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Author: 1% for the Planet

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The desire for a healthy planet is a bond that connects an incredibly diverse and accomplished collection of people around the world.
In Planet Service Announcement, a podcast brought to you by 1% for the Planet, you’ll hear fascinating stories from these people—leaders, musicians, photographers, adventurers, environmentalists and everyday people from all walks of life—who have a deep connection to our planet, and a commitment to save it.
Our brand new podcast series captures the essence of the human story and how the beauty of our planet inspires many of us to do more, to seek more and to know more. And it calls to the urgency of our environmental crisis and discusses how the hell we’re going to change our ways to fix it.
Because after all: what do we all have in common? A home on this planet and a responsibility to protect it. Are you with us?

30 Episodes
Charles Post & Rachel Pohl are an incredibly dynamic husband & wife team. Charles is an ecologist, writer, photographer, and editor, while Rachel is an acclaimed painter and spokesperson. We discuss how they manage to stay to intertwined without causing friction, using their particular skillsets to compement each other, what they've been up to during quarantine, as well as a deep dive into the conundrum of bridging the gap between hunters and the rest of the conservation community.
James Bidwell is an author, businessman, conservatinist, and strategist who has dedicated his life to helping other companies use their power and adjust their culture to help fight climate change while also expanding their bottom line.
Matt Barr is a journalist and the host of the Looking Sideways and Type 2 podcasts. He and James have a wide-ranging conversation touching on greenwashing, conspiracy theories, the responsibilities of companies to engage their athletes when they say controversial things, and much more.
Rickey Gates is a ultrarunner, author, and adventurer. Rickey recently ran unassisted across the United States, a feat he followed up by running every single street in San Francisco. His book, Cross Country, is out now on Chronicle Books.
1% for the Planet's Planet Service Announcement podcast returns with a conversation between James, 1% CEO Kate Williams and activist, designer and creator of the Intersectional Environmentalist pledge, Leah Thomas. They discuss systemic racism, lack of inclusion and how to help fix it, allyship and how we can't achieve climate success without first confronting and defeating racism.
Professional snowboarder Forrest Shearer sits down with James at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market to discuss his career, passing the planet to the next generation, and hope for the future.
James Q. Martin is an explorer and storyteller with a decades-spanning career using his skills and passion to help stave off environmental disasters, shed light on human rights issues, and inspire people to get involved in protecting our planet.
Celine Cousteau comes from a lineage of dedicated explorers, adventurers, and conservationists. She's a filmmaker, artist, writer, public speaker, environmental activist, and advocate for indigineous rights. James and Celine discuss the weight of her family name, her latest project, in which she reconnects with an Amazonian tribe first contacted by her and her grandfather, Jaques Cousteau, in the 1970s, the effects of digital culture on young generations, the need to stay optimistic even in the face of daunting odds, and just where her grandfather's legendary boat, the Calypso, is now.
Clare Gallagher is an ultrarunning phenomenon and conservationist. She and James discuss how she found solace in such a gnarly sport, her quick rise to fame, and getting involved for the 2020 election. This episode was taped at the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market tradeshow, and features an introduction from Sunski's Tom Stewart.
Ben Moon is a climber, surfer, photographer, filmmaker, and, now, writer. His first book, Denali, released on January 14,2020, and has already garnered lots of attention, including a writeup in the New York Times. Ben and James catch up on what it takes to hunker down and write a book, realizing everyone - from famous artists and adventurers to normal folks - have the same fears and worries, how Ben's surviving colorectal cancer (with his dog, Denali, at his side) helped inspire his book, and more.
"I realized that we had a visual representation problem." Rue Mapp is the founder of Outdoor Afro. Originally a blog, 10 years ago it blossomed into a movement helping establish people of color in the outdoor space while empowering communities across the country to get out into nature. Along the way she's gotten to meet the president - more than once - and changed countless lives. We talk about growing up between the city and the country, the need to make sure the outdoor community, industry, and environmental activism is inclusive of all people, and how she's seen that shift over the past decade.
Nikki is a passionate photographer, artist, writer, guidebook author, and climber with more than 150 first ascents throughout the west and has traveled the world to climb. Now, most of Nikki's work is focused on trying to build a more inclusive, diverse, and safe community within climbing and the outdoors. She is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, and a board member for the Access Fund. This week she joins us on Planet Service Announcement.
Ben Sollee is a musician and activist hailing from the great state of Kentucky. We talk about traveling the world for decades as a rock star cellist, touring the country with his band by bicycle, and why he's taking a break from the road to focus on a new non-profit in his home state.
Taylor “freesolo” Rees is a filmmaker, photographer, environmentalist, adventurer and all-around inspiring human. When not at home with husband Renan Ozturk and their sassy adventure dog Baloo in Park City, Utah, Taylor can be found doing things like documenting Nepalese natives who as they scale sheer cliffs in search of toxic honey, climbing with Jared Leto, dodging malaria in Myanmar, or following four young men on their attempt to walk across Iceland, a trek that ended in a search and rescue mission that made international headlines.
Photographer & filmmaker Keith Ladzinski had humble enough beginnings shooting skateboarding and landscapes as a young man in Colorado. Little did he know his passion for taking pictures would lead to a position as part of National Geographic's legendary stable of creatives and make him one of the faces of Nikon cameras. Keith talks about what it really takes to be a part of the National Geographic Society, what he sees as a storyteller's rolll in our current culture, the greatness of Instagram, and how he's going to balance being a new dad when his job requires months at a time in the world's most remote regions.
Ski mountaineer and activist Caroline Gleich sits down to talk about her background, social media, self esteem, her budding political aspirations, and optimism in the face of impending doom.
Jeremy Jones is a professional snowboarder, businessman, conservationist, and founder of Protect Our Winters. He sits down with James to discuss his background and how it fostered a passion for protecting the planet, his frustrations with people and brands who don't give back, and how humanity can survive the oncoming climate crisis. "We need to turn hope into action, it's time to get off the sidelines and get out there. You're gonna get some mud on your face. Democracy requires participation - it's a contact sport."
In our season one finale, James talks with free soloist, conservationist, and newly minted 1% for the Planet member, Alex Honnold about why he feels like the planet will ultimately be okay, how he's working to help save it and the role of science fiction in everyday life.
James talks to professional surfer, entrepreneur, photographer and activist Anna Ehrgott about inspiration, the ocean, what draws her to travel all the time and why there's usually great vegetarian food in third world countries.
James visits the Maine Beer Company and sits down with founder Dan Kleban to discuss the brand's dedication to conservation, how the beer industry is directly tied to helping fight climate change, and why he sees it as a responsibility, not a chore to do what he can to make the world a better place.
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