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This week, Patrick talks with Georgina Blackmore about the upcoming Abortion Legalisation Bill, in particular the “safe areas” which the bill would establish to prevent protest in the vicinity of abortion clinics, and the state of protest rights globally. Georgina has been at the forefront of a number of protest groups, and is an experienced and skilled activist. With the (accidental) passing of the SOP making these "safe zones" ineffective, free speech activists can breathe a sigh of relief, however the discussion of the international implementation of these "safe zones" is still fascinating.This episode was recorded on 3 March 2020.Support the show (
This is the first part in a two part discussion with world renowned moral philosopher and psychologist James Flynn. Professor Flynn has been at the forefront of the discussion on intelligence, race and IQ, bringing this together with a deep grasp of moral and political philosophy.In this episode Professor Flynn covers his research and study on intelligence and its application to politics, and the current state of universities.Support the show (
ACT leader David Seymour has picked up the free speech batten and is looking at the likes of Massey University with a Parliamentary Members Bill that would require taxpayer funded institutions to respect free speech on campus.Patrick Corish sits down with David to discuss his Bill.Support the show (
Dr Michael Johnston is an Associate Dean of Education at Victoria University of Wellington. His teaching focuses on the educational assessment and in particular, the positive and negative impacts on pedagogy and curriculum. Dr Johnston has launched a campaign calling for New Zealand's universities to adopt the University of Chicago's statement on free speech, and he sits down with Patrick to discuss the campaign and how educational institutions do their students a disservice by trying to 'protect' them from controversial or offensive ideas or speakers.The Chicago principles are available here: Jonston's letter to VUW's Vice-Chancellor is available here: the show (
Helen Pluckrose is an academic specialising in postmodern thought. She has become known mainly by her participation in the Sokal Squared - Grievance Studies Affair where she, James Lindsay, and Boghassian manufactured fake academic articles to illustrate how easily it publish in social science journals. Helen shares her insights into the postmodern school of thought and its natural aversion towards free speech.Support the show (
Patrick Corish sits down with the deputy leader of the New Conservative Party of New Zealand, Elliot Ikelei. Patrick and Elliot discuss the New Conservative's views on free speech, the role of parents in protecting children from online harm and Elliot's debate on free speech with Dr Don Brash at Auckland University.Support the show (
Patrick sits down with Dr Melissa Derby, a lecturer of history at Auckland University of Technology. On 16 October Massey University cancelled a Feminism 2020 event that Melissa was invited to speak at. Her speech was going to be on the dangers of identity politics and the break down of constructive dialogue between different interest groups.Patrick and Melissa discuss the topic of her speech and the growing issues surrounding public dialogue in which anti-free speech mentality is a root cause.Support the show (
Free Speech Coalition's Dr David Cumin interviews British journalist and editor of Spiked! Online, Brendan O'Neill. David and Brendan discuss the similarities between New Zealand and Britain regarding free speech, censorship culture and the current climate surrounding political correctness.Brendan gives his views on the scope of free speech and how current pushes for hate speech laws does more harm than good to those that the laws purport to protect.You can read Brendan's recommended reading by Fredrick Douglas, "A Plea for Freedom of Speech in Boston" here.You can listen to Brendan's podcast, The Brendan O'Neill Show here.Support the show (
Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Rachel Poulain interviews Grant Edwards. Grant is a street preacher with more than 20 years of preaching experience. Recently Grant was preaching on a public street in Whangarei where he was stopped by the police and threatened with being charged under the Summary Offences Act for disorderly behaviour.Grant opens up about his views on free speech, persons of different faiths and views and the current political climate that is increasingly aggressive against preachers in New Zealand.Support the show (
Interview with Marama Fox

Interview with Marama Fox


Free Speech Union spokesperson Dane Giraud speaks to former Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox about the Māori presence at the recent parliamentary protests. Marama (who would be briefly trespassed by Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard) spent a number of days on the ground and offers a detailed account of the Māori presence at the protest - who they were, why they were there - and what turned an initially positive and legitimate protest sour.Marama discusses her opposition to mandates and the controlling impulses of the current government before discussing whether te reo Māori (the Māori language) - as the indigenous language of New Zealand - is a free speech issue, and how getting future generations to speak the language could hold the key to better race relations. Enjoy! Support the show
Michelle Uriarau is a founding member of Mana Wāhine Kōrero - an advocacy group of and for Māori women who took strong positions against the 'Self ID' and 'Conversion Practises Bills. One of the roadblocks to getting their message out there has been the misrepresentation of Tikanga Māori (Māori Culture) which activists have used to justify gender non-conformity - despite there being absolutely no evidence that pre-colonial Māori accepted a fluid definition of gender. Michelle talks to Free Speech Union spokesperson Dane Giraud about who is spreading these mistruths and why - the silencing of Māori women generally - and how the current government is drastically undermining the submissions process Twitter: @MKorero the show
Get ready for some hardcore history as Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore talks to political commentator par excellence Chris Trotter about the conditions that gave rise to Nazism. Despite Hitler taking power after being banned from public speaking - and the Nazi party itself being outlawed for two years - many today see censorship as vital in the fight against the Far-Right. But are they ignoring the social conditions of post-WW1 Germany?  And are our would-be censors running the same risk by ignoring the social conditions that are leading to alienation today? Chris sets the scene simply and clearly in what a challenging and informative episode. the show
Join us for the audio version of Karl du Fresne's brilliant lecture 'Threats to Free Speech' including the full Q & A, which was held at Victoria University on  Thursday 28th April the show
Dane Giraud and fellow Free Speech Union steering group member Ani O'Brien continue a discussion on the fallout from the cancelation of a Free Speech Union talk at AUT, focusing on the role an "Inclusion Manager' may have played in the cancelation. Common on many campuses now, these rather ironically named managers seem far more interested in excluding speakers, than welcoming a 'rainbow' of diverse opinions. Why is this so problematic? Because members of the LGBT community who don't agree with the politics of one of these managers are just as likely to be banned as anybody else. Dane and Ani discuss just how the role is impacting negatively on the LGBT community and why organizations are now practicing open discrimination due to their influence. Support the show (
The Free Speech Union has had a speaking event canceled by AUT. In the first public talk in what was to kick off a nationwide lecture series, Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore was to talk about (ironically) her experiences with women's rights group 'Speak Up For Women' and being canceled by a sequence of regional councils. The reason given was we weren't following proper protocol for a union on a worksite, but after our Facebook page was barraged with woke activists telling us they planned to speak to management in order to shut down the event, it is clear what's really gone on here. Coming hot on the heels of our academic survey, management at AUT have really made our case for us. Join Free Speech Union spokespeople Dane Giraud and Jonathan Ayling, along with Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore to talk through the debacle which is sure to develop into another extremely important fight for us. join Support the show (
Don Franks has been involved in Left-wing activism since the 1960s (starting with his opposition to the Vietnam War) and is a published author and professional musician. He was a resident at the Jerusalem commune of James K. Baxter and was involved in union activity at a major car plant. In this episode, Don talks to Free Speech Union spokesperson Dane Giraud about the centrality of Free Speech to the union movement of yesteryear, Marx on 'Free Speech" and why speech restrictions are never called for from those on the lowest rung. Don discusses James K. Baxter as he knew him, why he thinks you should all read Jane Austen, and what makes Shakespeare the preeminent "free speech" author.  Enjoy! Support the show (
A worrying trend of rejecting political adverts brought the attention of the Free Speech Union to the decision-making process of NZME. Having discovered that a large percentage of shareholders back this bedrock democratic principle we sought to support them at the annual AGM where free speech was made an agenda item. But the board had a strategy to get around this and in this 'Special Report' episode of the 'Free Speech Union' podcast, you will hear just how shareholders were silenced by a board that puts ideologically motivated censorship well above any concerns of shareholders. Free Speech Union spokesperson Jonathan Ayling attended the virtual AGM and reports back on what happened and why this is fast developing into a grave situation for the integrity of our media and Free Speech more widely in New Zealand. Support the show (
This week on our Life Out Loud (LOL) summary of a week in Free Speech in New Zealand (inspired by our newsletter), Free Speech Union spokespersons Jonathan Ayling and Ani O'Brien touch on two recent hit-jobs mounted against the Free Speech Union. In NBR a piece was written by a writer (who really should've known better) that spun off into such fantasy about the Union that J.R.R Tolkien would blush. And don't be fooled but the English high-breeding and plum in the mouth! The Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner showed he's a stone-cold killer when he intervened to stop an interview between the Free Speech Union and Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon. All this and we take a hard look at the latest buzzword aimed at undermining rights: "misinformation". And the team discusses the results of our recent academic survey and the pressure now being applied to the Royal Society of NZ post their treatment of the authors of the 'Listener Letter.' Support the show (
Free Speech Union spokesperson Jonathan Ayling speaks to friend of the Free Speech Union - National MP for Tamaki - Simon O'Conner. In a packed, thoughtful, and thought-provoking discussion, Simon discusses the government's mind-blowing decision to block a briefing from Police Commissioner Andrew Coster on the parliamentary protest, what is really behind the current cries of 'misinformation', whether Russian propaganda has a place in the free speech society, the bullying nature of many anti-speech activists, and what National would do to ensure free speech if they were to take the reins again after the next general election. Enjoy! Support the show (
In this 'Special Report' Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore talks to previous podcast guest Rachel Stewart about cancel culture and self-censorship following her removal from a documentary on the New Zealand dairy industry over her views on a number of completely unrelated topics. Rachel is a staunch defender of free speech. She was a columnist for the Herald and in 2016 won the Canon Media Awards for Opinion Writer of the Year. In 2019 Rachel walked away from the Herald after they refused to publish a column she wrote on Massey University canceling a Canadian feminist speaker.  Essentially the Herald canceled Rachel’s piece about a cancellation. Rachel has gained more experience with cancel culture since then. She has published on Substack a piece "Cows and Cowards" about being removed from the documentary. You can read it at the link below:’s her Substack link: the show (
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