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TikToker @SpaghettiPresident just moved here from the Phoenix area. After slowly introducing herself into the Portland dating scene, she realized that people don't just catfish you with pictures. Listen to her story that went VIRAL on TikTok.
Sarah, Catfished her own boyfriend after a gut feeling he was cheating or looking for others. Now she doesn't know what to do about confronting him!
Dirty YouTube Comments

Dirty YouTube Comments


Someone left a comment on my "Weight Watcher Weigh In" Video on YouTube. It was disgusting. Why do people leave comments like this? Gross!
Do you give your animals CBD ?
Advanced Nutrients has been through three major recessions and in eachrecession the company has accelerated in growth we are recession proof. Kristina spoke with the CEO and Founder 'Big Mike' on hiring in Woodland at and the HUGE job fair on Saturday.
Spoke with Ash, Brown Girl Rise and Dj Countdaddy about Open Air Rollerskating for some amazing social justice organizations.
Kanye Announcement on Presidential Candidacy 2020, plus Walmart is opening up their parking lots for drive in Movie Theaters.
How much sex is too much during a pandemic? A few ladies called in to share how much they are getting down in the bedroom. Will there really be a baby boom?
Because public restrooms are closed, more and more people are reporting that they are experiencing more human waste on the streets. I had my own personal experience.
Layla called in and said her man's family didn't invite her to the family 4th of July BBQ and Bonfire out in Sherwood. Is it because of Covid or personal reasons. She is all in her feelings. Should she be?
A rapper/singer who grew up on the sounds of Jay Z, Kanye and Eminem, Iamjordan emerged from North Portland, primed to revolutionize the boundaries of hip hop with an aesthetic style that one cannot deny. Musically motivated by true events, he witnessed murder at a young age on his block in NE Portland. A strife infested upbringing led to depression at a young age. Raised around alcohol and drug addiction only furthered his wounds. As his career began to unfold his family was ravished by cancer. Compelled to help Iamjordan built a platform on giving more than receiving. Hip Hop Fighting Cancer a gift to his community has now snowballed into an avalanche. Iamjordan’s newest single F-Cancer Ft Portland Trail Blazers Dj Og One is more than a statement, he is on a mission to change the world.
Entrepreneur and Creative, Trenelle is the Founder of Go Girl Ride. After years of being an Uber Driver, Trenelle decided to branch out and start a ride service that focuses on safety and the protection of women, femmes, non-binary people. The Go Girl Ride team, (GG team), is currently building a rideshare app to provide safe rides to women in Portland. Trenelle believes that to empower and uplift women is to empower and uplift the entire community.
What would you do if you noticed you got OVERPAID on your Unemployment? This happened to Cassidy... now she doesn't know WHAT to do. Would you inform the department and snitch on yourself or stay QUIET?
Anthony of Nacheaux Food Cart in "Cartlandia" SE 82nd spoke with Kristina about supporting local Black business and the weird things that have been happening at his cart recently.
Roulette Delgato, Local Rapper and LGBTQ+ NW Pride Ambassador Talks his new song "Free Fallin", BLM and Pride Month.
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