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Author: Chrys Johnson

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“Player’s Pick Podcast is a collection of conversations with interesting guitar and bass players across a spectrum of styles” -Chrys Johnson #players #picks #perspective
64 Episodes
Hutch is legend! From the Neville Brothers & Link Wray to Bryan Adams & Bonnie Raitt he's been on thousands of recordings and heard by millions upon millions of listeners world wide...welcome to round 1!Follow Hutch:'s latest project with Holly Lerski:
Raine and I go off the rails on our political philosophies and personal perspectives on Election Day ...we eventually get to music and gear I swear! Follow Raine:
George and I catch up and talk life, music, politics...& about his his new solo album 'Self Made Fool' out Nov 20th 2020 on www.bandcamp.comFollow George:
Rex and I talk about his forthcoming 2nd solo album, he shares some stories about how he came to know Dime & Vinnie and how Pantera formed.Follow Rex:
Aaron talks about the brand new forthcoming Intervals album 'Circadian'...he reveals some song titles and his inspiration behind this fresh batch of awesome music, enjoy!Follow Aaron:
James and I catch up on life, love and share some of our thoughts on conspiracy theories, religion, identity politics and what happens when we die. And...James reveals some some plans for his music projects!Follow James:
Dan and I go free form on our catch up and find ourselves splashing around in the deep end of the cosmic thought pool....weed strains, personal practices, polarity consciousness, music business and the middle path applied to everything, enjoy!Follow Dan:
Ron shares what it was like growing up in a musical household and being encouraged to reach past his comfort zone in order to fully actualize himself as the musician and human he is today. Follow Ron on IG: this episode on YouTube
Greg and I share some thoughts on existence, the study of polarities and he tells the story of what it was like to be on stage with Michael Jackson.Stay up to date with Greg:
Kirk talks to us from his childhood bedroom at his Mom's house where many of his early years of guitar playing took place. He tells some great stories and shows off a bunch of picks he has collected  from all the amazing players that he has been able to work with while being on the Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon for the last decade.Follow Kirk on IG;
Politics, protests, picks & perspective! We laughed, I cried, we laughed some more. Vicki shares some personal struggles and some hidden gems along her life path.Follow her;
Ché and I chop it up around current events and she shares some insight into her forthcoming EP.Stay informed with all Ché's projects:
Dennis and I catch up and discuss religion, politics, Black Lives Matter and our recent experiences with all that has been going on in the world.Follow Dennis on IG
Eric talks about his purpose in life, the clarity of his sobriety and tells the story of how LOVE came and turned it all around for him. https://www.ericgalesband.com this episode on YouTube
N'namdi and I discuss him being raised in Jamaica by Muslim parents, how that intersects with Rastafarianism and how he came to form a band with Chronixx and play to huge crowds all around the world. this episode on YouTube
Ian shows us his latest guitar, talks about his writing process and shares why you shouldn't show your music off until it's done.https://www.bigwreckmusic.com episode on YouTube
Lee and I go deep into exploring the themes of dynamic tension within music, relationships and all of life.Connect with Lee on IG this episode on YouTube
Jessica talks in depth about how she found and began to practice Tibetan Buddhism, details of her teacher's passing and some of the special ingredients in her meditation practice.Connect with Jess on IG on YouTube
Cole and I talk about the new original music he's had more time to work on lately, the pleasures of plain celluloid picks and how he wants to puke each time he's about to upload new music.https://colerolland.comWatch on YouTube
Tim reveals his personal pick approach and we discuss the zen of 'putting in the work' to achieve your goals. https://timmillermusic.comWatch on YouTube
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