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Life's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast
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Life's 3 Things - Author Manny Garcia's Podcast

Author: Manny Garcia

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Ancient spiritual and philosophical wisdom retold in 5 minute snippets of bite-sized, easy-to-understand, modern-day language... Life's 3 Things is a collection of short inspirations about happiness, love, faith, fear, enlightenment, and so much more.
18 Episodes
Some brief pointers on how to salvage civility by choosing the high road on a political map full of disrespectful dead ends. Support the show (
A short story with a lesson that shows how sometimes in life, the quickest way forward is behind you.Support the show (
3 simple things to remember that will combat sleepless nights and foster inner peace. Support the show (
An short exploration into the pivotal question of human existence... along with a few pointers on how to stop hiding from ourselves.Support the show (
Everyday tactics for finding your way out of depression's maze of illusion. Support the show (
A few easy techniques for strengthening one of the most important muscles in life:  your willpower. Support the show (
Some brief coaching on how to recognize and embrace the hidden perfection in yourself and in life. Support the show (
A short exploration of where truth is hidden - both within yourself and in the world around you. Support the show (
A brief insight into 3 of life's most important things - finding guidance, connecting to purpose, and discovering love. Support the show (
A brief exploration of a remedy for our combative political culture... and some sage advice from a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.  
A wilderness story that teaches how the path ahead of you is sometimes found on the path behind you.
A quick dive into the ancient wisdom and modern-day art of not worrying. 
Brief thoughts on life's most excellent adventure and greatest pursuit... discovering who you really are.  
A brief analysis of why we become depressed and how to pull ourselves out of it. 
A few brief thoughts about the limits of logic and the bigger picture of why your life unfolds the way it does. 
A brief exploration of how to access the greatest power we have. 
A brief exploration of why you and your life are perfect... right now. 
A brief welcome followed by thoughts on finding unchanging truth in an ever-changing world.
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