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Author: Dr. Alicia Holland

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What in the world is going on in the tutoring industry? Do you want to expand your tutoring business? Are you ready to take your tutoring business online? Are you looking to become a better tutor? The Tutor Outreach Radio hosted by Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland, is a globally syndicated radio show that focuses on new trends, tutoring strategies, business strategies, research results, and sharing practical experiences in the fields of Education, Leadership, Tutoring, and Coaching. Our bi-weekly program is tailed to help reach out to tutors, tutor business owners, like yourself, to empower you to move forward with your goals to MANIFEST your dreams.

Dr. Alise will bring her knowledge, experience, and sense of humor to the discussion, but will also have guests from all over the world who are leaders in Education, Coaching, Leadership, and Tutoring. Listeners can call in with their questions as it relates to our show’s topics and to share some of their own educational and tutoring experiences in both their personal and professional lives.

Known around the world for her extraordinary spiritual gifts as an Intuitive Life Coach, Dr. Alise will offer intuitive insights and angelic messages that will speak to the dominant energy of your life to help you move forward in becoming the best version of yourself on each show.
24 Episodes
When was the last time you created something? Did you know that your imagination and creativity are powerful in decision-making and can create magic in your life beyond your wildest dreams. We are all born with the gift of creativity. Come Join Us as Pennsylvania's #1 Best-Selling Author of "The Story of the Sun", shares her story and insights about how her inner guiding system, creativity, and imagination has helped her on her life's journey.
Do you like tutoring with technology? How about being tutored in the comfort of your own home? Did you know that you can prepare for your test or improve your scores with mobile tutors? Join Malibu’s #1 Tutoring Business Owner, Jake Adams, as he shares how mobile and online tutoring can help you improve your grades and raise your test scores.
Are you interested in digital marketing for your tutoring business? Most successful tutoring businesses stand on hidden sales and marketing secrets developed from years of constant business calculations. Join Special Guest, Founder of Do Good Communications, LLC, Charmaine Campo as she share pearls of wisdom about why digital marketing is key to any marketing plan for your tutoring business in the 21st Century.
98% of people want to do good in their work, especially in school. Do you want to improve your grades and raise your test scores? It's just a matter of knowing the psychology of test-taking.Join Santa Barbara’s #1, Steven Efada, Founder of Santa Barbara Tutoring as he shares his secrets of how to raise your grades and test scores with a smile on your face.
Are you stressed out from preparing for an exam? They are proven mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can help you tackle academic stress and other kind of stress for that matter!Join in with John Neville, Mindfulness Test-Prep Expert, and Dr. Alise as he shares some helpful mindfulness strategies that would help you smash your test scores and increase your confidence. BOOM!
It takes special tutoring gifts to seamlessly connect with your clients during tutoring sessions. Developing these gifts will go a long way to satisfy your clients and boost your business.Join us in this expository episode to learn special tips and tricks on how to effortlessly connect with your clients during your tutoring classes.
Closing a sale is the most important part of every Tutoring Business. Most successful tutoring businesses stand on hidden sales and marketing secrets developed from years of constant business calculations. Join Special Guest, Founder of New York’s #1 Tutoring Services, Mr. Rom JB, and Dr. Alise as we will let you into some of these top secrets to boost your Tutoring Business. Boom, there it is!
Do you know that the mobile learning industry is currently worth more than more than $5.3 billion and it’s expected to grow to about $12.2 billion by the end of the year? About 47% of organizations across the globe now incorporate mobile devices in all training programs. Do not be left out of this amazing opportunity! Join Special Guest, Erinn Reed, Founder of Tailor Made Learning, and Dr. Alise to learn how to take advantage of the ever-growing mobile learning industry!
Are you tired of dealing with poor math grades? Have you tried every learning method yet no results? This one is for you! Math is a huge subject that is difficult to get a grip on; however, with the right content and strategy, you could overcome your problems today. Join YouTube Personality and Math Expert, Alfred J Speller, to learn how digital math tutorials can help you study math or learn new math skills from any location around the World in your pajamas or in whatever strikes your fancy!
Working as a tutor online has gone beyond having free time and a stable internet connection. Most online employers now ask for more! To broaden your chances of landing a decent online tutoring job, you need to brush up your interpersonal and tech skills. Whether you are trying to land your first tutoring job face-to-face or online or you are a tutor business owner looking to hire tutors to tutor online or face-to-face, this is the episode for you. Join Dr. Alise, as she shares pearls of wisdom about hiring the perfect tutor for your tutoring practice and how to master that tutoring application.
It’s a cold world out there in University campuses. About one in every four students suffers rape and sexual assault in college every year. Unfortunately, students carry out about 80 percent of the crimes in colleges across the country. Whether you are on-ground or online, protect yourself from dishonorable students using these personal campus safety and self-defense tricks shared exclusively on this incredible episode. Join Special Guest, #1 Pennsylvania’s Campus Safety Expert, IT Specialist, and Master Martial Arts Instructor, Master Pete Canavan and Dr. Alise to learn how to protect yourself in both offline and online threats.
What type of tutor are you? Have you really looked at your tutoring strategy with your clients? Whether you are a new tutor or a veteran tutor, it never gets old to determine the type of tutor you need to be in your tutoring sessions. Join Dr. Alise as she shares with you three types of tutors that you will probably end up being throughout your tutoring journey.
We are living in times of uncertainty and it's no different in the Education and Tutoring Industry. What are the projected trends in the tutoring industry? What are the challenges? What about my tutoring business? What are my options? Will there be growth? These are just some of the questions that have come in to be addressed. Tune in with Dr. Alise as she shares pearls of wisdom and intuitive insights for 2019 to help you on your tutoring journey.
98% of people want to do good in their work, especially in school. Do you want to improve your grades and raise your test scores? Do you know that study habits can be taught and learned? There’s a secret sauce in learning how to go from a “C+” student to an “A” student just by learning how to create better study habits, the power of the mind, to achieve your academic dreams and goals.  Join San Diego’s #1, Dr. Ken Kern, Former Cancer Surgeon, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of “CRACKING THE STUDY CODE” as he shares his secrets of how to raise your grades and test scores….Now!
Do you want to know the latest trend in the online tutoring market? Are you interested in tutoring online or starting an online tutoring business? This is the episode for you. Join Dr. Alise and Special Guest, LaTishia Jordan, Online Tutor Business Coach, Online Math Professor and Tutor, as she gives us secrets about the online tutoring market, what it take tutor math online, and gain some pearls of wisdom and intuitive insights to help you on your tutoring journey.
Are you looking at keeping track of your expenses? Are you thinking about hiring accounting tutors to serve your clients? Join Special Guest, Chris Jones, CEO of Planting Seeds Tutoring and Dr. Alise, as he shares accounting tips and how to strategically look for qualities in accounting tutors.
Fluctuating grades? Don’t panic! Whether you’re a worried parent or the student, know that transitions are always a bit challenging. But the good news is there are a lot of suitable tutors who can help you through it. Today, we have special guest, #1 Africa’s Tutoring Services’ Founder, Andrew Banda, who will tell us more about how to find the right home-based tutor for advanced subjects like, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Accounting.
98% of people give up on their dreams. While you might not be able to help them all, you can change the minds of a handful. Take your tutoring business a step higher by motivating those who need your services most through educational consulting. You already have everything you need to make that difference; now all you need to do now is start. Be the voice of the voiceless and empower those who feel powerless. Tune In with Special Guest, Mrs. Dee Thomas, Founder of Anchored With Excellence, and Dr. Alise as she shares how to expand your sphere of influence in the tutoring market.
Are you interested in expanding your tutoring business to the United Kingdom? Are you a parent looking for quality UK Tutors? Are you a private tutor or business owner wondering about the curriculum for your tutoring practice? Come Join Special Guest, Dawn Strahan, UK's Tutor Busines Coach and Owner of STAAR Tutoring and Dr. Alise as she gives us the inside scoop on tutoring in the UK. This is an episode that you don't want to miss.
Ms. Phenyo, the director of The Stimulus Effect, will discuss how families and community organizations can help in reinforcing academic principles and concepts; expanding knowledge; creating and capitalizing on "teachable moment"; and, ultimately, promoting achievement outside the classroom. Additionally, free and low-cost options, across communities, of which families can take advantage along with ways tutoring organizations can coordinate with community partners--toward expanding the boundaries of learning environments, and mutually raising enrollments--will be explored. Ms. Phenyo will also share examples of how The Stimulus Effect has effectively promoted "spheres of learning" across grade levels.
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