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We have more than 50 years of combined industry experience in commercial real estate and in this podcast we'll tackle the most asked questions that we get from realtors, brokers and investors.
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IRS code 121, 1014, and 1031 can help you and your real estate portfolio pay less in taxes and build the legacy you want.
A quick webinar directed at landlords who are considering selling their investment properties and doing a 1031 exchange.  The process is not too complex, and we are here help.
Max Hansen, with Accruit, reviews what you can, and can't do, with related parties in a 1031 exchange.  Hint: Creativity is Needed!
Millcreek Commercial President, Kevin Long, explores the political climate around 1031 exchanges with DC insider and CEO of Colliers Inter-Mountain, Lew Cramer.
Ray Beck, a tax attorney with Cohne & Kinghorn and principal at Summit Exchange, walks us through the Drop & Swap process and provides a much more viable alternative, the Swap & Drop. 
Our friends from FYNTEX share the innovative ways they are bringing value to their 1031 exchange clients.
When is the right time to sell your investment properties?  Consider your values, phase in life, and more productive alternatives.  Either way, these questions should be asked.
Selling a rental property and exchanging into another rental property may not be the best solution for your portfolio.  Throw some creativity on there to help energize your exchange.
Learn the best real estate investment techniques for your 30s, 40s, and 50s.  
Many landlords are sitting on the fence and asking, "Should I be doing a 1031 Exchange?"  Theresa Quartaro, an Exchange Accommodator at IPX, explains what happens behind the curtains in a 1031 exchange transaction and gives few tips to Realtors who are looking to breach the topic with their landlord clients.
Spencer Taylor gives an overview of 1031 exchanges, the 45-day rule, and options to consider for your replacement property.
Mat Sorensen, Co-Founder of Directed IRA, joins us again to enlighten us on the benefits of using your SDIRA to invest in real estate.
COVID-19 introduced an extension in the identification period.  Know the rules so you stay inside within Safe Harbor.
Kevin Long, CEO of Millcreek Commercial, and Randy Luebke, CFP, discuss how to maximize returns in your self directed 401K, IRA, or Roth IRA.  The key take away is to get out of debt.
Yonah Weiss, Business Director with Madison SPECS, outlines for us the basics of Cost Segregation.  The short of it is that most who should be doing it, are not.
Natalie Wainwright helps us understand why tenants behave the way they do and why the prefer certain elements of a lease over others.
Everyday, a stockholder becomes dissatisfied and disillusioned with the emotional roller coster of the stock market.  The dissatisfaction leads investors away from equity markets to commercial real estate markets.  Wealth is created with stability and security, not speculation and risk.
Jesse Limon expands on what buyers are looking for giving the stresses and demands of the Corona Virus Pandemic.
DSTs offer an option for owning commercial real estate.  So many benefits and some things to watch out for.  Just make sure you ask questions.
Riverside1031 joined us today to talk about how a 1031 transaction is successfully completed, tips and tricks with your next exchange, and how to use 1031 exchanges to build your wealth and legacy.
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