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OUR MISSION: To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices, tried-and-true tips, advances in building products and technology and other useful trade and management information designed to improve business stability, growth, and profitability. In so doing, we hope to elevate professionalism in the building and remodeling industries and increase satisfaction among the American consumers.
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Counter Top That!

Counter Top That!


Topic: Wilsonart's Ricky Crow chats with James about plastic laminate and the adaptation of these products over time.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:• How the cost of countertops matches value• The different products that Wilsonart offers• How to pick the best product for you or your clientGuest: Ricky Crow – Wilsonart, Vice President, Product ManagerWebsite: www.wayzn.com3 Points for Success – from Ricky Crow> Always be reliable> Know your options> Make good decisions for the Earth
Topic: Wayzn cofounder Adam Smithline discusses his product and the automated pet door that makes life easier for everyone.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:• How this product can make life easier for your clients• Why this product will enhance the value of homes for aging clients• Who this product is designed forGuest: Adam Smithline – Wayzn, CofounderWebsite: www.wayzn.com3 Points for Success – from Adam Smithline> Give the customer what they want> Keep it simple> Pick winners; technologies, people, ideas
Central Vac is Back

Central Vac is Back


Topic: Grant Olewiler and Dan Silva join the Carey Bros as they discuss a central vacuum and how they have evolved with modern day technologies. During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:• How this product will save money for your clients • How central vacuums can make your home healthier• Why this modern vacuum can add value to a homeGuest: Grant Olewiler – Modern Day Vacuums, President Website: www.builtinvacuum.comGuest: Dan Silva - Dublin Central Vacuum, OwnerWebsite: www.dublincentralvacuum.com3 Points for Success – from Grant Olewiler and Dan Silva> Know the quality of the product> Offer your customers a dependable product> Quality installation is a must
Topic: Hy-Lite Windows is a US Block window company and their Vice President, Steve Beck, highlights the options that they offer, from functional to decorative. During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:•Which options would work best for your client•Why Hy-Lite Windows are a great value buy •How Hy-Lite's contracts protect the consumer from market fluctuations Guest: Steve Beck – Hy-Lite Windows, Vice President Websites: www.hy-lite.com3 Points for Success – from Steve Beck> Customer Service will carry a business far> Demand quality> Treat all customers and employees with the same respect
Topic: Peter Daich of Daich Coatings comes on to discuss how easy and affordable the Terrazzo Product is!During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:•How to apply Terrazzo product•What situations make Terazzo worthwhile•How Terrazzo can upgrade any surfaceGuest: Peter Daich - President - Daich Coatings CorporationWebsites: https://daichcoatings.com3 Points for Success – from Peter Daich> Terrazzo is incredibly user friendly, there's no learning curve> Use the how-to videos > Reach out to Daich Coatings for help
Topic: Feeney Inc. has been around since 1946 as the original makers of CableRail railing assemblies and kits.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:•How to update tired old deck railings and dated awnings•Why hidden fasteners might be the answer to your problem•How you can make metal look practically identical to real woodGuest: Jennifer Wilde – Feeney Inc., Director of Digital Marketing and Creative ServicesWebsites: www.feeneyinc.com3 Points for Success – from Jennifer Wilde> Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead> Use all the resources available to you> Call if you have any questions!
Title: Year Round Comfort In Every Room Topic: Fujitsu General America’s high efficiency mini-splitsDuring this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out: How room by room heating and cooling has improvedWhy zoned heating and cooling is better for your pocketbook and your familyHow Fujitsu’s units are more than double the federal mandate of efficiencyGuest: Dennis Stinson – Fujitsu General AmericaWebsites: 3 Points for Success – from Dennis Stinson > Make a good product > Train your team really well > Partner with outstanding distribution partners #FujitsuGeneralAmerica #Fujitsu #ductlessheating #HVAC #energyefficient #careybrospros
True Positions Tools

True Positions Tools


During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:➢How to avoid Oh No moments when installing cabinets➢What led to the creation of True Position Tools➢How to adopt “active prevention.”Guest: James Lostlen, director of True Position ToolsWebsite: Points for Success – James Lostlen•Purchase the right tool for the job•Purchase higher quality tools•Evaluate the value of your tools
This week we discuss: Boral products and how they can make the finishing touches of your home!(888) 9BORAL93 Points for Success – from Tom Zimmerman: Product price is only part of the story.  Not all products are the same, so they have different requirements (costs) for installation.The people we serve are often intimidated by the work we do. We are working on a very important part of their lives, don’t lose sight of that.There is not a perfect product or approach for every situation.  Each situation is different and has different needs.
Title: ACCESSIBLE AND ENABLING CONSTRUCTION topic: Make Aging-in-Place a seamless part of your construction design!During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out : How to make a home “accessible” beyond grab-bars and ramps.How to customize “enabling design” into any remodel project.A little pre-planning makes aging-in-place a natural progression.Guest: BROOKE GREENHOUSE - Vice President of Cayuga Country HomesPhone: (607) 275-5316Website: www.CayugaCountryHomes.comSome helpful products mentioned by Brooke in this edition of CareyBrosPros: Grab bars for quick job - nicer grab bars, towel/grab-bars, specialty items, etc - Check with Moen or Delta. These items may not always show up on their websites, so you’ll have to ask.For Pros looking for accessible showers - make a door swing open wider - Use an “offset door hinge” or “swing clear door hinge"3 Points for Success – from Brooke GreenhouseKnow the code - for commercial projects, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) may apply.  In most cases you want an Architect or Engineer to determine the work requirements.  For most residential homes, this does not apply, but it’s a great idea to check with local authorities first. For residential work - not subject to the ADA - everyone has different needs so use the ADA and other information as a guide.  Take the time to meet with the client to get their input on what can help them, grab bar heights, etc. My wife, Esther, is a leading expert on what she calls “Enabling Design.”  If you think about your goal being to create homes that help everyone live better in them every day, you will accomplish more for your customer than if you just think about what someone with a disability needs.  Low-cost preparation, especially in the framing stage, can save a lot of money and hassles later.  Blocking at different heights, or full coverage with 3/4” plywood can allow installation of bars and accessories anytime at the perfect height for the client.
Title: Options on Deck! Topic: Decking. Should you look beyond wood when creating that showpiece of outdoor entertaining – the deck?During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out : How to make construction and creativity mix. Options that make you (and your bottom line) look like a rock star! Why composite may not have been on your mind, but is worth a look.Guest: Larry Harnish – Marketing Director for MoistureShield composite deckingPhone number: : (866) 729-2378 Websites: 3 Points for Success – from Larry Harnish: Many composites have had field failures, especially when exposed to moisture, while MoistureShield is the only composite protected to the core against moisture – be sure to check warranties. Composites can be ripped, routed and bent to form creative decks. A common complaint with composites is they get too hot in the sun, which is why we developed our Infuse decking with CoolDeck Technology; the boards minimizes heat absorption, for a more comfortable deck. #Decks #Decking #CompositeDecks #CreativeDecks
Title: RISKY BUSINESStopic: Developing a “risk management plan”During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :➢How a $1 mistake almost cost a contractor his whole business!➢Why and how to develop a strategy against risk.➢How to adopt “active prevention.”Guest: Brian Paich – Business Manager for “BuildClean Dust Control System”Website: http://buildclean.comPhone: (855) 595-28603 Points for Success – from Brian Paich•Yes, it can happen to you! Just be aware to all the risks in your life.•Develop a simple plan for managing and mitigating risk.•Acquire the right types of insurance
Topic: Schluter Systems' Andy Acker discusses the benefits of their productDuring this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out : How to stay competitive by using SchluterHow to continue your education through SchluterGuest: Andy Acker - Schluter SystemsWebsites: www.schluter.com3 Points for Success – from Andy Acker Be as picky as your customer -- and let them know itAlways put the customer firstLet your knowledge speak for you#tile #schlutersysytems #installation #tilefloors #andyacker #careybrospros
Title: YOUR REPUTATION! How to Build and Protect ittopic: Building your reputation, or repairing it once it takes a hit, can be challenging. Get some great tips in this segment!During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :What to do if you get a negative review on social media?As you’re building, be sure to build your reputation, too!Can a damaged reputation be repaired?Guest: SAM SINGER – President of Singer Associates Public RelationsWebsite: www.singersf.comPhone: (415) 227-97003 Points for Success – from Sam Singer > Always anticipate criticism and prepare for it: There are no tough questions if you have thought of how to answer them in advance.> The 3 “C’s” of journalism are clear, concise and correct. These should be the same 3 “C’s” for Construction> ABC = Always be Communicating (not selling or closing!)#Education, #buildyourbrand, #publicrelations, #reputation, #saveyourreputation
Topic: Fibrenew and their amazing technology for giving new life to old fabrics!During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out : Why Fibrenew is the best company for repairing broken and worn materialsWhy Franchisees can't get enough of the companyAll about how Fibrenew works as a company and a productGuest: Jesse Johnstone - FibrenewWebsites: www.fibrenew.com3 Points for Success – from Jesse JohnstonePut the energy into the hustleIntegrity mattersAlways be willing to help#Fibrenew #vinyl #leather # fiber #plastic #careybrospros
Topic: Recirculation pumps and hot water in your client's homes.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out : How to most efficiently get hot water throughout the entire house. How to get hot water to your farthest tapHow to choose the right recirculation pup for your client's needsGuest: Larry Stevens – Osborne CompanyWebsites: www.osbourneco-inc.com3 Points for Success – from Larry Stevens:Don't oversize the pump.Determine your line size correctly.Support your local plumbing wholesaler.#recirculation #pump #aquastat #grundfos #careybrospros
Lighting Like No Other

Lighting Like No Other


Topic: How to choose lights for your home and workspace to enhance the space you use. During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :How to light your space better.How light in your space affects your visionThe dos and don'ts of choosing lighting.Guest: Doug Walter – Doug Walter ArchitectsWebsites: www.dougwalterarchitects.com3 Points for Success – from Doug Walter:Build a good team based on mutual respect.Be active in your local professional organizations.Do a better job of lighting.#lighting #kitchenlights #architects #betterlighting #skylight
Duct and Cover Part 2

Duct and Cover Part 2


Topic: Continuation of the Interview with Dave Pawlicki. We learn more about the codes that newer homes are required to abide by, plus answering a question from a listener.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :What new codes homeowners have to abide by?What James and Morris' duct systems are like.That a good return air pump can make a world of difference.Guest: Dave Pawlicki - Business Development Leader at Owens CorningWebsite: #ventilation #returnair #ductsystem
Topic: Duct systems are the veins of your home. Taking care of this often forgotten part of your home will ensure a more efficient air system and lower electricity costs.During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :What makes a duct system inefficient?How inefficient is your duct system?That sometimes a fully new duct system is better than a routine duct cleaning schedule.Guest: Dave Pawlicki - Business Development Leader at Owens Corning Websites: : www.owenscorning.com3 Points for Success – from Dave Pawlicki:Get your ducts inspected by a good contractor.
 Run inspections on your return air filter at every change. 
 A clean and efficient duct system is better for your house and your wallet.#ductsystem #ventilation #efficientair #heatingandair
Summary: Andy Acker of Schluter Systems joins CareyBrosPros to discuss all the ways Schluter is changing to keep up with the times including transitioning their well-known trainings into Zoom webinars!Guest: Andy Acker - Director of Education at Schluter Systems Website: 3 Points For Success - Andy Acker: 1. Communication is the key to success!2. Education is ongoing!3. Stay Current!
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Brandy Watford

My flooring is on the way to Maryland. Just purchased from Cali Bamboo Thank you for having Pros put this information out for people who are looking to upgrade their home, and or business spaces.

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