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Conscious wealth expert Kristen Wonch is one of my good friends here in Nosara.I was so inspired by the work that she does with women and money that obviously I needed to share her with you.She’s an ex-trader with an MBA in Finance who personally paid off a $100,000 debt in just a few years using the strategies she teaches and has built multiple global businesses from the ground up. She is a pioneer in a new paradigm of wealth creation built on the integration of both masculine and feminine energies. Her proven methodology teaches women to align energetically, master their mindset, and manage their money to create exponential growth. Her work integrates wealth psychology, powerful growth strategies, conscious spending, energetics & profitable investing - releasing the old paradigm of finance steeped in hustle, jargon, and sacrifice. She is the founder of Women’s Money Mastery - a 12-week transformational program that empowers women to build soul-aligned financial freedom.Kristen’s vision is a world where all women are powerful with money and confidently create their dream life from a world of limitless possibility.I hope you enjoy this episode!Kristen's Social Links:Free Mini-Course:
"Why do I always end up with people like THAT?"We have all said it at one point or another. It haunts the lives of some of us more than others.But did you know that it might not be THEM but rather it's YOU?Don't take that the wrong way. It is actually a good thing because it means that YOU can CHANGE YOU and finally find the kind of love you are looking for.Check out this amazing conversation I had with Uma on the Krissy Krash Podcast HEREUma is a Conscious Dating & Self Love Coach. Her business and passion is assisting women in their love life who've had a past of toxic/abusive relationships and find themselves secretly wondering whether love is meant for them because they find themselves stuck in a cycle of always attracting the *wrong* people and feeling doomed in their love-life...She combines Matchmaking wisdom with Inner Child Work and Intuitive Self Love Coaching to help her clients do the inner work to embody their *Diamond* Self Worth, empower their Self Concept in Love and be their own best Matchmaker, to start attracting High Quality, Healthy, Dream Love & commitment.You can connect with UMA here:Fb: episode of the Krissy Krash Podcast is brought to you by Krash Course In Transformation 12 Week program. Develop a healthy relationship to food, get your life organized, build muscle, drop fat, get a raise, learn to love yourself, and a whole lot of there amazing results come out of this program. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
The outcome of falling in love with roller skating and roller derby is different for each of us.For some, it is empowerment on the track that then translates over to more confidence at work.For others it is a place to find joy and fun and relieve stress that then makes you a happier parent.And for this one chick, it was her love of play and joy of wheels under her feet that inadvertently started a global movement and changed the world.Lady Trample is known in the derbyverse as an amazing all-star athlete with a positive attitude and a killer work ethic.In the skatepark, she is known for being a source of fun shenanigans and holding space for others to learn and grow their park skills.This podcast is about how this amazing woman when from skate lover to accidental movement creator with a silly name like Chicks in Bowls.I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast with Lady Trample as much as I enjoyed chatting with this fantastic human.Follow Lady Trample Here:Instagram @ladytrampleTikTok @ladytrampleThis podcast is Sponsored By Krash Course. CLICK HERE to get fitter faster stronger
We have been taught that our bodies betray us. They don't look how we are supposed to want them to look. They drag through the day. And we sure as hell can't trust what they tell us!But what we have forgotten is that our bodies are amazing technology that are telling us more than we choose to hear. When we really pause to listen and learn what our bodies are telling us, a whole new world of ease and trust is revealed. And finally, we can rebuild a healthy relationship with our bodies.Becca King is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from Charlotte, North Carolina. As an adult with ADHD who struggled for years with disordered eating, Becca is passionate about helping other adults with ADHD who struggle with binge eating, chronic dieting, and body image issues find food freedom and improve their self-esteem. She uses the Principles of Intuitive Eating and a weight-inclusive approach to nutrition for ADHD in her virtual practice. Connect with Becca on IG here:@adhd.nutritionist This episode is brought to you by Krash Course In Transformation CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 
So you wanna be an all-star do ya?Let's be real, it is easy to fall in love with roller derby.What is NOT easy is turning that LOVE for the sport into actual TALENT.And I think it is important to understand what it takes to go down the road of pursuing roller derby greatness.From my own aspiring athlete to all-star journey I learned that there were 3 KEY THINGS I had to surrender to in order to elevate my own athleticism.1. Surrender to the process. You're going to suck... until you don't. This may take some people longer than others but each skill and strategy must be learned and your pace is up to you.2. Surrender to the lifestyle.Becoming a badass athlete involves living life like a badass athlete. Workouts, fuel, rest. Doing the things you need to do even when you don't feel like doing them.3. Surrender to the team.You won't get very far being an individual skater. You might look cool on the track, blasting jammers into outer space but as you elevate to the highest levels of derby, solo players don't win games. Teams do.There are many hero's journeys of little fresh meat who made it all the way to the top and I am honored to bring you a podcast with one of the derby greats, Peacewar. In this podcast, we dive into what it truly took to go from newbie to Texas Rollergirls all-star.You can connect with Peacewar here:Instagram: @peacewar27Facebook: ruth peace williams Athlete Facebook page: peacewar#27PS The 21-day Elevated Athlete New Years Challenge enrollment is open NOW!CLICK HERE for details, space is limited
It is a big world out there y'all.   And not just beautiful places to visit and take in with your eyes. One of the most magical parts of world travel is the unique way to open our minds and allow us to the see the vast array of perspectives and ways of life that exist.Travel and experience of cultures outside of our own is key to creating much needed compassion and understanding that seems to be lacking form our world today.This week I had a conversation with Mike Siegel, Comedian and TV host Mike Siegel (TBS, HGTV) and creator of the Travel Tales Podcast.We discuss the life changing art of experiencing the world.You can connect with Mike here:@traveltalespodcast episode is made possible by Krash Course In TransformationBuild confidence, reduce stress, build strength, and have more energy in just 12 weeksSIGN UP NOW 
Skate or DieRoller Derby Saved My SoulFor The Love of SKATE​I think it is safe to say that if you are reading this email, ​living life on 8 wheels has impacted your life in a proud way at some point or another.I know for me, roller derby has altered the entire path of my life.From smoker, drinker, fast food eater, and lost soul​ to all star athlete, and changer of other peoples lives, for me that transformation started at the age of 24 when i found roller derby.Some people were lucky enough to have been practically born on skates.​Freight Train, is an unstoppable force on the track and a fun and undeniable bad ass off the track as well.I had a chance to catch up with her almost 7 years after our last encounter on the track to talk about the impact that skate has on the evolution of our lives and how our relationship to skating can evolve over the years.I am so excited to share this episode of the KKP with you To connect with Freight Train you can find her here:@ahsinity@sk8wtinisha (classes) FACEBOOK: Rhythm Skate Lessons with Tinisha Youtube: Sk8wTinisha PS I am opening up 3 more spots for Krash Course In Transformation ​in November. If you want support this holiday season and you are ready to learn how to eat like an athlete, train sustainable, and love yourself a whole lot more, then CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW
One of the most unexpected benefits of moving to Costa Rica​ has been losing my shoes and walking EVERYWHERE barefoot.Being connected to the actual earth has changed so much about my life.I am more present, feel calmer, and have developed a deeper connection to the planet.Just by losing my shoes.Now, if you live in a city or anywhere with a ton of concrete, I dont recommend walking around barefoot as it can be really hard on your bones.​However, DO TAKE TIME TO TAKE YOUR SHOW OFF AND GROUND YOURSELF BACK INTO THE EARTH.How do you ground?Simple, lose he shoes, find some dirt or sand or other non man made material and relax in it for a bit.Sit or stand, it doesnt matter.Take some time to pause and sink it.I do this several times a day now both intentionally and unintentionally.​If you arent living in the jungle and walking around barefoot all day, I made you a 15 minute grounding meditation that you can do ANYWHERE outside.NEED MORE CONNECTION IN YOUR LIFE JOIN THE 21 DAY FIT AF CHALLENGE HERE
I used to chase "skinny" so I could be happy.I always thought that LEAN = HAPPYBut the reality is, even at my "skinniest" I still was picking apart every area of my body.​It wasnt until I learned to treat fitness as a form of self care and instead of punishment that I could finally love the body I have while also working towards keeping that body healthy.I had a great conversation with my friend Madeleine Karlson about body image, self care, and self love and how to work on all 3.You can find Maddy on Instragram @fitbody.freshmindFor more details on Krash Course in Transformation click HERE
Do you struggle with getting things done?Often we get so caught up in thinking about what we need to do that we freeze and get nothing done.Overwhelm keeps us caught in the stress cycle.We stare down at our feet thinking:I AM HERE AND IT SUCKS BEING HERE. I NEED TO BE THERE.Sometimes is can be hard to get our selves unstuck from this position.So, for that reason, I made you this quick meditation to get unstuck and get it done!For more motivation to get things done join the 21 Day FIT AF Challenge HERE
As attendance numbers fall in derby, building and maintaining a team has been feeling harder than ever. But guess what, there is a new derby in town! Shorter track, smaller teams, and NO PENALTY BOX. Check out everything you need to know about short track roller derby in this amazing podcast!Find Lulu, short track, or Rolla Skate Club on the we here:Instagram@rollaskateclub @lucycroysdill  Facebook @rollaskateclub Link for short track page: - Facebook Group: to get fitter, faster, stronger in the next 12 weeks? This podcast is sponsored by Krash Course in Transformation sign up here now
You can calm your nervous system and regain sanity in just a few quick minutes.Yes, coming back to breath is one of the fastest and easiest ways to stop spiraling and get present.Please like or comment on this podcast and let me know how you liked it!Click here for your $1 trial Get fitter, faster, stronger in just 4 weeks!
We are all looking for ways to better understand ourselves and how to interact with he world around us.I have been hearing about human design for YEARS and I have finally gotten the down low on how his whole thing works.​​​​Here is the basic idea:​​The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else.​​It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you.​Once you start experimenting with the knowledge, you may experience changes in your perspective.​​Over time, this helps you learn what brings fulfillment. Everyone has a Signature — peace, satisfaction, success or surprise—that comes when they are living in accordance with their true nature.​​A lessening of resistance in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment is the end result.I spent some time chatting with Yolanda Boyarin, owner of Manifest Mad Money, who is a specialist in Human Design.He helped me understand how Human Design works and we chat about the power of Manifestation. Her uncle legit manifested winning the lottery. Crazy story!​Learn more about Yolanda Boyarin atIG - @manifestmadmoneyPodcast - Manifest Mad Money PodcastFb group - Manifest Mad MoneyLooking to drop loads of emotional baggage or pounds of physical fat? Join me for 12 Week krash Course In Transformation SIGN UP HERE
In this quick and dirty meditation we take 5 minutes to tackle anxiety and unwanted thoughts that run our lives. Pull up a chair, pop in some headphones, and take this next 5 minutes just for you.Please take a few moments to screenshot and share or post the link to this podcast on your social media and take me @krissykrash I want to know that you meditated today!Life is a Contact Sport.Win.To join me for 12 weeks of mind/body/life transformation CLICK HERE 
I am filled with toxic masculinity.It is in me. I have learned it.I hear it in the things i say and the way I do things.But over the last few years there has been a softening.An awareness.An intuitive unlearning of the harsher parts and a new listening to the softer parts.I have been acquainting myself with my feminine power.And after this podcast episode with Lara Raybone, I can see that it is not just me.This is a movement. An awakening.And you're part of it.Lara Raybone is a Self-Love & Embodiment coach who specializes in feminine empowerment helping women to liberate themselves, step into their fullest expression and deepest pleasure through self-love & embodiment.In this episode she will teach you how to baby step your way into awakening the parts of you that have been waiting quietly to be unleashed.How to heal and nourish yourself deeply.Connect with Lara:IG: @lararaybonehttps://www.lararaybone.com me for the 12 week Krash Course in Transformation and change your MF'in life SIGN UP HERE
I used to be terrible with my money.There was always too much month left at the end of the money.I thought that everything else was the problem. My job, the economy, etc. and then i learned some simple money principles that changed my life.I am excited to introduce you to Yo Harrison. This man changed the way I think about money and he will change it for you too.READY TO SHIFT THE WAY YOU VIEW FITNESS? JOIN ME FOR THE 12 WEEK KRASH COURSE IN TRANSFORMATION - SIGN UP NOW
I define Rebecca Kovacs as a magical unicorn fairy who sprinkles glitter all over the planet. This woman radiates what is means to PLAY with your life.She is one of my close friends and surf buddies.We chat about:- what it means to incorporate more play into your life.- the lessons we have learned from getting our asses handed to us while surfing.- the pros and cons of living in the jungleJOIN ME FOR A 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR HEALTH, GOALS, AND LIFE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
I met Ben Puddle in front of a bank in Costa Rica.Since then he has quickly become one of my closest friends.This Zen AF British man has led a life of excess, addiction, global travel, and seeking the ever elusive enlightenment.Ben has got me looking at my life in a refined new light of presence.​​ENJOY.CLICK HERE TO JOIN ME FOR 12 WEEK WHOLE LIFE TRANSFORMATIONFitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Self Love, Life
Chris knows a whole lot about PTSD and burnout. He has been through the wringer as a former police officer in New Zealand. He shares some epic nuggets of wisdom on how to turn things around even in your darkest days.Connect with Chris on IG HEREOh hey!KCIT Enrollment is OPENJOIN NOW
029 3 Days of Ayahuasca

029 3 Days of Ayahuasca


Angelica Ventrice and I recount our amazing 5 day retreat at Soltara Healing Center in Costa Rica and share about our 3 plant ceremonies. This was the first time Angelica and I had experienced Ayahuasca and it was quit a powerful and life changing experience.Get a 7 day FREE trail of Roller Derby Training Club Fitness App 
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