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This is your own wake up call. The time is right now to uncover and live your purpose. Finding happiness begins with your beliefs. Brian discusses how you can begin this journey today and live the life you deserve. Learn more about Brian here:  
Juan Pablo Montoya understands winning. Juan Pablo Montoya, is a Colombian racing driver. He currently competes in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship driving for Acura Team Penske, having won the championship in 2019.He won the International F3000 championship in 1998, the CART FedEx Championship Series in 1999 in his debut year in the series, and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in 2019. His race wins include the Indianapolis 500 (2000, 2015), Monaco Grand Prix (2003), 24 Hours of Daytona (2007, 2008, 2013), British Grand Prix (2005), Italian Grand Prix (2001, 2005), Grand Prix of Long Beach (1999), and the Race of Champions (2017). Montoya is, alongside Fernando Alonso, one of only two active drivers who have won two legs of the Triple Crown of Motorsport in its original definition. Montoya also equals Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney by winning races in Indy cars, Formula One cars and NASCAR Cup cars.In October 2009, Montoya was ranked 30th on Times Online's list of the Top 50 Formula One drivers of all time.[1]
Stop Blaming Others

Stop Blaming Others


It's ridiculous to have arguments online, yet so many people continue. Imagine if you could operate from a different perspective? Change blame into self-reflection. Only you hold the power on how blame impacts you.  I've put together a Strategic Communication Course on my website to assist folks with taking their relationships to the next level.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram. @brianparsleyspeaker 
It's time to wake up!

It's time to wake up!


Identify the real motivator behind your goals and that clarity will push you to take action. Unfortunately, most people just find excuses to continue to fail. This short podcast will share 3 rules to unlock what's possible in your life. Brian Parsley is a Global Speaker and Consultant for Industry Leaders. He focuses on finding your purpose so you can unlock the potential both personally and professionally. WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BUSINESS INQUIRIES Please visit to his Podcast: "The Life of Brian"
Brian Parsley takes a deeper look into our mental health and well being with Cancer Survivor Phil Robison who has founded a program to serve both men and women around the world. Saving Brothers is a program focused on men’s health that’s set for launch in October 2020. As someone who has lost a number of male friends to mental health and experienced my own health challenges, men’s health is very close to Phil's heart. He believes that every man matters and every man’s life is important. And I want to save as many of our brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons as possible.The platform I’m building will help give men the tools they need to stay connected and keep each other accountable for better mental and physical health.The vision is to reach 244 million men worldwide, with:◼ A private members’ area◼ Savings Brothers ambassadors◼ Coaches◼ Programs◼ Resources .... all with the aim to help men take the steps they need to become and stay healthy.
Brian Parsley talks with Pieter Malan on following your passions to drive your life. Pieter's story is an interesting one because he went from a traditional career in financial services to building a global brand around long distance shooting. He's created a brand over the past 12 months that has assisted him to leave his career and follow his passion. Learn how we can do the same.
Brian has a transparent conversation with a leading CEO in the advertising world. Andy shares ideas that anyone can leverage regardless of industry.  Andy is the Founder of Arthur Elliott and is continuing to scale in 2020 despite the pandemic because of the values he shares.  You can check out Brian Parsley below online:
Brian uncovers best practices from a leading CEO in the United States. Mahesh shares his secrets to grow his business and how we can implement into our daily lives to achieve greatness.  (The Life of Brian Podcast on Apple)Check out Brian's page to learn more: Brian Parsley on instagram: @brianparsleyspeaker
Brian Parsley discusses with one of the top Car Salesmen in the Nation how shifting your mindset will change your business. You may not sell cars, but you are selling you.  (The Life of Brian Podcast on Apple)Check out Brian's page to learn more: Brian Parsley on instagram: @brianparsleyspeaker
With so much going on with the 2020 pandemic people are seeking answers to uncertainty. Brian spent a few minutes talking with a small business owner on how he's adapting his approach to serve his clients.
We can learn so much from industry leaders. I've been interviewing successful business leaders in different verticals to uncover best practices. 
This interview took an amazing turn into what we can do personally to release the stress and activate the success we all have. Geno Cutolo has taken the 2020 pandemic into a new opportunity to grow their business. 
Do you label people?

Do you label people?


We are living in a world where everyone is looking for an opportunity to shame someone. You actually may be guilty of this too. 
Are you a backstabber?

Are you a backstabber?


Not sure I’ve ever met a backstabber who admits to being one. Actually, I doubt most backstabbers even know they are one. I see them mostly in the corporate environment, but also you’ve probably experienced it in your personal life too. 
Why are you failing?

Why are you failing?


Have you ever taken time to consider why you failed? The fact is, all of us have experienced profound failures in our lives. But there’s a huge divide in the amount of people who are successful and those that are mediocre.  Why is that? 
Too many people are chasing what they believe will make them happy. You chase things that make you unhappy and don't know why. We discovered if you change your strategy and uncover what's possible. 
We live in a world full of expectations. It doesn't matter what your company "policy" is or isn't. What matters most is understanding how you can set a standard for 
What do you believe prevents you from being the best version of yourself? Is it fear? Doubt? Imagine how your life will different if you were able to push through and reach what you're truly capable of in life?
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