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Fanboys with Nate & Adam follows topics in fandom ranging from comic book superheroes to D&D-level role playing games, and everything in between. We subscribe to many different geek-related media, and are here to discuss them all!
What are you a fan of? Listen in and see what we have to say about all the newest movies, tv shows, games, and more!
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IT’S FINALLY HALLOWEEN, FANS! It’s Adam’s favorite time of year, and that finally brings us to our final Freaky Fandoms episode of the month. And what better way to end the spookiest month of the year than to discuss ZOMBIES?! If you’re a true fanboy or fangirl, then you’re most likely into the movie Zombieland–a breakout classic taking a comedic view on the zombie medium. Full of decaying gore, a star-studded cast, and lots and lots of guns, Zombieland is one of the good ones. And this month marked the debut of its long-awaited sequel, Zombieland 2: Double Tap. Nate and Adam are ready to talk all things Zombieland 2, and how much they love (or as Nate says, “Hate”) zombies. Not only that, they’re also prepared to ask the important Z-day questions, like WHAT WEAPON TO USE, WHAT LOCATION IS BEST FOR YOUR CAMP, and more! Listen in today to enjoy our comprehensive zombie-related spooky chat! We hope you’ve enjoyed our month of Freaky Fandoms as much as we have, and we look forward to doing another month of it next year! And if you haven’t listened to all freaky episodes this month, make sure to go back and binge. Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN, FANS!
Hello again, fans! We're here to share our second episode in our Freaky Fandoms Month of Horror. For today's topic, we're covering a fan favorite spooky flick (offered by Adam) called The Houses October Built. This movie has become one of Adam's number 1 favorites he first discovered on Netflix. It follows five friends, eager to celebrate the Halloween season, as they tour the country in search for an "extreme haunt". As you'll hear Adam explain, he knows this rush all to well as each fall season is another opportunity to find a new, next-level scary activity. Most Halloween fans know that every haunted house these days are generally all the same... people jumping out in masks and following you around in the dark. But for true horror fans, that usually isn't as fun anymore. As the film's character Zack says himself, "When you were little, going through haunted houses, you didn't know if it was real or not. That element--what that feels like--I want to find it again!" Listen to Adam and Matt (back for more of the scary stuff!) as they discuss what made The Houses October Built great and unique, and dive more into some of their own spooky tales. Do Adam and Matt believe in ghosts? Do you? And most importantly—How scary is TOO scary for haunted attractions? If you would like to share your thoughts on all things terrifying, connect with us on our social media accounts! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And don't forget to subscribe to our show, leave a review, and tell a friend!
It’s finally October, fans! It’s Adam’s favorite time of year, and that means we’re bringing you an entire month of spooky, horror-themed episodes. 😈 To start off our month of scary streaming, we wanted to chat about one of our biggest fan favorite shows–Stranger Things. Most notably, the new Stranger Things 4 teaser was dropped this week, and though it’s relatively short, there’s plenty to unpack! Stranger Things has become a huge Netflix hit, and rightfully so. With three seasons already behind us and a fourth on the horizon, Nate and Adam want to break down why we love it so much, and what new stories we can hope to fan-out about with a new list of episodes. Will season 4 be its last? Will Eleven finally end up getting to have a normal life? Stream now and find out what we think! Are you a fan of horror? If so, this month will be one you don’t want to miss out on! Keep up to date with us and make sure you catch each new episode in our full month-long run of our favorite scary things to talk about… it all leads up to HALLOWEEN! 👻 Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on any show news. And don’t forget to rate and subscribe, fans!
Holy SMOKES, fans! We're chatting today about the latest news on casting for this season's CW Arrowverse crossover event, involving Smallville stars Erica Durance & Tom Welling on Crisis on Infinite Earths. Are you as big of a Smallville fan as Adam is?? Odds are No... but we appreciate a fellow fan anyway. Stream today and hear Nate and Adam's favorite (and some least favorite) moments from Adam's favorite show of all time: Smallville. Adam also shares a tidbit involving the other show fan-favorite that unfortunately didn't make it into the new crossover cameos (and their reason why). Don't forget to give us a rating on Apple Podcasts, and find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 🤓
IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH, HORROR FANS! 👻 That means it's finally time for us to dive into talks about all things scary, spooky, and all-around horrifying! Today our buddy Dave and I review the new IT Chapter 2... scary clowns, lots of blood, and lots of laughs. Are you a horror fan?? Listen in and see what we thought of Pennywise's latest scares, and be sure to stick around in the coming month to see what other spooky things we chat about as my favorite holiday--Halloween 🎃--nears closer and closer!
IT'S COMIC CON WEEK, FANS! Today Nate and Adam dig into all of their favorite news following the country's biggest convention--San Diego Comic Con. We talk games, movies, tv, books, zombies... EVERYTHING! Listen in to hear more about Marvel's newly announced lineup for the MCU's PHASE 4, what Nate thinks Adam's favorite show is, and whether or not the boys will jump on the Disney streaming channel bandwagon. Did you get to attend Comic Con?? If so, we'd love to hear about it! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share any photos or comments that you loved most from the weekend's biggest fan-filled event.
Join us in the VIP section of the show for the extended Spider-Man: Far From Home discussion, in the Fanboys Podcast Post-cast. 😎
We're so excited for this week's episode, fans! Adam gets to take the wheel with Nate and Adam's review of the MCU's latest installment of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Listen in and learn more about how the Spidey franchise kickstarted Adam's journey into fandom, what his favorite Marvel storyline is, and what the boys' favorite Spidey suits are!
This week, Adam invites his close friend Matt on the show to discuss what they thought about Jordan Peele's new movie Us. Adam and Matt also dive deep into their favorite moments in other notable scary movies such as IT, the Paranormal Activity franchise, Saw, and others. Do you love horror?! Because WE DO! Count on us doing more spooky episodes in the future!
We're taking a break this week, but here's a quick rundown of what we're looking forward to the next couple months!
In this week’s episode, Nate and Adam review the new (and most likely final) film in the 20th Century Fox X-Men series—Dark Phoenix. The mutant franchise has been a long ride! We were all first introduced to the X-Men on the big screen back in 2000 (almost 20 years ago!). Now, we have to say goodbye to the long franchise as Dark Phoenix gets its full feature-length treatment. Was it worth the wait? Did the reboot cast pull off the new look at Jean Grey’s dark side? Do the fans get a reasonable ending to a sometimes bumpy continuity in a mutant-centered universe? We cover all of these questions and more!
This week on Fanboys with Nate and Adam we discuss the ups and downs of fan entitlement, and how it can get in the way of truly enjoying our favorite things. Is it worth while to be super critical of our favorite movies and shows? We dig into that question as it relates to the latest ending to the series Game of Thrones, as well as some other fan faves of ours. Do you suffer from fan entitlement? Do you easily get outraged over lazy writing bad acting, and shotty adaptations? Follow us on Facebook and let us know! Listen in to hear more about Nate’s favorite DC superhero, a shared interest in a certain nefarious Superman villain, and our outlook on the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere!
Welcome Fanboys and girls! Nate and I start our first official podcast episode with focus on our generation's biggest media milestone—Avenger's Endgame.[DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS!]Listen in as we talk about 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to a monumental conclusion (at least for this phase!), our favorite movie moments, and what we hope to see next as Marvel takes us into the next big saga of the MCU.
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