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Lennie Gray (An Audio Drama Podcast)

Lennie Gray (An Audio Drama Podcast)

Author: Earl Sewell

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Lennie Gray is a biweekly audio drama podcast set in the American South during the early part of the 20th Century. Lennie Gray yearns for life beyond the suffocating walls that enclose her within. She has known from an early age that she is meant to live a better life, but she is hemmed in by the limits imposed on women. Lennie Gray is set in motion when she attempts to escape from marriage to a loathsome man. Under the cloak of nightfall, Lennie rushes towards nearby train tracks to begin her walk north towards a better future. Before long, she is caught by Curly, the father of her unborn child, who gives her an ultimatum.

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36 Episodes
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I hope you enjoy this audio production of Edgar Allen Poe's classic story called, The Tell-Tale Heart.
Lennie Gray tries to run the farm and feed her children on her own but needs help. When she reaches out for assistance she's given an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Lennie Gray experiences a supernatural moment that changes everything.
Lennie Gray and Curly are feeling the sting of change. Willie, their son, has revealed that he has no plans to stay and help the family sharecrop. Then their daughter Mary returns and inspires her siblings to take charge of their lives. Then, John, the One-Arm Grave Digger shows up and...
It is now 1946, and Curly and Lennie Gray are trying to keep their heads above water financially. Cotton Farming has become mechanized, and people are leaving Tallahatchie County in large numbers for a chance at a better life and employment in other parts of the country. Meanwhile, Curly and Lennie get a surprise visitor who might be the savior they’ve been waiting for.
Curly and Lennie Gray receive letters for their son Willie who is overseas serving in World War II. The correspondence reveals more than anyone could imagine.
Lennie Gray prays now more than ever. Not only for her son but for the children of others. Curly suggests that she stop because her prayers are falling on God's Deaf Ears. However, Lennie Gray refuses and reminds Curly of how much she prays for him.
Curley and Lennie Gray’s son reveals that he has been drafted and has to fight in the Second World War. Then Willie mentions something that has to do with John the One-Armed Grave Digger that sends a chill up Curley’s spine.
Lennie Gray and Curley have taken advantage of a federally funded program designed to help them move forward. Meanwhile, they get reminded of how difficult being black and living in Mississippi can get, and out of thin air, their son Willie, reveals very devastating news.
Curley and Lennie Gray are getting along as best as they can. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the winds of change knocks on their door. The question is, are Curley and Lennie Gray ready for a new deal on life.
It’s Christmas time, and Lennie Gray and the family have gathered to celebrate the holidays. Then an unexpected visitor brings them news about police brutality in Detroit, MI. Meanwhile, Mr. Bettis, the plantation owner, is seemingly more cordial toward Lennie Gray.Financially support the show via Patreon at
It’s 1939, and times are hard. Mr. Bettis continues to cheat his plantation workers out of their pay, which keeps them in poverty and debt to him. Meanwhile, for Lennie Gray and Curley, times are hard, and Curley must do something he never thought would.E-mail us at
Willie brings news of the outside world that alarms Lennie Gray. Meanwhile, most Americans are in a fever of excitement about the Joe Lewis Boxing Match, however, Mr. Bettis is not as enthusiastic, and pays Curly a visit to give him an ultimatum.E-mail us at
A Blues Man comes through and makes Lennie Gray smile and feel cheerful for a period. However, The Blues Man has news about what’s going on in the world outside of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, and that could change everything. Lennie Gray wants to know even though Curly insists on living in isolation and unawareness.E-mail us at
Curly is angry and blames God for the loss of Tommie while Lennie Gray attempts to comfort his tortured soul. Meanwhile, Mr. Bettis surprises Curly and Lennie Gray with a visit and news about a history-making event that took place.E-mail us at
Lennie Gray confronts her daughter and learns a devasting truth. Meanwhile, Mary decides it time to take action and makes a sweeping decision.E-mail us at
It's 1935, and Lennie Gray has had several more children. During her most recent pregnancy, Lennie Gray suffered from delirium and saw people from the spiritual side of life. Meanwhile, her daughter Mary is about to turn eighteen and must make a life-changing choice.E-mail us at
Mary desperately wants to know why her father Curly refuses to move to a bigger city where opportunities are more plentiful. Then, Lennie Gray reveals the awful and shameful truth.
It’s 1930, and the Stock Market crashed and forced millions of people into poverty and soup lines. Meanwhile, Lennie Gray and Curly are facing challenges they never saw coming. Mary is now preparing for high school, Bud and Willie are learning about Jim Crow laws and lynching, and Lennie Gray has news that will hurt her more than she could have ever bargained for.
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