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Love, snuggles, and life lessons from roller derby athlete, runner, fitness coach, and digital nomad Krissy Krash
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Meet Mike Savas. He is a traveler, humanitarian, adventurer, and life enthusiast. Mike has dedicated his life to inspiring others to live their dreams. We chat about over coming fear, developing a zero excuses mindset, the power of travel to unleash the mind and a lot more.You can learn more about Mike at @savasonthego on IGThis episode was brought to you by Krash Course In Transformation. Get your free strategy session NOW by signing up here
I had a super fun chat with my good friend Kyle Mitri down here in Nosara, Costa Rica. Kyle is a Conscious relationship Coach and teaches men how to give and receive love, appreciation, and support in relationships. We talk about relationships, dealing with our own triggers, and creating space for others. Plus at the end we go through our top 5 (you know I love a good time 5 list) of things we have learned and will do differently in each of our next relationships.You can find Kyle on instagram at @kyle.mtriPLUS the Krissy Krash Podcast is made possible thanks to my program Krash Course in Transformation. If you want to get fitter, healthier, happier, or just get your MF'in life together! CLICK HERE to join!
 April Dawn Harter is the founder of the Racism Recovery Center, a psychotherapist, and licensed clinical social worker. April explains how she became a black woman who has created programs for white people who are committed to healing their racism, the connection between racism and early childhood attachment traumas, how white people can move out of performance allyship, and what it means for the world to truly heal racism.For more about April's work you can go to can also find some very helpful and educational posts and IGTV episodes at
Krissy and B Train discuss how best to work from home and stay fit during these tough and isolating times.For free at home roller derby practices go to 
This was a super fun conversation with Kessie Hodges, owner of Lady K Loves a vintage stye clothing line that is all about women helping women from their production line to their marketing strategy. We chat about surviving social media and being part of the solution when it comes to women helping women.You can find her dope clothing line at https://www.lady-k-loves.comUse the coupon code KrissyKrash10 for 10$ offIf you are ready to join us at Krash Course in Transformation SIGN UP HERE
A deep dive into why we do what we do with MY COACH Kristin Vergara. This is one of the most powerful episodes I have shard with you to date.Connect with Kristin on Facebook HEREJoin her facebook group HERECheckout her Website HEREGet 3 workouts per week right to your phone with Roller Derby Training Club for just $1 HERE
Alright everyone. It’s time to have a heart to heart and this isn’t short.I have not been okay and have been struggling since I arrived in Cyprus. As I’ve shared with some of my close friends through fumbling and inadequate words that come out of my mouth like “I’m so anxious. I’m so depressed. I don’t know what to do with my time. I just feel empty.” This podcast is a little insight into where it is all coming from.--------------For more details on Roller Derby Specific Workouts right to your phone for a month for just $1 go to
After being taken hostage on a business trip to Jakarta Emma Slade's life when through a series of transformations that led to the decision to seek a simpler more purposeful life a s buddhist nun. In this episode she shares about her journey, how we all can become more free of the afflictions of the mind, and the pros and cons of inner peace.Emma is a beautiful soul with great wisdom and a powerful story.This is one of the most profound episodes of the Krissy Krash Podcast to date.Be sure to pick up her book Set Free HERE on Amazon. It is funny, relatable, and absolutely beautifully written. I LOL'd, cried in public, and had my heart opened just a little bit more in reading it.You can learn more about and contribute to her charity here at openingyourhearttobhutan.comOr learn more about Emma at or on face book under Emma SladeAnd if you wanna get fitter, faster, stronger, and create more joy, love, and light in your life join KCIT at
After a week in Jordan I saw some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen and experiences some major culture shock. Tips for group travel, places you MUST SEE before you die, plus why I felt uncomfortable AF in the Middle East and what i learned from it.
This was a super fun interview filled with no BS realness about playing pro-fotball and some amazing tales of Serbian fist fights. Plus we shared our Top 5 Things You Must Do to Be Epic at Full Contact Sports
I am diving in DEEEP! Let talk about why the body needs sleep, how it affects performance, and what the FFFFFF you can do to fix it all.These programs keep this podcast running:For Roller Derby Workouts right to your phone go to rollerderbytrainingclub.comTo apply for Krash Course in Transformation go to
The was such an epic interview with Ashley Kingsley, boss babe, entrepreneur, and kick ass mom. We talk about making shit happen, what it means to do our part for the planet, overcoming addiction, living with endometriosis, being honest with her kiddos about life, and a lot more!PLUS Ashley, B-Train and I give our top 5 questions you should ask when buying cannabis products.
014 Smile At Fear

014 Smile At Fear


Smile at Fear by Chogyam Trungpa teaches the ways of the warrior. How to be fearless. In this episode I share key points from the book, how fearlessness works in our lives, and why non of it matters anyways.To read the shorter blog post version of this episode READ NOWApply for Krash Course In Transformation APPLY NOW
Kevin Ogar is a f***ing hilarious, smart and passionate Crossfit athlete and coach. We talk chatted about:Game of ThronesThe mindset Kevin took during recovery after being paralyzed in a weightlifting accidentWhy he is making a cripple calendarIdeal diets and why you're not actually in ketosisWhat actually works for getting fitterWhat to look for n a good Crossfit programPLUS our Top 5 Terrible Trends in the Fitness Industry****Start your $1 Trial of Roller Derby Training Club at ****
Body image issues. They usually started at a young age and today, with the fake madness all over social media, we have more issues than ever!So lets talk about this shit!I am so jacked up to share the newest episode of the Krissy Krash Podcast with you.I sat down with my bestie B Train. We took our pants off and talked about our issues.No it wasn't a therapy session but it sure was fun!We covered stuff like: The benefits and pitfalls of photos, to track or not track your food, developing positive self talk, how to participate in the body positive movement positively, the impact food has on our mental health and the impact our mental health has on our food, and the truth about self love.ENJOY! If you love the episode please share it on facebook, IG, or where ever you share stuff, TAG ME (@krissykrash) and let us know what was your favorite part!TO APPLY FOR KRASH COURSE IN TRANSFORMATION CLICK HERE OR GO TO KRISSYKRASH.COM
Joanna Zeiger is an Olympian, World Champion Triathlete, Cannabis Researcher, and author of the book The Champion MIndset: An Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness.Apply for Krash Course in Transformation at
Powerful, fun, and no nonsense interview with boss babe, spin goddess, fitness instructor Chrys Landeros. This chick kicks my ass regularly in spin class at Equinox in HB and she is a beautiful example of wha it means to fiercely live with love and light. We walk life, fitness, and share out Top 5 Tips on how to to avoid being a $hi**ty human.
Injury recovery is a big deal in roller derby. STUFF BREAKS! But it doesn't mean YOU are BROKEN! Here is the take of two athletes who came back from broken ankles and their tips for dealing with long term injury recovery.
Maiven and Krissy watch Whip It together for the first time in almost a decade. This is the commentary.You can turn the movie on at home and follow along as you play this podcast (hit play when you get to 1:56 seconds on the podcast and you should be pretty spot on!) or you can even listen to it without the movie and still have a pretty dan good time with us,You'll get tons of behind the scenes stories, some background into how the movie came about, what auditioning was like, plus some other fun facts like how roller con got started and how Maiven and I each found our way into the roller derby world.At the end we also share our TOP 5 Favorite Experiences in Filming Whip It.Curious about Roller Derby Training Club? Get your one month trail for just $1 at
Leveling up is hard work. Growth is not comfortable. But staying the same is even less comfortable in the long run. It is easy to feel faith when the work is done. The challenge is to feel faith when its hard and you cant quite see the end yet.This episode is about 6 months of leveling up in all areas of life.
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