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Wrong F-ing Question

Author: Mike Golden and Hrvoje Čop

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There is such a thing as a stupid question: it's whenever you're asking the Wrong Question. In Wrong F-ing Question, Hrvoje Čop and Mike Golden take on the Wrong Questions commonly asked by digital artists, and look at how a better question leads to a better answer. With all the answers in the world only a few keystrokes away, knowing how to ask the right questions has never been more important.If you want to comment, or point us in the direction of a WFQ that's bothering you, find us on FB at or write to us at wrongfingquestion on gmail.
9 Episodes
The robots are coming, and they're coming for our hard-earned jobs. AI, in one form or another, has been around for a while; it's getting smarter, it's getting faster, and in the foreseeable future, we wager that it is only going to get better at doing what it's always done: help artists do better work in less time. In this episode, we talk about the ways that we expect AI will (and will not) affect the face of the visualization industry.
In this episode, Mike and Chop start off by discussing unsolicited emails asking for outsourcing work, continue on to outsourcing in general, and all the different forms it can take. Then, of course, they sidetrack in to a multitude of related and unrelated topics, such as websites, being a client yourself, asking for a job position, writing a CV... Several random rants included.
It happens all the time: an artist posts a new piece of work that they have worked god knows how long on, and someone in the comments asks for a tutorial, as though creating one is as simple as smashing a like button. We are all indebted to those that take the time to create tutorials. In this episode, Mike and Chop talk about all that can be learned from tutorials, how to enjoy them responsibly, and of course, the joy of figuring something out for yourself. Lastly, Chop get...
We see it all over the internet, on digital art boards and forums everywhere: your software is only a tool and every image needs to tell a story. It is and they do. But a tool is only valuable if you know how to use it, and a story can take a lot of forms, but needs to be well told. In this episode, Mike and Chop dive into these two over-used answers, and talk about all the things they tend to leave out.
Getting quality feedback on your work is one of the best ways to grow as an artist, but asking in a way that gets you that feedback is a trickier issue altogether. Mike and Chop break down how to ask and get meaningful feedback on your work.
It's happened to everyone, you present a masterpiece to your client, only to have them ruin it with a dictionary's worth of changes. In this episode, Mike and Chop get to the bottom of why, and more importantly, what you can do about it.
We know what you all are wondering. And in this episode, Mike and Chop settle it once and for all: What render engine is the best?
In this, the first full episode of WFQ, Mike and Chop dive into the murky grounds of emulating another artist. There is, without question, a ton to be learned from the artists that you look up to, but there is no recipe or list of steps that will get you there.
In this episode, Mike and Chop quickly introduce themselves, and very briefly explain what they are up to talking about all the Wrong F'ing Questions that pop up on digital art and 3d forums. Future episodes will all begin with a track that our buddy Jay, aka Sinuous, was gracious enough to make for us, you can check out more of his music - after listening to a couple episodes of WFQ, of course ;) - on soundcloud.