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Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.
7 Episodes
In this episode, Danie keeps it very really that all lives can't matter until Black and Indigenous Lives Matter.
In this episode, Danie gives credit where it's due, mentions what can be changed, and gives insight on the future of diversity in animation.
In this episode, Danie indulges in the wonderful world of TV Animation, and why this usually has more hits than actual movies.
In this episode, Danie investigates the newest addition in the Transformation Trope genre and if they either solidified the trope or changed direction.
In this episode, Danie explores the thought process that went into the making of Pocahontas and why it turned out the way it did.
In this episode, Danie takes a look at Disney's The Princess and The Frog, and gives her very hot take on the Transformation Trope, while also, fighting with word diarrhea.
In this series, Danie takes a deep dive into movies that provide BIPOC main leads, and how they presented them, while also trying to get through the daily dose of word diarrhea.
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