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Discover how Tony Edwards realised a life-long ambition to successfully start his own business - right as the pandemic struck!
Could you be manipulated into buying something you didn't need? You're probably thinking "No", and you're probably wrong. Let's explore why...
How did Jesse go from hiding behind the scenes, to very active co-host of a very popular podcast? Let's find out what makes him tick!
We use strategies for so many things we do in life without being aware of them - let's take a look at what they are and how they can be used against us.
Such a popular guest he is back for a third time! This time we go on a journey to discover what made Paul Paul.
Find out how International speaker, coach, moderator and MC Lovelda Vincenzi came to work with Tom Daley and Monica Lewinsky, and what that means for us!
There's a lot of myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions about Meditation, so let's look at what it is, why it's helpful, and how you can get started.
Catroonist, comedian, magician, actor, film maker and more besides - how did Allin get to where he is today, what makes him tick? Let's find out!
Join me for a whistle-stop tour of some of the key points of my life which made me who I am today - it probably explains a lot!
Business Coaches. What are they, and do we really need them (spoiler : yes). Let's explore the topic with international business coach Ian Dickson.
The One About My Books

The One About My Books


Let me share with you, dear listener, the tale of how several of my books came to be written in the first place...
From 25 years in industry, to nothing - no purpose in life, just fear of the future and the unknown. And then a book saved him. His own book...
How do you find social media? Enjoyable restful experience, or a time-sucking cesspit or horror? This episode we look at how to tame it and make it work for YOU.
Professional football. Many boys' dream job! But is it actually All That? And what happens afterwards? Where's the support? Especially as Men Don't Talk...
There's a lot talked about time, but how much of it is actually true and helpful? Can we even compare time with someone else?
For many student, mental health can be a significant problem. My guest aims to ensure every student has the help they need. Find out how.
Why does it seem like some people have it all figured out and get a leg-up while you are still waiting to even get started? Let's find out!
From drummer with 80's band Scritti Politti to being The Rockstar Activator today, Tom has remained true to his roots. Let's find out what makes him tick!
Goals are fun, but they can get hard. Don't Give Up! (not just yet...) Let's explore what's going on and how we can succeed!
The One About Series 3

The One About Series 3


Series 3 of the show is about to be unleashed on your favourite podcast platforms, and here's a teaser about what you can expect!
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