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The official podcast of the Free Speech Coalition. Focused on protecting and promoting freedom of expression in New Zealand, the Free Speech Coalition Podcast hosts interviews with international and local guests discussing the importance of free speech in a free and open society.
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This week, Patrick talks with Georgina Blackmore about the upcoming Abortion Legalisation Bill, in particular the “safe areas” which the bill would establish to prevent protest in the vicinity of abortion clinics, and the state of protest rights globally. Georgina has been at the forefront of a number of protest groups, and is an experienced and skilled activist. With the (accidental) passing of the SOP making these "safe zones" ineffective, free speech activists can breathe a sigh of relief, however the discussion of the international implementation of these "safe zones" is still fascinating.This episode was recorded on 3 March 2020.Support the show (
This is the first part in a two part discussion with world renowned moral philosopher and psychologist James Flynn. Professor Flynn has been at the forefront of the discussion on intelligence, race and IQ, bringing this together with a deep grasp of moral and political philosophy.In this episode Professor Flynn covers his research and study on intelligence and its application to politics, and the current state of universities.Support the show (
ACT leader David Seymour has picked up the free speech batten and is looking at the likes of Massey University with a Parliamentary Members Bill that would require taxpayer funded institutions to respect free speech on campus.Patrick Corish sits down with David to discuss his Bill.Support the show (
Dr Michael Johnston is an Associate Dean of Education at Victoria University of Wellington. His teaching focuses on the educational assessment and in particular, the positive and negative impacts on pedagogy and curriculum. Dr Johnston has launched a campaign calling for New Zealand's universities to adopt the University of Chicago's statement on free speech, and he sits down with Patrick to discuss the campaign and how educational institutions do their students a disservice by trying to 'protect' them from controversial or offensive ideas or speakers.The Chicago principles are available here: Jonston's letter to VUW's Vice-Chancellor is available here: the show (
Helen Pluckrose is an academic specialising in postmodern thought. She has become known mainly by her participation in the Sokal Squared - Grievance Studies Affair where she, James Lindsay, and Boghassian manufactured fake academic articles to illustrate how easily it publish in social science journals. Helen shares her insights into the postmodern school of thought and its natural aversion towards free speech.Support the show (
Patrick Corish sits down with the deputy leader of the New Conservative Party of New Zealand, Elliot Ikelei. Patrick and Elliot discuss the New Conservative's views on free speech, the role of parents in protecting children from online harm and Elliot's debate on free speech with Dr Don Brash at Auckland University.Support the show (
Patrick sits down with Dr Melissa Derby, a lecturer of history at Auckland University of Technology. On 16 October Massey University cancelled a Feminism 2020 event that Melissa was invited to speak at. Her speech was going to be on the dangers of identity politics and the break down of constructive dialogue between different interest groups.Patrick and Melissa discuss the topic of her speech and the growing issues surrounding public dialogue in which anti-free speech mentality is a root cause.Support the show (
Free Speech Coalition's Dr David Cumin interviews British journalist and editor of Spiked! Online, Brendan O'Neill. David and Brendan discuss the similarities between New Zealand and Britain regarding free speech, censorship culture and the current climate surrounding political correctness.Brendan gives his views on the scope of free speech and how current pushes for hate speech laws does more harm than good to those that the laws purport to protect.You can read Brendan's recommended reading by Fredrick Douglas, "A Plea for Freedom of Speech in Boston" here.You can listen to Brendan's podcast, The Brendan O'Neill Show here.Support the show (
Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Rachel Poulain interviews Grant Edwards. Grant is a street preacher with more than 20 years of preaching experience. Recently Grant was preaching on a public street in Whangarei where he was stopped by the police and threatened with being charged under the Summary Offences Act for disorderly behaviour.Grant opens up about his views on free speech, persons of different faiths and views and the current political climate that is increasingly aggressive against preachers in New Zealand.Support the show (
Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Stephen Franks sat down for a conversation with New Zealand's Chief Censor David Shanks. Stephen and David discussed the classification of the manifesto, the role the censor has in protecting children, censorship in the digital age and the value war-time reporting has in communicating the horrors of war.Support the show (
Don Brash has been an outspoken advocate for free speech, democracy and open dialogue. In this speech, Mr Brash takes an in-depth look at the state of free speech in New Zealand, noting that while there have been a number of instances where the speech of individuals has been silenced, the voices in defence of this foundational principle are increasingly gaining prominence.  This is the recoding of a speech given by Don Brash, given to the Shalom Students Association on the 9th of September, and the Q&A which followed. Thank you to the Shalom Students Association and Don Brash for continuing to uphold the values of free and frank discussion on difficult issues. Support the show (
In this episode of the Free Speech Coalition podcast, Patrick Corish interviews Victoria University of Wellington Senior Lecturer of Classical Studies James Kierstead. Dr Kierstead gives a unique perspective on free speech in ancient Greece and talks about his research work on diversity of thought in academia. They also tackle the question classical students often wonder: was Socrates an assh*le? Support the show (
In this short think piece, Dane Giraud laments the trend of culturally shallow and naive attacks on comedy and creativity, and how it all seems reminiscent of every other attempt by authority figures to ban people from seeing works they personally dislike. Support the show (
Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has never shied away from robust speech, so when he sat down on the FSC Podcast we wanted to get to the bottom of his position on the line between free speech and hate speech, what should be done about Universities which don't uphold their duty to academic freedom, and where Andrew Little's hate speech legislation has gotten to.Support the show (
Elected officials should not have the power to choose who can speak in our public spaces. And yet, that will be the result if the High Court's decision in the Free Speech Coalition's case against Regional Facilities Auckland is not overturned this week. To help us understand the stakes at play, and the significance of this case, Patrick Corish sat down with renowned public law expert, and long time FSC supporter, Stephen Franks for a recap of the High Court decision and an explanation of the arguments this time around.The hearing will take place on the 4th and 5th of August at the Auckland High Court building. The public gallery will be open if you want to show your support, or witness the hearing first hand. Support the show (
A few weeks ago, Massey University lecturer Dr Steve Elers’s weekly column in the Manawatu-Standard sparked calls for disciplinary procedures to be invoked against him and an article by the Vice Chancellor qualifying Massey’s commitment to academic freedom. Dr Elers agreed to talk us through this most recent example of Massey University's intolerance of academic freedom.Links:- Dr Elers's final Stuff article- Vice Chancellor's response article- The Harper's LetterSupport the show (
In preparation for the Interfaith Panel on Free Speech, Patrick sat down with Imam Mustenser Qamar to discuss the position on free speech within Islam. A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Imam Mustenser has a unique perspective on the value which free speech has to members of a minority community. Hear more from Imam Mustenser at the Perspectives on Free Speech Panel at 6pm on Wednesday the 22nd July, held at VUW's Rutherford House and hosted by the Shalom Students' Association . More details here.Show Notes:- Pakistan's Ordinance XX.Support the show (
In a spirited conversation with Dane Giraud, Maori broadcaster and commentator Ward Kamo discusses Maori perspectives on Free Speech and how banning offensive speech denies Maori the opportunity to "set the record straight."Ward Kamo is a broadcaster (formerly of Native Affairs), a social and political commentator and popular MC who has held senior management roles for Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation and the Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri iwi Trust. Support the show (
This is the audio version of a blog post which you can find here. Support the show (
On this episode, Dane is joined by editor of Redline blog, Daphna Whitmore. Together they transcend the Left/Right divide and embark on an understanding of the free speech implications of issues like the Twitter mob, the Government's proposed emergency police powers, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. Support the show (
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