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A Father's Journey Podcast

Author: TW Beckett

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Helping men navigate the world and grow themselves.
6 Episodes
What constitutes an alpha male?  What about a beta?  While we have stereotypes in place, we really see both of these through a contextual lens.  Myself and Jack delve into what makes an alpha or a beta, and what people (real and fantasy) are considered these archetypes.  Join us for a fun beer laden, pizza filled, no holds barred discussion.Support the show
My daughter suffered through three seizures, three emergency room visits, and a battery of tests before we finally realized what was happening to her.  Epilepsy.  Hear the story of how we found out, what we did, and what we are doing now to raise awareness about this disorder.epilepsy.comSupport the show
My experience with marriage, divorce, and family law, and why these three things are changing for the worse.  Do we need to redefine marriage?  Or do we just need to be more careful and educate ourselves better about it?  I discuss, using my own experiences as a backdrop.Support the show
Sit back and relax as Jack and I discuss divorce, procreating, the red pill, and several beers at the Beckett Brewery, the newest extension of the AFJ Studio.Unedited and unencumbered, we dive into our own lives and thoughts on all things Red Pill.Support the show
The background of how I became The Red Pill Dad, including descriptions of some of the basic terms of the red pill.Support the show
Men and women cheat everyday.  I give you some background on my own experiences in cheating, as well as stats on the current state of cheating in the US.I also offer advice to those who do cheat, as well as real life examples of consequences of cheating and being faithful.Welcome.Support the show
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