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TIC is back with another exciting audio experience! This time, we're doing an individual feature on Niaby Codd, who is one amazing poet and creator. Based in Ibiza, Niaby is an ex-stockbroker, who decided to re-direct her life towards poetry. She is is the author of the channeled book ‘The spirit of Life’ and is also the host of ‘The Spirit of Life in Ibiza’ podcastIn this episode, Niaby recites her own words to share her story as well as to inspire others to be more creative.  Consider this episode to be a slam poetry session, where your emotions will be on a roller-coaster with Niaby's "moving" poetry.Tune in to listen to Niaby's extremely engaging and inspiring poetry combined with our honest analysis and breakdown of her creativity. Learn more about Naby here Click here to purchase 'The spirit of Life’  book. 
Welcome to the 2nd episode of this season. We're extremely excited to share this particular masterpiece with you. That's right! We're back with some amazing stories and some innovative creators. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of poetry by hosting our first-ever "Global Open-Mic". The episode features artists from all around the world, who have taken on an initiative to inspire you with their creativity. Listen to them talk their hearts out as they share their beautiful poems on our platform.  So, without any further delay, let's begin this beautiful & artistic journey. LINKS & RESOURCESLearn more about Absolute Marketing here. Check out my  poetry hereCheck out Arjun's work herePOETS & ARTISTS FEATURED1) Niaby2) Dr. Preeti Singh 3) Era Garg 4) Shalini Chaturvedi 5) Dr. Fatima Imam6) William J Spirdione7) Anushree Nande
Welcome to our very first audio experience. We're your hosts, Jag Sandhu & Arjun Singh. Over the next few episodes, we're going to show you the world. Our journey begins in India, where we analyze and appreciate various creative works of influential Indian poets, St. Kabir Das & Mirza Ghalib. As these two poets belonged to two different eras, our conversation aims to highlight the context in which they composed their works. Moreover, we also share some of our favorite poetry written by them in this episode. Moreover, the International Connection is all about inspiring you guys with someone else’s creativity. So, through this episode, we’ve decided to amplify this message even more. As a result, we’ve created this platform, which is sort of like an open mic, where all these Indian independent poets can perform their craft and can showcase their creativity. So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been connecting with Indian creators of all ages with the intent of hearing their poems. And, we were blown away by the amazing talent these people carry within. Moreover, they were not afraid of reciting their poems out loud on a public platform like this. See, one might not associate things like “poetry” or “creative writing” with India’s current setting. But, I guess it’s time for us to take this opportunity and show the world the raw talent this country has to offer. This "documentary-style" approach highlights our unique creativity when it comes to podcasting. So, for an optimal experience, we recommend that you put on your headphones and close your eyes. Find more info here
This is the official teaser of our brand new show, The International Connection Audio Experience. Thank you so much for all your love and support. Now, it's time to take this channel to another level. Listen to this episode for more hints. Party begins on 14th February 2020. 
067: The Road Ahead

067: The Road Ahead


It has been a while since we uploaded our last episode. That is because we've got some exciting going on. The International Connection is going through a complete revamp. That's right! We're completely changing our content to make sure that we're able to share more of your stories. This conversation will give you a hint of what we've planned. While our way of podcasting is changing, in no way are we lifting our eyes off of creativity. We're exploring the world with an intention to find and appreciate global creativity. Join us as we begin our adventure from a very special place. 
It has been a while. But trust me, we're back with a bang. Let us show you the perfect way to start your new year and that is by listening to a productive conversation like this. This week's episode is on another level. For the very first time, we've got a story from the Middle East to share with you guys. That's right! In this episode, we travel to Iran to hear the story of an extremely passionate and influential entrepreneur, Simmer Sawhney. Simmer's diverse experience and a global perspective make his story even more interesting. Moreover, he is a fan and a loyal student of mental and physical health and thus, practices MMA and self-defense to maintain his discipline. So, if you're an entrepreneur, who wants to get a totally fresh perspective on the 21st century's business game, you need to hear Simmer's story. 
In this week's episode, we're going to take a trip down to the visual world. Marloes is a visual thinker, who is based in Taipei, and encourages others to take a creative approach.   Her most recent project " Me & My Big Move"  is designed to empower kids for their "Big Move". It features various artistic illustrations, which all combine to narrate her life story. In this episode, she opens up about the challenges she faced after moving to a different country & how her creative voice led her to build this amazing project. This episode is a must-listen for all aspiring artists and creators. Learn more about Marloes here Start Your Podcasting Journey with BuzzSprout
It's time to get super entrepreneurial. This episode features the story of a creator, coach, best-selling author & podcaster, Monica Bijoux. We have a tendency to hold on to our past, which limits our ability to progress as well as to be productive. Monica felt the same. Her past was full of challenges that did have a significant impact on her mental, physical & emotional health. However, driven by the motivation to change her scenario, she decided to move. This episode features her authentic story to help you guys get "detached" from your past and multiply your productivity. Listen to Monica open up about her experiences and thoughts on The International Connection. Learn more about Monica here Start your own podcast using BuzzSprout
The International Connection is proud to host the story of Sinem Gunel, who is a prolific Medium writer. I've been following Sinem's writing for about two years & I can confidently say that she is one of the best creators out there. Inspired by her enthusiasm and discipline regarding writing and creating, I had to bring her on the show. In this episode, we discuss the fundamentals of being a creative writer. More specifically, we dive into the world of Medium, where Sinem is considered to be a "Top Writer" in several categories. So. if you're an emerging Medium writer & want to take your creativity to the next level or if you want to get inspired by Sinem's consistency and drive, this episode is a must-listen for you. Learn more about Sinem hereFollow this link to start a BuzzSprout account
This is a very special occasion for everyone here at The International Connection. One of our podcast ideals called Ben Leavitt, decided to be a guest on our show. At the time, when we were starting this podcast, none of us thought that we could have someone of Ben's caliber to appear on this show. But, a lot of hard work has enabled us to reach this stage and we don't plan to stop anytime soon. So, this episode is all about Ben Leavitt's content creation strategy and it'll teach you where and what to focus on in the upcoming months. Ben is a master creator, whose YouTube and Instagram work has inspired many to take massive action towards their brand's growth. Here at TIC, we talk about Ben's favorite Social Media Platforms and how he is planning to leverage them for his personal growth. All the tips and tricks shared in this episode will teach you to create the "right type" of content for your audience. So, join us on this exciting journey of "strategic content creation" with Ben Leavitt. Learn more about Ben here
This time, we’re doing something special. I’ve partnered up with The Observe Podcast to have a casual, yet inspiring, discussion. In this episode, we’re going to discuss how three “common” guys have decided to step up and start a creative venture. I’m joining hands with Arjun & Angad, who along with me, were raised in a very “South Asian” environment, where creativity was subtly discouraged. Still, we were able to find our own creative voices and create something of value. We hope that you find value in our personal stories.This is aimed towards inspiring upcoming content creators into taking their first step towards content publishing. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster, YouTuber, Blogger, who wants to get over that first hurdle of starting out, this is a must-listen for you.Learn more about The Observe Podcast here 
60 Episodes in and the content just keeps getting better. In this episode, we're sharing the story of Norway's very own Øivind Solheim. Øivind has a massive following on Medium, where he is known for publishing quality content. His articles and poems receive thousands and thousands of claps, views, and reviews on a frequent basis. Being a personal fan of his creativity, I had to bring him on to The International Connection. In this episode, I get a sense of Øivind's creative thought process. By asking him specific questions about writing and publishing, I was able to dissect his "Medium writing" approach in order to help you guys take your creativity to the next level. So, if you want to set yourself up for success on Medium, this is the must-listen for you. Learn more about Øivind here
It's time to get personal. Yeah, I've had some guests on my show to talk about creativity but what I haven't talked much about yet is my own story. That's why I'm changing things a bit in this episode. I don't have anyone in the studio except me. So, I'm going to tell you guys about my own story and how I found my creative voice in the first place. The main purpose of this episode is to share with you all the resources that I've used and that I'm using to grow my podcast. This episode has been recorded in a very spontaneous manner, where I'mnarrating my whole life's story to you so that you can not only relate to it but also, can get that inspiration to take your very first step towards being creative.  Through my story, I want to show you guys that it doesn't matter where you come from, what language you speak, or what your skin color is. If you've got a creative voice, you most definitely can create something of value from it. Also, there's a very special give away announcement in this episode. So, make sure that you're tuned in till the very end. Learn more about this here
Today on The International Connection, we'll talk about discovering and then re-discovering your creativity. We're interviewing Ashley Peake Wellmen, who is a published author and an innovative creator. The reason why Ashley's story is so special is that at first, she wanted all the same things that we want, i.e., a career, a good life, being a good parent, etc and she achieved all of that until she suffered through a tragic personal loss. During that difficult time, Ashley gathered some courage and somehow discovered her creative side. To be more specific, she made her daughter a central part of her creativity and just took that very first step of sharing her creativity with the world. Little did she know that she'd not only become a published author but would also bring a very special character to life called Fresno.  So, if you're at that stage, where some past incident of your life is stopping you from being creative and you want someone to show you the way out of that, Ashley's story can be that inspiration you need. And, if you want to know more about who Fresno is, sit back, relax and listen to this episode till the very end. Learn more about Ashley here Want to discuss more creativity? Feel free to contact me using this link.
This episode is a little bit different. But, at the same time, it shows us the value and power of one's own creativity. A few months ago, my very good friend Ogart decided to start an e-commerce business in the field of clothing and merchandise. Being passionate about Anime, he knew that that was going to be his main feature. However, starting something is a lot easier than maintaining it over the long term. Despite all the negativity, judgment, and criticism he received, Ogart has managed to persevere with his true calling. In this episode, he shares his unconventional, yet inspirational approach towards starting and building an online e-commerce platform. So, if you're at that stage, where you're looking for some sort of confirmation or a hint that can propel you towards your creative journey, you've come to the right place.Learn more about Ogart here. Subscribe to my channel here.Also, if you think that you've got an idea or a story worth sharing, feel free to contact me through this link. 
Get your timetables and calendars ready because this week, we're diving into the topic of time management. So, if you're struggling with messy schedules and overflowing to-do lists, we've got just the interview for you. This week, we're featuring Alexis Haselberger's story, who helps people to "do more and stress less" with her time managing tactics. In this episode, Alexis shares her motivation behind time management. Through personal experiences and insights, she shares various ways that help her to manage her schedules effectively. Moreover, Alexis has some cutting edge technologies and apps to recommend for the purpose of effective time management. Listen now to find out!Find more about Alexis here.  
This week, we're gonna explore the topics of entrepreneurship, creativity, and work ethic with a serial creator and entrepreneur, Jocelyn Kopac. Jocelyn, quite impressively, started her entrepreneurship career at the age of seven. Since then, she has instilled several important values in her lifestyle, which has enabled her to evolve as a successful businesswoman. In this episode, we get a glimpse of her personal life as we try to figure out what makes so excited about sharing stories. Jocelyn is extremely passionate about creativity and thus, she also shares various strategies in which she has used her creative voice within these challenging times. So, if you're struggling with being creative and want to know more about the ways in which you can unblock and amplify your creative voice, this is the right episode for you. Learn more about Jocelyn here. 
054: 50 Episodes Later

054: 50 Episodes Later


Join us as we celebrate our 50th episode anniversary. This milestone episode features our overall experience with this podcast and gives you a hint of what to expect in the future. Joining me for this celebration is Alexandre Amaral, who, along with being my co-host, has shaped this podcast for its future growth. This episode talks about our journey. It has almost been a year since we started podcasting and it was probably the best decision we've ever made. So, if you've always wanted to know more about what goes behind the curtains or if you just want to catch up with our daily lives, we've got you covered. Don't forget that every story is worth sharing. So, if you believe that you have a story to share, feel free to contact us using our website. Find more information here. 
This week we'll explore the topic of productivity with the President & CEO of Empowered Marketing Solutions, John J Racine Jr. Our conversation includes various tips and tricks that can help you to get in a productive as well as a creative zone. With his diverse experience in Sales & Marketing, John has achieved quite a lot of authority in both entrepreneurial and corporate settings. This episode will help you to streamline your daily routine, which will enable you to become more productive and creative. Know more about John here
The International Connection places a high value on positive mental and physical health. With everything that surrounds us right now, we've decided to interview a "Precision Wellness Specialist" called Wendi Michelle to know more about various health hacks and tricks during these challenging times. Wendi brings in a diverse set of experiences within the health and wellness industry. With a background in holistic nutrition and supplementation, she has grown her expertise in various other health-related areas such as disease prevention and mental health. Moreover, Wendi is an exceptional speaker, who aims to have a positive impact on a large audience through her expertise and knowledge. So, if you want to treat yourself to a "healthy" discussion on mental/physical health as well as positivity, you've got to check out Wendi's story. Find more about Wendi here
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