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A bunch of friends geeking together. We will discuss comic cons, toy collecting, travel, movies, tv shows and more. All together!
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Seth, Damien and Robby sit down to discuss how we did with Funko Feast. Did we want anything? Did we get it?Then we take a moment to reflect on the year and where our collecting wants have gone since we have been quarantined. Will be head back to cons again when open? Which ones will we prioritize? Does Funko even need to be at an actual con ever again?We end things up playing a little game of "Would You Rather?". Enjoy!
We couldn't be more excited for Virtual Dcon 2020. Well we would be more excited if it were in person, but we will take what we can get. We spend this episode explaining everything we know about Dcon this year and learn some things along the way to share. What are you most excited for?
This week Klav hung out with us and discussed how he became a toy artist, the opening of his new galley Moyo (, his most recent project for Smeye Con and his upcoming personal project.Follow him on IG @klav9 to learn more.
Mike from Saucedrops Toys joins us to discuss how he entered the designer toy business, his goals for the future, and the details of his Black Panther custom toy show for charity.
This week we were joined by Big C. Creates, the creator of Baby Fatts. We discuss his upcoming show of collaborations, his journey to becoming an artist and the story behind Baby Fatts. You can find out more about the upcoming show and Big C at
This week Ben and Gary joined us to take a walk back to the past and remember teh times when we were able to go to NYCC. We discuss our favorite parts of NYCC and what we feel make it very special. How do we feel it differs from the "other con" SDCC?
Join us as we beat this topic to death from all angles with all endings possible explored.
This week we are joined by Josh and Miranda from Clutter Toys. We discuss their journey from magazine to where they are now. They are a pioneer in the world of designer toys and the visionaries behind Five Points Festival, The Designer Toy Awards and more. Their most recent project, Canbot, just completed its Kickstarter campaign a massive success. If you are a collector or interested at all in designer toys, you need to know about Clutter.
Funko NYCC 2020 Review

Funko NYCC 2020 Review


We go through all of the exclusives being released and where they will be available. We share our likes and dislikes plus our strategy for getting all that we need. Who wants the most and who has the best strategy?
Our Collecting Story

Our Collecting Story


This week we go through how we each started collecting and how our collecting preferences have changed over the years. What are we most into now and where do we see each of us focusing in the future? It may surprise some of you on a few of our answers.
This week we discuss everything we have done so far with Deathly Cute Toys to bring Dahlia from idea to the first resin releases.As always we discuss what we got new this week and what is new in Robby's sack.
This week on twitch we were joined by Mario from Tiran Journey Toys. We went over their new toy and the Kickstarter they are running now. How did the design come to be? What is the journey part of the description? Why should you invest now?As usual we also discussed all of the new items we picked up this week and had a peek in Robby's sack to see what new toys coming out that we should care about.
This week we take some time to discuss what drives collectors to collect. Why does it seem that so many people buy things just to sell them all and then buy something new.Plus we continue our interview from the live show with Tiran Journey Toys on their Kickstarter for Tiran23
This weeks episode we start off remembering the impact of Chadwick Boseman and his life. Then we discuss how terrible it is that some "collectors" immediately look to made a profit off of it. We have some news on Dahlia including when to expect a new release and Clint shares his written interview with the artist CDaan.
If you missed the live catch up with us as we discuss what we got new this week, all new releases that passed and how they went, what is new in Robby's sack and upcoming releases you should care about.
We were joined by Ben and Gary to talk all things DC. DC Fandome took place on Saturday, August 22nd and covered everything and anything going on within the world of DC. What did we think of the new Batman, Snyder cut Justice League, Wonder Woman 84, Flash movie, Suicide Squad and more?
We were joined on our live episode by Resin Rookie. We discuss how he got started, some tips on process and how his art evolved and a preview of his next release slated to drop this week.To find out more about Resin Rookie go follow him on IG @resinrookieAs always we covered what we got that week and a whole new round of What's new in Robby's Sack.
The Geek Together crew look back on SDCC Virtual Con drama and discuss McDonalds getting into the Funko game. Robby's sack is back with a ton of new releases. We are particularly excited about the Canbot Kickstarter and go through all of those details.
This week we go over our massive SDCC mail calls, Robby shows off a ton of new toys in Robby's sack and we end while reviewing some salty collector tweets. Our advice? If you're going to get that upset, quit!
Introducing Cuddle Monster!

Introducing Cuddle Monster!


This week we are joined by Kelly, @kelly_is_aokay on Instagram to discuss Cuddle Monster (@_cuddlemonster) and the partnership with Deathly Cute Toys (@deathlycutetoys)! We couldn't be more excited. Plus, we discuss updates on Dahlia releases and new plans.