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Join Hanna, Amanda, and Adrean in honest conversations surrounding topics that often are seen as "black and white." We are real, raw, goofy, and love to talk about things! (Especially taboo subjects... muahahaha!)

This is a podcast you definitely want to listen to!
28 Episodes
We catch you up on our lives because it has been awhile since we've check in, and.... dun dun dun.... WE ANNOUNCE SOMETHING F*CKIN HUGE!!!!!!!!! This one you literally cannot miss!!! (Trigger Warnings: Mention of suicide)
Join us in a conversation around diet culture & the holidays. We cover topics like how Thanksgiving is based on f*cked up things, disordered eating, surviving the holidays and the toxic comments, how personal relationships to food are, alternative ways to compliment people, and more! (Trigger Warnings: depress, weight, fatphobia, thin privilege, transitioning, death, thinphobia, disordered eating, diet culture, diets, Thanksgiving)
(Trigger Warnings: religion, cult, christianity, god, brainwashing, guilt, fear, sexism, anger, manipulation, fatphobia, mention of cross dressing, spanking, child abuse, homophobia, suicide, overdose, teacher/kid relationships, divorce, racism, slurs (terrorist, fag), rape, pedophilia, incest, heroin, addiction, prison, abelism) Join us in this episode where our guest shares his story surrounding his experience in a religious cult. You'll hear his experience in the school, church extracurriculars, how they recruited people, punishment, and more!
Ep25: BDSM: Dom/Sub/Switch

Ep25: BDSM: Dom/Sub/Switch


(Trigger Warnings: bdsm, kink, knife play, blood play, trauma, sexual trauma, gunshot wounds, bondage, choking, daddy, mention of: pedophilia, infantile, restraints, regression) Come join us in a fun and informational conversation around BDSM with a focus on dom/sub/and switch situations. We chat definitions, personal experiences, aftercare, communication, and more!
(Trigger Warnings: horror, monsters, ghosts, demons, haunted houses, colonialism, violence, aliens, abduction, road rage, sleep paralysis) Join us in our spooky stories part two!!! We share stories submitted by listeners, family, and friends! We also share a few Reddit stories as well. Perfect stories to listen to for Halloweeeeeeeen!
(Trigger Warnings: demons, religion, spirituality, trauma, past life regression, anxiety, and nightmares) We interview the lovely Nicoya who is a medium, tarot and oracle reader, and spiritualist. We dive into topics like how to meet your spirit guides, how to find protection, how to look and ask for signs, and many many other topics! Such an amazing conversation and learning experience.
(Trigger Warnings: suicide, suicide by gun, guns, Ouija boards, murder, anxiety, demons, ghosts, possession, sleep paralysis, slavery, prisons) Join us in our first ever spooky stories episode! We share scary stories for the spooky month of October (because Halloween is every day in October). Demons, ouija boards, haunted houses, seeing spirits, and more. Dun dun dunnnn.
(Trigger Warnings: Narcissism, toxic relationships, homophobia, gas-lighting, transphobia, sexual harassment, physical abuse, alcoholism, suicide, mental illness, rape, sexual assault, fatphobia, abortion, miscarriage, rehab, capitalism) Join us in a conversation surrounding the topic of toxic platonic/ familial relationships. We cover toxic work places, friendships, and toxic family members. We also cover the dynamics of narcissists and empaths.
(Trigger Warnings: STIs, STDs, childbirth, pregnancy, rape, sexual assault, HSV1/2, medical discrimination, herpes, staff infections, MRSA, chlamydia, sex, transphobia, trauma) Join us in a conversation surrounding STIs and herpes (HSV1/2). Our guests shares her experience with herpes in regards to life after her first outbreak and how she navigates conversations with partners. We also cover the stigma surrounding STIs and herpes in general. We end with some beautiful parting advice for folks affected and folks who have partners who are affected.
Ep19: Shame + Guilt

Ep19: Shame + Guilt


(Trigger Warnings: rape, sexual abuse, food shame, self harm, abortion, kink shame, choking, BDSM, labor, sex shame, religion, porn addiction, transphobia, unprotected sex, homophobia, abusive relationships, elitism) Join us in a vulnerable conversation surrounding shame and guilt. We talk about where shame comes from, how it is a tool for oppression/control, how to deal with it, and some personal shameful experiences.
(Trigger Warnings: trauma, privilege, racism, homophobia, toxic family, toxic situations, codependency, drug addiction, abuse, suicide, sexual abuse, school shootings) Join us in a conversation surrounding how to let go of things that no longer serve you. We chat about how to recognize it, how to listen to your body, examples of situations that no longer serve you, and more!
(Trigger Warnings: trauma, sexual trauma, genitalia language, binary language, porn, masturbation, sex toys, addiction, sex addictions, vasectomies, circumcision, rape. BDSM, submission, domination, toxic relationships, trouble orgasming) Join us in a conversation covering the topic of masturbation. We talk about the benefits, the stigma surrounding it, statistics, and some personal experiences, and much much more!!! This is a fun episode with lots of juicy information!!
(Trigger Warnings: cheating, divorce, toxic monogamy, abuse, controlling behavior, trauma, manipulation) Join us in a conversation surrounding polyamory and ethical non monogamy (ENM). We define polyamory, ENM, and monogamy/toxic monogamy, share Amanda & Mike's story of how they started practicing polyamory, some Q+A, common myths, and core "must haves" that are common in these relationships. This episode is a must listen to!
(Trigger Warnings: Divorce, Body Image) Join us in a conversation surrounding numerology, metaphysics, and numbers! Hanna brings their experience with numerology, explains how they found it, and briefly covers its history and basic information. Then Hanna does Amanda's reading along with the reading of our friend Crystal who was the winner of our giveaway!!!! This is a refreshing and interesting episode, you can take a lot from!
(Trigger Warnings: Literally all of them that you can mostly ever think of.) Join us in a conversation surrounding being offended, PC culture, defensive reactions, and how to bridge the gaps. We get frustrated, mad, laugh uncomfortably, and more! Hold on to your seats, because this episode might offend you.
Ep13: Family Is A Feeling

Ep13: Family Is A Feeling


(Trigger Warnings: Infertility, Adoption, Divorce, Family, Donor Conception) Join us in a conversation surrounding donor conception, chosen family, and unconventional families. We share an amazing story of two sisters (and you'll see there's more) who found each other in adulthood, their experiences, and more! This episode will allow you to think critically about yourself and your own family/chosen family. Get ready to get your hearts warmed. Check out our patreon page!!
(Trigger Warnings: Poverty, Capitalism, Welfare, Shame from using Government Services (p.s. not from us)) Join us in a honest and difficult conversation surrounding capitalism, commodifying of bodies and not being paid enough, living paycheck to paycheck, how to self care in a capitalist society, and more.
(Trigger Warnings: Rape, Rape Culture, Trauma, Homophobia, Transphobia) Join us in a conversation surrounding all of the things sex (well most things just for now). We chat toxic sexual scripts, sex post trauma, sex through transition with testosterone, pleasure based sex versus orgasm based, and more. This is an episode for ALL folks to learn about themselves (even if you do not identify as gender non conforming or queer!!!!) Keep an OPEN MIND :)
Join us in a conversation around lubricant! The importance, different types of lubricant, and more!!
(Trigger Warnings: Racism, Police Brutality, Sex Work, Homophobia, Transphobia) Join us in a queer history lesson with Dr. Jeff, a queer historian! We cover why queer history is bigger than just the Stonewall Inn Riots, the importance of queer history in schools, the history and development of pride/ the pride parade, and how we all even fit in.
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Mary Garcia

Y’all I am so excited for all the new things to come ❤️

Dec 16th
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Mary Garcia

Absolutely love this episode!!! 💜 new favorite 💜

Dec 12th
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Mary Garcia

Omg I love this episode 💜 made me laugh and it was so relatable.

Oct 22nd
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Mary Garcia

Absolutely love this self care message! So needed this especially this week I feel exhausted working full time plus my Pure Romance business having a wife 2 kids 3 dogs and family time plus working on my party bus and my flower garden / yard work, I feel like my self care bucket is empty so this is a perfect reminder to take time for me and do what I love and what will give me self care to keep me going!! Absolutely love it thank you all for sharing your time and helping others ❤️

Jun 19th
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