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A weekly podcast about women in the sport and hobby of pinball. News, interviews and great conversations about our favorite thing, pinball! Hosted by Lauren Gray and a different guest host(s) each episode.
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Join me as a chat with Pinball Mafia member, Kelly Moncla. We talk pinball news, pin buying tips, best birthday cake ever and her sweet drop catch moves on twitch. Recorded May 19th 2020 Show Links: Upkick Pinball Repair -
We made it! Backbox turns a year old and celebrates our 50th episode. My friend and one of ourSA lles league coocoordinators, Tina Rottman joins me for this episode. We chat some about pinball, a bunch about covid and a bit more on snacks. Join us! Backbox Discord Server link: Final Round Pinball: I'll be on a game show this weekend too => Tina and her husband stream on Twitch:
Black Lives Matter. Please join us for a discussion on how we can help make our pinball spaces safe for BIPOC and more diverse . We talk about the announcements from the IFPA, the statements from some of the manufactures and our feelings as players, TD's, content creators and more. I hope that this is the first of may discussions. The members of the panel include Juana Summers, Jessica Kent, Josh Sharpe, Steven Bowden and Jack Danger. Links Resources: - I really like this site as it speaks to what Allyship is. Its a smaller website but I feel that it has some value. Video Trevor Noah, the host of the daily show speaks on George Floyd and the protests. If you haven't seen it, please watch: Books "So You Want to Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Oluo “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race" by Beverly Daniel Tatum "A people's History of the United States" By Howard Zinn If you like podcasts, and since you're here I guess you do, I'd recomend "Code Switch" from NPR.
She fully restored a wood rail EM and she can't even drive! Our newest Little Flip is Ava Baldridge of Richmond, VA. She loves pinball and enjoys repairing them with her Dad, Nick. She is a guest co-host on his pinball podcast and loves working machines. We break down her restoration job, interests and chat about the new title from P3, Heist! Bingo Pinball Article from Nick Baldridge ( Bally Bingo Video ( P3 Multimorphic Heist ( Wayne Neyens Interiew in Issue 1 of Coin-Op Carnival (
Got to hang out with some awesome pinballers, Helena and Snow from the Colorado area. We learn more about their scene and their time at the women's worlds in Denver. Kickback and enjoy! Note: There are some audio issues in this episode. Our bandwidth was not being kind; but, I cleaned it up as best as I could. :) Links The Inner Game of Tennis ( Pinshades ( Blizzard Mountian Pinball ( Dory Hill 2019 (
I made a new friend! Come join me and Phoenix Belle Elaine Hecht as we chat pinball news and the Phoenix pin scene. We hear about Belles and chimes, why arcades are the best place to beat the heat and why Elaine is looking to play all the aussies! Join us :)
The pacific northwest is home to some amazing pinball and one of the most iconic leagues, Babes in Pinland. We chat with founder Kayla Greet and members Sophie Malloy and Jasmijn de Jong. This is a pinball packed episode that makes me want to move to Seattle! Book with Carmen Sandeigo Pinball Artwork ( One Punk's Guide to Pinball, Razorcake article by Kayla Greet ( Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Game show ( Larry David -Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10 | Official Trailer | HBO (
Ok, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. We get to hang out with Laura Fraley, Andi Richardson and Jessy Farrell of the Richmond Belles and Chimes chapter. We meander quite a bit on this episode and I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording it. I promise that we do talk about pinball...among other things #hotbutteredroll #mountlaundry #softpants #hardpants #bicyclepants #pinballhappyhour Richmond B & C:
Its another get together and this time it is international! We chat with the Pinball Women of Ottawa, a small but mighty group of ladies holding it down in Canada. Our guests include Megan Sprague, Gabi Antaya and Alisa Joy. Let's chat some Pinball <3 #thankyouforbeingafriend IG: pinballwomenottawa
Woo hoo! We get to hang out with Kristen Bayusik and Emily May with the Belles chapter in New Haven, CT. They live next to the Sanctum, how cool is that?!? We chat Pintastic, the New England Pinball scene and I may have told a meandering story on toilet paper. Join us for pinball happy hour! IG: bellesandchimesnhv
It is Pinball Happy Hour Boston Style! I had a great time with the local Belles; Erin Siden, Sharon Hebenstreit and Allison Flintoff. We chat about life, Tron, formats, art and a whole lot more. :) I love that dirty water, Oh, Boston, you're my home (oh, yeah)!!! Swag Site: Logo by Stephanie Vecellio #stepinhoney The Arrrrrcade {Erin & Mark Seiden} Insta: Boston Belles & Chimes Pinball #bostonbellespinball FB: Boston Belles & Chimes {public group} Tron Abra ca dabra Yukon (Special) W.I.P.T. If y'all come and visit we will do Texas Wine Country: Photos by Sharon H., Mark Seiden and Anthony Radzicki
We are getting the band back together! Help me welcome back Maureen Hendrix, Dani Peck and Deborah Talhman. we chat about pinball, life, fruit, COVID-19 and all the things. Heist Gameplay and Reveal ( Hot Wheels Pinball ( How to cut Fruit Video (
Melissa Geils the GM of the award-winning Logan Arcade joins us for this week's episode. We have a breakdown of the 2019 TWIPY awards (there is a ton to unpack and I didn't cry y'all! ). We also chat about the famous Logan Arcade and how Melissa and her staff are handling the challenges of COVID-19. Show Links 2019 TWIPY Award Winners list ( Logan Arcade Go Fund Me ( The Ramones - I wanna be sedated ( Pins Mentioned in the show Xenon ( Medieval Madness ( Guardians of the Galaxy ( Note - There is a bit of feedback as the whole world is online. It is only in a few places. :) Thx1
Meet the MCs of this year's TWIPYs, Imoto Arcade and Cary Hardy! Hear some behind the scenes details from these talented creators as we prepare for the premier pinball people's choice awards show! Links Cary Hardy on YouTube and the online host of this years TWIPYs: Imoto Arcade on YouTube: This Week In Pinball: P3 New Game Heist: The Voice of the TWIPYs Marc Silk:
It is the Backbox pinball Podcast Spring Fashion show with Jessica DeNardo, owner of Soft Plunge Apparel. We talk about TPF, show season vs. COVID-19, how you can help your friends (and yourself to a pin) during this time and more. Hear about the new items coming from Soft Plunge, Brisbane Masters and Taquitos! Oh and yes... we do talk about the "booty shorts"! Join us :) Links: Scoreboard: Regina Morales on IG @Helloreg
She's back y'all!! She went to Denver and came home with the trophy (and a pinball machine!!!). In this quick episode we chat with Sunshine and her experience at the 2020 IFPA Women's world championship. The games, the drama, the dried fruit!!! It is all here. :)
Episode 37: Slumber Party!

Episode 37: Slumber Party!


The party continues!!! The wine is flowing and we get down to the Inside the Pinball Arcade segment with the Ladies of Columbus (Gillian Holle, Jen Ruper, Brooke Spradlin and surprise guest Deborah Tahlman) There is some swearing and adult content; listener discretion is advised. BTW - this episode is f-ing hilarious but not for kids. Tickets: Links Bone Crusher: Drunk History Pinball: (His name is Zach Gilford) Todd Tuckey/TNT Amusments: Jeffree Star: Orin Day: My favorite Good Charlotte song LOL: In case you forgot who Christian Slater was: Nick Cannon from Drumline: Hal Sparks: The Witcher: Puppy Chow:
Your invited to the best pinball slumber party ever! We chat with the Belles of Columbus (Gillian Holle, Jen Ruper and Brooke Spradlin) about the inaugural Belles Bunk-in this weekend! We get to talk about how the event came to be and all the fun details! Tickets: Stream Links
Norwigen pinball is here as we talk with our new friend Maria Hasund. Maria gives us the 411 on the Norway pinball scene. We chat about the UV kit to stranger things, the Brisbane Masters and LEGO! Come join us :) Tilt Arcade - Rick and Morty Stream: UV Kit:
In episode 34 we talk with Idaho State champion, Aviana Smith. She is all poise as she shares with us her experiences leading to the IFPA Championships in Denver. We chat Jurassic Park, Haggis Pinball (I wanna be.... your sledgehammer!), Rick and Morty and so much more! IG: uglygoldcouch Haggis Pinball: Rick and Morty Game Play Video: Time Machine Soundtrack: Farfalla: Junkyard:
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