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If you like movies, if you enjoy a DC-Marvel or Star Wars-Star Trek debate, if you like learning from others' experiences, or if you're a fan of a former Broadcast Meteorologist-turned Geographer, who sings, writes songs, plays the drums, does break-dancing, is an aspiring Christian youth minister, and is learning multiple languages, then this podcast is right for you. Come join James and his friends talk about these topics, Jesus, life, and much more.
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Are there people you look up to?--Whether he/she is your favorite musician, local celebrity, Hollywood celebrity, a colleague, a family member or a good friend? Why don't you reach out to them! Ask them advice, write them a letter or an email, message them on LinkedIn, comment on their Instagram. James shares some of his experiences of reaching out to and meeting some people he looks up to in the professional and music world.
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