DiscoverLife's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast
Life's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast
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Life's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast

Author: Manny Garcia

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These 5 minute podcasts translate profound, old-world wisdom into simple, modern-day language that helps turn anxiety, fear, and despair into courage, strength, and inspiration.
33 Episodes
A short and simple case for the theory that the actual choices we make are far less important than the intention behind them. 
A quick tour of how what we believe unlocks hidden opportunities and determines our future.
A brief illustration of how to defuse hostility in any its 4 forms... whether it comes from others or from within us. 
A short and simple case for embracing pain as one of the most useful tools on your path to a happier life. 
A short talk about the power of confronting our fears and harnessing them to catapult us over anxiety and into peace of mind. 
Cliff Notes on how to love and respect yourself more, how to let go of the past, and how to embrace the imperfect journey of growth. 
A quick illustration of how we create sadness in our lives, and how to break free from this emotion when things don't appear to go our way. 
A short summary of what your intuition is, how to access it, and the powerful differences it can make in your life.  
A quick explanation of why true humility is a balance between modesty and confidence, and how being humble can save us from a detrimentally negative perspective. 
A few tips on how to let go of toxic guilt while embracing constructive regret.
A short and sweet case for how setting boundaries with loving assertiveness will improve your relationships and enhance your self-esteem.
A simple and short explanation of how withholding forgiveness locks you into the past, but how embracing forgiveness sets you free.
A quick reminder of how being judgmental works against us and how being judged by others gives us fantastic opportunities to grow.
A short message about how to feel secure and at home despite what's happening in your life.
Some brief pointers on how to identify and listen to your unique priorities that will guide you into a happy and fulfilling life.
Some brief pointers on how to salvage civility by choosing the high road on a political map full of disrespectful dead ends. 
A short story with a lesson that shows how sometimes in life, the quickest way forward is behind you.
3 simple things to remember that will combat sleepless nights and foster inner peace. 
An short exploration into the pivotal question of human existence... along with a few pointers on how to stop hiding from ourselves.
Everyday tactics for finding your way out of depression's maze of illusion. 
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