superb) 📚  Finally... I strongly encourage you to get your mitts on a copy of Casper's new book 'The Power of Ritual' 💌  Are you curious and also human? Signup for my monthly musings here >>
All I can say is that you're in for a treat with this conversation. Erick Godsey studies the myths that make us—he uses cognitive, evolutionary, and Jungian psychology to help people discover, articulate, and change the stories that rule their lives.Here is a mere smidge of the ground that we covered:💊   Erick's view on the broken system of Western medicine and why SSRIs and psychiatric drugs are no better than a placebo.🎭   His perspective on a psychological model called 'Internal Family Systems' that articulates the multitudes of characters within us all.🧙‍♂️  The Jungian book on mature masculine archetypes that changed his life and the way he shows up in relationship.😴   Why it's worth paying more attention to our dreams.📝   The journal prompt that he would prescribe to someone who is looking at the world in despair right now and feeling overwhelmed with the crises that are unfolding.🤔  Why no human is equipped with the biological apparatus to perceive the actual world, but that we create models that are useful to us.✊  The spiritual commitment he made to write morning pages for an hour every day after hitting rock bottom.❤️  His views on grief as the active process of digesting attachments to love.🖋️  The tragic beauty of the human condition—that we suffer so much more than we have to, because of the stories that we tell ourselves🐺  Why the ego is NOT the enemy, but more like a wolf (and how to join forces with it) Books & Blog Posts Referenced King, Warrior, Magican, Lover—the book we both read and loved on the four mature masculine archetypes. The Life-Changing Magic of Journaling—a must-read post by Erick for anyone wanting to go deeper into internal family systems, journaling practices and Jungian archetypes. Prometheus Unchained—a deep dive into how to share your highest gifts with the world.Where to find Erick G. on the interwebs 📸   Instagram @erickgodsey📝   Erick's Ten Blog Posts You Should Read 💌   Signup for his Feasting Fridays newsletter 🎙️  Listen to his Myths that Make us podcast💰  Support him on Patreon📚  See the books that changed his myth👨‍🎓  Join me and take his Make Your Myth online course 💌  Are you curious and also human? Signup for monthly musings here >> 
This conversation is with a close friend of mine, Andi Cuddington—I think of her as a modern-day renaissance woman and I’ll typically turn to her for advice if I’m going through something challenging in my life.  Andi is just endlessly curious and has a totally unique lens on the world as you’ll hear in our conversation. She has had a thousand side-hustles and jobs in her non-linear career but many of the dots have connected and she has found her calling designing and facilitating workshops—more than anyone else I've encountered, she has mastered of the art + science of workshop facilitation and we do a deep dive into some of her tips and suggestions as well as:✔️  Unexpected items on her "Apoco-list"🤔  How we’re both fuelled by the fear of boredom🌎  How backpacking in Africa shaped her future career trajectory🏔️  The intriguring connection between adventure and curiosity👨‍🎓  Tips for what makes an exceptional facilitation experience👩‍🏫  Superb advice for those dipping their toes into virtual workshop creation.🔑  Unlocking the genius in the room, one workshop at a time... and much more!–– ––🙋‍♂️  Learn more about Andi's facilitation superpowers here:💌 Be notified about new episodes and receive the Curious Humans newsletter here >>
This was a wide-ranging conversation with emotional intelligence coach Emile Steenveld—previously an Australian model and actor traveling the globe for 12 years—he now works as a coach + facilitator, focusing on the inner workings of the relationship with the self and the mind.In this conversation we dive into:🇮🇳 Emile's travels in India, learning lessons of simplicity... defining joy as the happiness that doesn't depend on what happens.🦆 One of the most interesting tangents the topic of being a recovering perfectionist and what he calls duck syndrome💪  How to build the muscle of emotional intelligence🤷‍♂️  And some questions that have been running through my mind around Exploring new definitions of masculinity and how to express fully without fear of judgment.📝  Journal prompts that Emile uses when starting new projects.–– ––🔗 Find out more about Emile's work and coaching here.💌 Be notified about new episodes and receive the Curious Humans newsletter here >>👨‍🎓 If our conversation resonates with you, I'm also running a masterclass with Studio D. in San Francisco on March 27—so if that sounds interesting check them out here:
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