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Dark Joseph Ravine believes that when we are kind we can make a difference in someone's life and this will bring us more successful in life. His business Kindness for Success promotes his values in life of spreading kindness. He likes to start his own trends and is a believer in being his unique authentic self. His goal is to make the world a better place.Official Website: Mission Website: the show
Frank McKinney is a sought Speaker, 7 x best-seller author, and real-estate artistry. However, the work that feeds his soul is as a philanthro-capitalist, Frank has built 29-nine self-sustaining villages over the last 19 years in Haiti, providing 13,000+ children and their families with homes, schools, clinics, community centres, churches, renewable food and clean water, and means to support themselves. Passionate about making a lasting difference in people's life, Frank says, "If you change the world for one person, you change the world. " An episode that will have you aspiring to find your spiritual highest calling. Find out more about   - the Caring House Project. -  Aspire! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNASupport the show
Drought, fire and floods. All have had a devasting effect on people living in the bush. Add to that covid when tourism was brought to a screeching stop, country businesses have been suffering; Sarah Britz and Jenn Donovan developed a concept to help support their communities. Spend With Us was created to help promote those who were doing it hard. While those in the city wanted to help our country cousins, Sarah and Jenn offered us a way. Spend With Us is now a thriving community that promotes products, people and places throughout Australia.Find out more about Spend With UsShop Australian ⋆ Unique Gifts & Experiences ⋆ Buy From The Bush ⋆ ( With Us | FacebookOnline Marketplace (@spendwithusaustralia) • Instagram photos and videosSupport the show
Suddenly and unexpectedly Robyn O'Connell was faced with the heartbreak of losing a baby from SIDS.  The last thing she ever thought her young family would have to face was planning and paying for a funeral. Her church came to their rescue and paid for it for them. Young families, financially, have little extra funds when a crisis hits. 40 years later, Robyn started a charity in her daughter's name - the Rebecca Jane Foundation,  which contributes to (and often fully pays for) the funerals of babies when their parents cannot afford to do so. Robyn, a funeral director, started her business "Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy" to help support the charity. She helps people plan ahead for the funeral that they want. This episode is filled with important messages that we all need to consider.To get in touch with Robyn Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy - www.ywfa,  The Rebecca jane Foundation - Support the show (
Living a plastic-free life isn't always easy. Sarah Rhodes has created a community for people so that they can support each other and come up with new ideas on sustainable living and becoming plastic-free. Through her business, Plastic Free SEA, she consults and runs workshops with businesses and corporations. An action plan is created to get your workplace greener and healthier for your team and customers. Customers are focused on sustainability and choose to support businesses and make their purchase decisions accordingly. When your business is the one that ticks all of their boxes, it is the one they choose. To get in touch with Sarah visitplasticfreesea.co the show (
Being conscious about positively impacting the world shapes Lillian Brummet's world. In this episode, Lillian and Andrea talk about some simple ways people can become involved in Social Mission and make a difference in people's lives. Lillian and her husband Dave's business ventures in Brummet media are focused on giving others the place to shine and make their impact on the world.  Connect with Lillian at Amazon Author Page:'s Website:  http://BrummetMedia.caBrummet's Conscious Blog:   http://ConsciousDiscussions.blogspot.comLinkedIn: the show (
How can you do something that helps others, have an growing experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and have the most amazing advenuttre of a life time? In this episode I speak with Troy Gray, the founder of Charity TV Global and Producer of Adventure Allstars.T roy's vision has developed a unique model where people are given guidance to fundraise for their favourite charity. They are then rewarded with staring in the ground-breaking travel TV series Adventure All Stars.  Now viewed in 25 countries, this show encourages people around the globe to make a difference.To find out more and connect with Troy visit Support the show (
In Alan Stevens's work with corporates and in businesses, many men were telling him they were confused with their role at home. They had been taught that their role was to be the provider. Baby Boomers and Gen X, in particular, learnt that lesson well but now they were being told they weren’t fulfilling their roles at home. That they were emotionally and physically absent. Men were becoming confused as to what how they are supposed to respond in many circumstances. Alan has created The Campfire Project where men can have deep conversations and allow healing to occur.  To connect with Alan, visit: Alan's free course on "How to Persuade and Influence Behaviours of Others"  Support the show (
Damien Gould is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Goodtel.  Goodtel is a purpose-led Teleco company that donates 50% of its profits to its charity partners such as; Heart Kids, SleepBus, Drought Angels, NBCF etc. At their core, they're an Australian phone and internet provider who provide plans to individuals and businesses, but what sets them aside from the masses is their charitable initiatives and their "good business" certifications, such as being an accredited Bcorp and Climate Active organisation.  After working in the industry and noticing the potential to make a difference, Damien harnessed the demand for telecommunications with a mission to give back to the community. To date, Goodtel has raised over $50,000 for its charity partners.To connect with Damien and find out more about Goodtel, visit the show (
As a Mum, Alison Smith quickly learned the importance of being able to have time out. She needed to recharge herself and make self-care a priority if she was to be the best Mum she could be. Realising that not all Mum's get the opportunity to do this, she started muMEcations, offering indulgent, affordable and coordinated weekend getaways for women to take time out from their Mum-duties to relax, connect with friends, be pampered and enjoy ME-time. As a not-for-profit organisation, Alison is on a mission to help women prioritise self-care to nurture and improve their mental health and wellbeing. As there are many Mum's who are in need,  mumMEcations provide subsidised opportunities for Mums experiencing social, health or financial hardship to attend our retreats. An inspiring listen.To connect with Alison and muMEcations : Website: the show (
Dr Arun Dhir is Senior Lecturer and a Specialist in Upper Gastro-Intestinal and Bariatric Surgeon working in the public sector, and also has a busy private practice in North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  His passion is incorporating mind, body and soul practices into his practices. In this episode, we touch on this however we went further. Inspired by a card he was given with the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get,But we make a life by what we give.” Arun took it to heart and developed a deep commitment to charity and being of service. With his charity Circle of Life Foundation, he is able to assist in education for those in disadvantageous circumstances in Australia, India and Bali. We talk about how giving benefits our health and wellbeing. You can find out more about his work on and the show (
Ian Ugarte discovered that success didn't make him happy, so he went about changing his property development business focus so that first of all it had to benefit the community, then make financial sense.  With this new vision and mission, he has been providing a new model of affordable housing. Ian’s  experience in advocacy and government advisory roles has led him to be recognised as the ‘go-to’ person when it comes to consultation, expertise and development of intelligently designed, functional spaces To connect with Ian visit the show (
Steve Pipe is a retired accountant on passionate advocate for the Business for Good movement. His goal is to help provide 100 million days of help to people in need. It is a big goal, however, it just takes a little bit from everyone to make the seemingly impossible happen. You will be inspired by Steve's enthusiasm and the simplicity that embracing social mission can be, even for the busiest of people and businesses.You can access Steve’s diary for a meeting here You can download his book for free here  And you can contact him directly via Support the show (
When you publish your story, it lives on forever. Asootosh Kkant is passionate about story sharing.  As a leader, he has encouraged over 100 members of his community to write their stories, which have been shared in 5 books that have become bestsellers.  All proceeds of these books support various charities. While the stories on their own are inspirational, they are also creating the much-needed awareness and funds for the charities involved. In this podcast we speak about the power of story.You can purchase these books on Amazon, including the latest, I M Possible (including Andrea's chapter on Beyond Your Why) Connect with Asootosh on LinkedInSupport the show (
Sam White is the CEO of Stella Insurance.  Her strong commitment to ensuring that business has a greater purpose than business has her standing out in the crowded market. She understands that  "the job in itself isn't always going to be the thing that motivates you to go to work."  She encourages her teams to get involved in Social Mission and volunteer together to build their community.   It is better for them to include these opportunities, even if they do take time because the employees will be more productive when they are working. When people are fulfilled in the work they can achieve more in 5 hours than they would in 8 hours.To connect with Sam - Human Business with Sam White.Support the show (
Emily and Iliano Ciardiello’s business, Foil Me, provides the foils used by hairdressers for colouring hair. While providing an important product for the hairdressing industry, they wanted to make it fun and give back to the community.  A new idea was born to use these printed foils that would raise awareness and as a fundraiser for charities. No matter what you do, there is something you can do when it comes to the Social Mission Revolution.  To connect with Emily and Ili; @foilmefoilsEmail: /foilmeaustraliaSupport the show (
Emma Lawrence is a passionate educator teaching children to swim. Daughter of the legendary Olympic swimming coach Laurie Lawrence has taken on his cause of keeping Australian children safe around water.  Kids Alive Do the Five is a national campaign urging parents (and grandparents) to learn the simple message of water safety and ensure their children can swim. An important message for us all to listen to.To learn more about Kids Alive, Instagram @kids_aliveFacebook the show (
Dr Stephen Morse passion is to inspire leaders to make a big impact on abolishing modern slavery, through his business Unchained Solutions. In this podcast, Stephen explores with us what is modern slavery, what happens to people that lands them in slavery, and what we can do it. A thought provoking episode for individuals and businesses of finding ways we can all make a difference.To find out how you can make an impact on modern slavery, visit with Stephen on LinkedInSupport the show (
As an Identifier, DreamBuilder and GameChanger for lives, businesses and organsations Myrte Scheffer has been instrumental in helping others to identify their social mission.  Myrte shares with us, with examples, the impact that implanting  Social Mission into a business plan has on the attitude of the employees, the engagement of the community and the outcomes that business's achieved. "it comes down to try to see beyond the existing, because that's where the magic is."To connect with Myrte:LinkedIn the show (
Daphne Kapetas is a businesswoman with heart. In everything she does, she finds the joy of life through giving and serving community. Whether it be the sharing of profits from her skincare company LAJOIE SKIN, buying extra food to share with the homeless, or serving as a Surf Lifesaver, she does it with passion and joy. Through serving, Daphne has found purpose and direction, which has helped her to build a successful life and business, ensuring that she has Authentic Influence in the world.Connect with Daphne through the following links:Website: www.lajoieskin.comInstagram: the show (
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