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Making it Matter

Author: Mary Olk

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Welcome to Making it Matter - Executive Leadership and Career Development Secrets!

I'm your host, Mary Olk, and this is a place where I share insights, observations and key lessons learned from more than 25 years of Executive Leadership and Career Development Coaching.

Where You've Seen My Work: I've provided Executive Coaching, Leadership and Career Development coaching & training for executives and corporate clients including Boston Scientific, General Mills, Marriott, Medtronic, Wells Fargo and many others.

What Makes Me Unique: I combine a Ph.D. in Psychology and counseling experience with practical, proven and strategic Leadership and Career Coaching gleaned from decades spent helping clients navigate the corporate trenches. In addition, I also teach coaching skills in the corporate world through the Coaches Training Institute.

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Milestone moments in life offer us the chance to pause and reflect -- What got me here? Where am I going? This episode offers 2 different activities for reflection and moving into meaningful action.
We all have them, but are you REALLY using your biggest strengths to create margin in your life and at work? Are you taking advantage of your best talents to become a better leader at work and home? Discover some practical and proven ways to identify (and engage!) your strengths on this episode of "Making it Matter!"
Discover some simple, specific and actionable ways you can immediate start practicing (and benefiting from!) gratitude no matter what situation you're in!
The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude


We all know it matters, but you realize just HOW much it matters? Gratitude is an essential element in ensuring you have the mindset necessary to success in business - and life! We'll unpack a deeper understanding of the term on this episode of "Making it Matter!"
Discover 3 simple tips to eliminate those "mind monsters" and other gremlins that throw you off track and threaten to tank your workday!EPISODE LINKSGet the book "Taming Your Gremlin" by Rick Carson:
Discover some specific, strategic and simple tips for eliminating workplace worries!EPISODE LINKSVisit Mary Online: with Mary on LinkedIn:
Discover some practical strategies to help you avoid drowning in the daily drama of an overwhelming To Do list, the constant chaos of our hyper-connected society and other dilemmas that can derail your day if you're not careful.EPISODE LINKSVisit Mary Online: with Mary on LinkedIn:
What you do with this particular element makes it either an asset or a liability as it relates to your personal and professional existence. Here's how I help my Executive Coaching clients answer the critical questions to help ensure this precious commodity becomes a key resource in your day-to-day professional activity.EPISODE LINKSVisit Mary Online: with Mary on LinkedIn:
It's the key to unlocking the professional (and personal) existence you've always dreamed of! On this first episode of "Making It Matter," I share what this invaluable commodity is, how to get more of it and why it matters more than anything else when it comes to your career and life journey.EPISODE LINKSVisit Mary Online: with Mary on LinkedIn: