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Author: Jen Parlin and Jackie Costello

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The podcast on Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, and Sustainability. Join Jackie Costello and Jen Parlin as they take a dive into the world of fair trade fashion with special guests of brands you should know about!
27 Episodes
In this episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast, Jen chats with Katie Schmidt of Passion Lilie to discuss how Passion Lilie came to be. Katie talks about her travels to India, why she started her company, and what it really means to her.More about Katie:Katie Schmidt, is the founder and designer of Passion Lilie, a fair trade and sustainable clothing line with a mission to help artisans empower themselves by creating dignified employment opportunities. Katie is a California native and holds a B.A. in Drama from the University of California, Irvine, and M.S. in Luxury and Fashion Management from SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis, France. She began her career working as a costume designer and seamstress. Today Katie resides in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Katie also works with children in New Orleans teaching them sewing skills and helping to inspire their creative side.Connect with Katie:Passion Lilie in this episode:Pachamama MarketMade TradeDone GoodThe Honest ConsumerConnect with The Fairlosophy:Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Threads WorldwideInstagram:
It's time to CELEBRATE!!It's been a whole year since the first episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast was launched!! Join Jackie and Jen as they look back at the past year AND make sure to watch their special video highlighting some of the past guests! (link below)*The Fairlosophy Podcast presents:Style Tips from your Favorite Ethical Brandswith special guests Angela Melfi and Kara Valentine, founders of Threads Worldwide, Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist, Sica Schmitz founder of Bead and Reel and The Impact Fashion Show, Kate Heihn co-founder of Brookes Collective, and Katy Schlegel founder of Mariposa Skies.Mentioned in this episode:PactGirlfriend CollectiveConscious StepConnect with The Fairlosophy:Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Threads WorldwideInstagram:
In this episode we are joined by Heather Seaman, founder of Freehand Market in Saxapahaw, NC. She shares how she came to open this ethical and eco-friendly boutique, and the core values behind it. Jackie and Heather cover various interesting topics and we are sure you will walk away with some new nuggets of knowledge. In this episode:~ How Jackie and Heather met~ The 6 categories of Values of Freehand Market~ Ethically mined crystals~ Black Lives Movement~ Helpful tips to being more ethicalConnect with Heather and Freehand Market: Mentioned:Podcast: Keeping ShopAdaway GroupGreen Girl Leah Intersectional Environmentalist Connect with The Fairlosophy:Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Threads WorldwideInstagram:
Jen chats with Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist, a sustainable marketplace for men. Garik shares his personal journey into the sustainable fashion world.In this episode:~ It all started at a flea market in Boston.~ Partnership with Remake.~ Teen brand suggestions.~ What is circular fashion?~ Black Owned Businesses to support.Connect with Garik and Eco-Stylist: Owned Businesses Mentioned:Voyce ThreadsKnotz LandGalerie.laConnect with The Fairlosophy: Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Threads WorldwideInstagram:
In this episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast, Jackie chats with Vegan Danielle, Host of the Vegan Danielle Podcast and animal activist.  Living a Vegan lifestyle since 2015, Danielle dives into why she chose to become Vegan and why it’s the most sustainable diet.In this episode:~ Danielle and Thyroid Cancer~ Meat & Dairy are highly acidic~ The impact of slaughter houses~ Animal fashion in your closet~ Taking healthier stepsConnect with Vegan Danielle: with The Fairlosophy: Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Instagram:
In this episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast, Jackie chats with Monique Ana, founder of Victory Garden Sanctuary.  Monique shares her story of growing up in a group that calls themselves, The Children of God, also known as The Family.  Monique was able to leave this group 25 years ago and speaks about the manipulation and control that was used on it’s members. **This episode has some sensitive content, so if you have little ones around, it's a good time to grab some headphones.In this episode:~ The cult group, Children of God~ What is a flirty fisher?~ Why Monique was asked to leave the group~ Having to role play what to say to police~ Monique’s vision for Victory Garden SanctuaryConnect with Monique and Victory Garden Sanctuary: with The Fairlosophy: Instagram: with Jackie and Jen:Instagram:
Welcome to the 22nd episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast featuring Dean Cycon, Founder of Dean's Beans. Dean's Beans is a company founded with social justice being top priority, and Dean and his coffee are the real deal. Learn what goes on behind the scenes in the coffee world, how Fair Trade impacts coffee farmers and their communities. Dean shares his journey from the very beginning. In this Episode:~ Dean's first non profit "Coffee Kids"~ Coffee is one of the largest traded commodities today~ Charity does not equal change.~ The journey from picking the fruit to brewing the roasted beansConnect with Dean's Beans
Meet Rebecca Ballard, Founder and CEO of Maven Women, an ethical fashion brand. Rebecca joins us in this episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast for a chat with Jen.  Being the mom of two little ones, Rebecca tells us about the ups and downs of running a business while being a mother.In this episode:~ Lawyer turned ethical fashion brand Founder~ What is Ponte de Roma fabric?~ Fashion being for real women~ Visiting India while pregnantConnect with Rebecca and Maven Women:
Jackie chats with Cynthia Luvlee of Shyne San Diego in episode 20. Shyne empowers women that have survived the sex trade, gender violence, domestic violence, and rape. Through Shyne they learn about entrepreneurship and leadership. Cynthia shares all about how this work is creating a better world.In this episode:~ Survivors are speaking up~ The partnership between the women~ Project Seen~ Stigma around sex traffickingConnect with Cynthia: 
In this episode meet Matthew Iske, founder of The Your Truth Foundation, a non profit that helps to prevent violence and trafficking of women and children. Jackie and Matt chat all about his work in his for-profit and non-profit and how he is facilitating change through education.**Special Message** Jackie and Jen want to let you know they are sending lots of loving vibes out to everyone at this uncertain time in the world.  We want to remind people to STAY HOME, take extra precautions, and take care of yourself and loved ones.  We will still be providing you with new episodes, hopefully a welcoming distraction. Feel free to message us on social media, we love to connect with you.In this episode:~ What is toxic masculinity?~ The way that human trafficking is portrayed vs the way it actually is~ Creating empathy~ Matt gets a special insider look at surveillance from the D.E.A.Connect with Matt:The Your Truth Foundation (The Your Truth Foundation) Solutions (Stigma Solutions) (Matt Iske)
In this episode, Jackie sits down with Brain Noveck. Brian shares his experience working with supply chains in China, and why he decided to leave.In this episode:~When brands hire a 3rd party audit~What Is BSR and the HIGG Index?~The use of sub contractors in the supply chain~Buy less and buy higher qualityConnect with Brian
In this episode, Jen has a chat with Caro of Descalza, a made to measure fashion brand. Hear all about the story behind this beautiful company from the Founder and CEO herself.In this episode:~ How a Kickstarter campaign kickstarted this company~ Don't let having no experience stop you~ The stigma around third world countries~ Caro celebrates her Latino cultureConnect with Descalza:
This is episode number 15! We are so excited as it’s a new decade with lots of new content. We hope you fall in love with the people and brands that we introduce.  In this episode, Jackie hangs with Brandi Voth, founder of the Power Project, and a mentor for women who have escaped sex trafficking in the U.S. In this episode:~ How this cause found Brandi~ How to connect to your purpose~ Why the Enneagram is so powerful~ The most shocking part of sex traffickingConnect with Brandi:
Join Jen in a conversation about mindfulness. What does that actually mean? Well you will hear allllllll about it in this episode.In this episode:~ Jen shuts off her phone for how long?~ What really is mindfulness?~ Mindfulness when it comes to fashion~ Three questions to keep in mindWanna know more about Jen's getaway in the Berkshires? Send her an email at 
It's the last episode of the year, number 13!  We have learned a lot through this podcast, thanks so much for taking the time to listen in, we appreciate you.This episode features a conversation with Cathy of 700 Rivers, a company that directly impact Bangladeshi Artisans.  Cathy is super passionate about the impact she is having in the lives of women who leave the sex trade, many trapped in brothels against their will, and have the courage to start a brand new life.In this episode:~ Jackie’s Gratitude Jar~ The need for Fair Trade in Bangladesh~ Are your bottles being recycled?~ Women reinvest in their families~ A sneak peak into a new 700 Rivers ProductCheck out 700 Rivers:
Fair Trade Holidays

Fair Trade Holidays


Happy Holidays to all of our listeners! Jen shares some sustainable to do's during festivities, while Jackie shares some favorite Artisan stories.For last minute gifts check out:The Golden Rule Boutique (Clothing, accessories, and more) Worldwide (Jewelry and accessories)
This mini episode is a coffee talk with Jackie and Jen, in which they cover a wide array of topics, some random and some not so much. You just never know where the conversation will go!In this episode:~ Jackie shows her disgust for the pumpkin craze~ Jen talks about coffee during the coffee talk~ The chemicals in our clothing, EEEEK~ Are Jada and Will Smith in an open relationship?Looking for ethical/fair trade gifts this year?Check out:The Golden Rule Boutique Worldwide
Episode 10 features Kate Heihn, Co-founder of Brookes Collective, a Fair Trade fashion brand. Kate runs the company along-side her sister Kimberly who lives all the way over in South Africa. Learn why they are the perfect pair to take on this big project, and why they decided to start Brookes Collective in the first place. In this Episode:~ Kate takes things to a personal level~ Sister team in for the win!~ Marketing can be tricky when finding ethical brands~ How family encouragement goes a long wayBrookes Collective:
In this episode Jackie chats with Michaela Steiner, recent college grad. They chat about what it was like to be a Global Studies major and a special assignment that led Michaela to an L.A. garment factory. You don't want to miss her story.In this episode:~ What exactly is Global Studies?~ Made in the USA doesn't mean made ethically~ Shopping patterns need to change~ Knowing about something makes you responsible for it ~ Jackie calls "bullshit" on sweat shops helping immigrants
In the 8th episode of The Fairlosophy Podcast, Jackie and Jen have a really fun conversation with Creator and Owner of Mariposa Skies, Katy Schlegel. Katy partners with international artisans, curating a line of beautiful one of a kind products made ethically with love. Katy shares some great stories of her travels and building her company from the ground up as a solo entrepreneur. In this episode:~ Fashion crosses languages and cultures~ Creating connection with Artisans~ “Monkey business” leads to a new Artisan partner~ Favorite travel destinations of Jackie, Jen, and KatyFind Mariposa Skies here:
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