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Hey Podcast! I help so many people with their schedules to squeeze every last second of time out of them because I know that time is just potential. What can you do with your next hour? You could potentially spend that time on your butt in front of Netflix, or you could potentially be knocking your goals out one by one. The choice comes down to you. In this podcast I talk about the scheduling mindset required to turn your achievement on autopilot so that you don't have a potentially fulfilling life. You have an actually fulfilling life. Danny
In this episode, Danny talks about the value of growing a grassroots team that will absolutely bleed for your company if you raise them right. This all came about due to some conflict that arose in upper management and it may have just been his fault for miscommunication. 😲
In this episode, I talk about why whether or not you mesh well with a mentor is really secondary to the primary factor when deciding on one. I also talk about how mentors perform best when they're not feeling constricted by your ego.
In this episode, I talk about the correlation between the age old advice of "add value first" and lead magnets, how you can use that in your quest for clients as a consultant, and then how to scale things once you're there.
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