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How To Make Sad Boi Hours Swag Money Hours
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How To Make Sad Boi Hours Swag Money Hours

Author: Anon Ymous

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This is an audio diary for the immensely bored and even more immensely nosy.
7 Episodes
Gets kind of sad and self reflective so feel free to skip.
Who's Surprised

Who's Surprised


Let's talk about pandemic life.
I'm gonna be stupid and talk about my week and spend the last four minutes talking about how to convince your parents you found the one.
Well I'm late again

Well I'm late again


Listen to me make excuses one more time, talk about what's happening in last month, and Dive In to the basics of identifying toxic relationships
I'm Back!!

I'm Back!!


Here I go into the basics of PTSD and give excuses for not uploading since June soooooo, that's great.
I dive into three very basic categories for how to get motivated and get through a slump. This is very basic information you can find almost anywhere and I am aware of that. I will dive into more detail and more specifics as time goes on. If you have any questions please email me at
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