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Sold Magazine is your daily online content provider for all things art around NYC. Read the latest news & interviews, original photographs & videos, review our calendar of events, listen to our podcast; your complete daily dose of art. By artists for artists.
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From Richmond, VA to Worchester, MA; from Miami, FL to Denver, CO - even his work in Midtown Manhattan, Sold Magazine and primarily John Domine have kept up with our next special guest Victor "Marka 27" Quinonez all over the country. Our globe trotter was not on hand in NYC for the Brunch Event at The Brooklyn Firefly, but we had our Founder JPO on hand for this special art chat! Although Marka 27 travels for his large projects, he works out of his Red Hook, BK studio, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with us. Listen up to this PRO's advice, and why he always puts family first.  Special Guest: Marka27.
A few blocks from the "In The Spray Room" home base in Bay Ridge, BK; the Sold Crew is hosting a Podcast Brunch Series at StellaBella and Big Ronnie's favorite local pizza and hang out spot, The Brooklyn Firefly! Mister Kaves, AKA Michael McLeer is the proud owner of The Brooklyn Firefly, among many other amazing talents and entrepreneurship - and we were honored he wanted to throw this event with us, for an afternoon of neighborhood fun!For the 2nd edition, we embraced October. The weather was still warm, and we carved pumpkins in between interviews with our friends Jenna Morello & Paid MSD.  Our 1st guest was Mr Cenz, in town for his 1st US solo show at 212arts. We met him 2 years ago in Denver, Co at The CRUSH Walls and have been happy to help promote his projects ever since. Take a listen to this special recording & come out Thursday night for a very special show!   Special Guest: MrCenz.
On February 5, 2018, Sold Magazine began its weekly podcast series. In addition to all the other story telling for your daily dose, this was yet another format to bring you the latest from the streets. And we had to kick it off with an artist we consider family; Danielle Mastrion. So much has gone on with our girl since then, and we had to catch up with her again. Please enjoy episode 62, and catch up with our Queen of Brooklyn. Special Guest: Danielle Mastrion.
Sitting down and chatting with Daniel Albanese AKA The Dusty Rebel was like cuddling up with a pillow, and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon.  For us street soldiers, it is refreshing to talk to others who see the same inspirations in this public art movement, and trading relatable stories amongst colleagues is comforting away from the concrete jungle. Episode 61 is one to listen to: an insiders guide to what we are up to today, and where we want to see the culture grow. With the 2020 election at our heels, the time is now.  His most recent project, queerstreetart began as a series of interviews, and is turning into a full fledged documentary film!  Find out more by checking out this memorable chat on your Monday morning commute... Special Guest: The Dusty Rebel.
Through Sold Magazine's “In the Spray Room” podcast we are lucky to get up close and personal with some of your favorite artists. It’s a chance to hear their stories straight from the source. These artists sometimes seem like untouchable superheroes that share their work on the streets mysteriously, for all of us to enjoy. But they’re also human and have dreams, fears, and struggles. Today, we get real with one of our favorite new street artists, Sara Lynne Leo. We talked animation, Tarot, anxiety and revisited Sara’s article with assistant editor, Kristy Calabro. Sara shows us first hand how to overcome fear, and that she’s a strong and important voice on the streets. It’s a new ‘ITSR’ with Sara Lynne Leo! Special Guest: Sara Lynne Leo.
Special Guests: Jenna Morello and Paid MSD.
Ever since the Hip Hop Brunch featuring Lord Finesse at The Brooklyn Firefly a few blocks from the "In The Spray Room" home base in Bay Ridge, BK; the Sold Crew has been plotting and scheming to host our own Brunch event at StellaBella and Big Ronnie's favorite local pizza and hang out spot! Mister Kaves, AKA Michael McLeer is the proud owner of The Brooklyn Firefly, among many other amazing talents and entrepreneurship - and we were honored that he wanted to throw this event with us, and PaidMSD for an afternoon of neighborhood fun! For the first interview, we were happy to have him sit down with us, and tell his own personal part of NYC history. His story continues today with the growth of the restaurant as a local hang out and art gathering, and his upcoming opening of his BMT, Brooklyn Made Tattoo Shop in Industry City. Get to know the artist that you should already know, and follow the podcast weekly on all platforms!  Special Guest: Kaves.
Soon after we welcomed The Echo Parker to the Sold Crew, as our LA contributor she told us about a unique artist she had met, and really wanted to help him promote his upcoming show... "little" did she know that Little Ricky was well known to the NYC street art scene, and we were happy to help him out 'Coast to Coast'! Since March, we have learned monthly tid-bits about our pink friend, who is spending '19 tributing the soon to retire, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna WIntour.  After spending some time in Paris, he came back to NYC for a visit, and we were lucky to hear directly from the SHEEP's mouth! Ewe have to listen to Episode 59, and start your week off with a smile.  Special Guest: Little Ricky.
Beyond The Streets, the NYC art exhibition of Summer '19, has reminded us of the long journey this culture has tackled. Decades of history are represented, and we have all been coming together throughout the last 2 months to celebrate, and keep the conversations going. BTS also gave us a chance to catch up with a friend to the Sold Crew we met in Denver, CO for the CRUSH Walls '17, Mike 171. Mike was in Denver promoting his documentary and book based on the film, "Wall Writer: Graffiti in its Innocence".  The promotion of this project continues as the focal point, and initial exhibit when you begin the "Beyond The Streets" tour. Listen to Episode 58 full of amazing & candid stories, purchase the book, and come out Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019 at 7:30pm to the Nighthawk Cinema for a screening and panel discussion with Roger Gastman. Special Guest: Mike171.
When you're a child of the 80's there are so many pop references from TV to video games, magazines with teen heart throbs, comic books and cartoon, it never ended! 80's kids were absolutely overwhelmed with visual stimulation, and Indie184 has combined her childhood obsessions with her lessons learned on the NYC streets.  She took her name from the traditional school of graffiti writers, by claiming her street in Washington Heights; but Indie names herself after that love-able adventure seeker created by George Lucas, Indiana Jones.  Check out the special sauce that is Episode 57, with this graffiti girl placing herself in the history books.  Special Guest: Indie184.
One of the most iconic, memorable and absolutely hilarious signs out in Coney Island USA is the bumper car ride at 1216 Surf Avenue, Elderado "Bump Bump Bump Your Ass Your Off". This hand-made beauty was created by our next special guest: Paid MSD. Old skool graff wiriter, professional sign painter, and all around real Brooklyn cat. The Sold Crew always loves to sit down with a born & raised native, and this art chat is one for the books. Check out this memorable dive into the life & times of Paid MSD.  Special Guest: Paid MSD.
Professor Amy L. Young has been teaching the Art History of Graffiti and Street Art course at City College of New York since 2011. At the end of each semester she brings in a variety of artists to speak to the class, take them out onto the street, or to visit their studios where they work. Educating the public is what Sold Magazine is all about, and we have been proud to work with Amy over the years to help promote her class, and give the students a voice through their recap articles here on Sold Magazine. Check out the series: Graff101 and look out for more from the 2nd group of students this Summer. Amy's alter ego is See Me Tell Me, and she litters the streets with her memories for all to take & enjoy! See her, and listen up to Episode 55 of "In The Spray Room".  Special Guest: Amy Young.
If you'd like the entire story, pre-requisite listening for the following episode, would be #27. Recorded last September, the dynamic duo MenaceResa sat down with us right before they left for their cross-country tour. They are back home, and we welcome them with open arms!  They've both learned and grown enormously throughout this graffiti mural process. From the very first city, the project titled #paintloveacrossamerica encountered schedule and intention changes, the reality of traveling with cats hit them, and  nothing was what they thought it would be. Coming back to NYC after experiencing the rest of this great country; has given them a new perspective on the public work they do, and what is up next for them. Tune in to this GREAT conversation about wall-otics, street beefs, and what it's like seeing the world through their eyes.  Special Guests: Menace and Resa Piece.
An illustrator by day, vandal by night.... Antennae has been creating and sharing with NYC ever since moving here from New Orleans, LA in 2012.  If you don't want the harsh criticism, this is not the place for you, and Antennae has learned that this is the city for him.  He has taken his licks, and has kept on ticking and we learn all about it in Episode 53. Look out for more from this wheatpaste vandal, and hope to see him go bigger in the future!  Special Guest: Antennae.
We just can't seem to stop the 10 year celebration of the Welling Court Mural Project here on Sold Magazine. Last week we caught up with veteran Toofly, and in Episode 52, we sit down with Ian Cinco. An illustrator, film maker, and podcast host himself, Ian was also the 3rd wheel of the Chris Soria & Marc Evan collab wall this year. He has been enlarging his illustrations onto public walls in Bushwick, and hopes to keep showing off his creepy, cool character skills ... check out his latest publication, and listen to what he has to say on your morning commute!  Special Guest: Ian Cinco.
TooFly not only needs no introduction, her name explains her style to a T. In the Golden Age of Hip Hop, not only did the music evolve into the best decade in the genre's history, the style of graffiti took a new form, and some artists were adamant to keep the vibe alive. A 10 year veteran of the Welling Court Mural Project, painted at 5Ptz, featured in the Street Heroines documentary, member of the Ladies Love Project, Younity, Warmi Paint and Akumal Arts Festivals and many more in her over 20 year career as a female artist and designer: before you listen to Episode 51, give TooFly a round of applause.  Special Guest: TooFly.
The collab wall on the King of Queens Auto Body Shop for the Welling Court Mural Project has been a focal point of the turnover, and it has been conquered the last few years because of total teamwork. Marc Evan is a pivotal part of how the team gets things accomplished. There is no I in team, and there is no I in Marc Evan. Every Fall, fall in love with this super dad's pumpkin carving skills on the Food Network's Halloween Wars, a thriving seasonal business for him & Chris Soria.  A heartfelt art chat to close out the 10 year celebration in Astoria, Queens.  Special Guest: Marc Evan.
Summer in NYC never disappoints, and 2019 is shaping up to be one for the books!  As we keep up with all the exciting art events, we are still honoring the veterans of the Welling Court Mural Project. When Dennis Bauser and Ria Burns-Wilder work together they are SINNED. They paint bright, bold creatures shielding their emotions from the harsh world on urban surfaces from brick, gates to box trucks! They always have the highest quality stickers, so listen to this episode to get the 411!   Special Guests: Ria Burns-Wilder and Sinned.
Father's Day is celebrated a weekend early every year in Astoria, Queens at the Welling Court Mural Project.  We continue honoring the great men of street art who are raising a family at the same time they are pursuing their dream. Joe Iurato has found his way by combining his love of wine and art. A sommelier street artist you say? Yes, Siree!  Take a listen to the 2nd special recording from the 10th Annual WCMP, and a very happy Father's Day to all that the role applies!  Special Guest: Joe Iurato.
Somewhere between Q*bert and M.C. Escher, we find our 1st guest Chris Soria painting for the 10th Annual Welling Court Mural Project. The Sold Crew was on hand for the entire celebration out in Astoria, Queens, and what a beautiful day it was. Chris started out working solo, and has been working this collab wall for the last 4 cycles at the King of Queens Auto Body Shop. The 1st of 4 conversations with only the veterans who have painted for at least 6 of the 10 cycles. We are honoring the man who has brought the street art community of NYC together for a decade: Garrison Buxton, and these are the artists to tell the stories.  Special Guest: Chris Soria.
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