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Author: Andrea Putting

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On the Social Mission Revolution podcast, we explore some of the greatest under told stories of businesses and of everyday people who are making their Ultimate Impact on the world through Social Mission. They share their stories, their inspirations, their successes and heartaches on the way to making that difference that we all long to make.Are you ready to explore what your own Social Mission might be? Connect with Andrea at
46 Episodes
Megan Jaworski is a woman with a passionate heart. She grew up knowing that she had to make a difference in the world.  Her commitment led her to starting a school in Zimbabwe and her stories will truly touch your heart. Listen to this episode and inspired to make the difference in the world that you are here to make. To get in touch with Megan, visit or the show (
Justin Pagotto is a man who is passionate about transforming lives, families and social enterprise.  In this episode he speaks about how he has combined them all to create a social enterprise that gives individuals and families the opportunity to travel and make a difference at the same time.  Just shares with us lots of tips on listening for your own Social Mission that will give you the greatest fulfillment of your life.To connect with Justin and find out more about how you can take the trip of a life time that will change your life, while changing others,  visit www.tripsplus.orgSupport the show (
Chocolate, Coffee and Conversation, what a delicious way to change the world. Through sharing these simple pleasures in life we can break down the barriers that divide us, bringing people together in a spirit of love and acceptance.  Chocolate and Coffee Breaks is Andrea Putting's own Social Mission, that was the beginning of this Revolution.  Andrea has a conversation with Leigh-Anne Sharland, speaker on how we can leverage from the mistakes of others, about the story of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks. Andrea and Leigh-Anne also discuss how to connect with your Social Mission that burns in your heart and will transform your life and the life of others.Find out more about Chocolate and Coffee Breaks and download the resource pack.connect with Andrea about discovering your Social Mission, or to book her for speaking or workshops on her website -, on Facebook or LinkedInSupport the show (
David Carruthers is one of the founders of an exciting new social enterprise called Your House, in London, Ontartio, Canada. They have the goal to motivate kids and youths through books, shows, festivals, multicultural events, inspirational/educational programs, documentaries and movies all below 1 roof. David is also an author/entertainer and motivational speaker. His dream was to make Your House a unique, fun and interactive place, where people of all ages could come together to discuss life, as well as other important issues around the globe.Learn all about this fascinating Social Enterprise in this episode To contact David, visit www.yourhousespc.comSupport the show (
Angie Clucas is a true giant. After spending her life time combating bulling, she could have been content with just putting it all behind her and not reliving the experiences. When she heard of the suicide of teenager Dolly Everett, she felt compelled to stand up against the bullys of this world and give young people the tools to turn the bullys around.A truly inspiring lady with a lot of wisdom to share with all of us.To find out more about Angie's upcoming book - Standing Tall on the Inside visit get in touch with Angie connect with her through Facebook. the show (
Melinda Shelley has a passion to provide disadvantage children with books. She was shocked to learn how many children just in her local area didn't have books to read. Something inside her stirred, she knew that this meant that their learning ability would be severely limited by this. In response she set up 123read2me which provides books to children where ever there is a need. A true story of how the passion and purpose of one person can change the worldConnect with Melinda through Facebook or her website the show (
Warren Tate is a Professional Speaker, International Best Selling Author and expert in communication. Living in Melbourne, Victoria we have been in epicentre of the Australian Co-vid 19 in outbreaks leaving the city and state in harsh lockdowns. "The suicide rate has grown dramatically since March and is expected to grow by up to 50% over the coming year - this is 10 times the rate of death by Covid-19. Many are suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, sleep deprivation, higher consumption of alcohol etc due to unemployment and other pressures, which are precursors to suicide.People are not sharing their struggles with anyone. This is due to the ridicule faced by many who use avenues such as Facebook to reach out and to speak their mind. The backlash from speaking their mind or opinion is frightening and people are not aware of the damage they could be doing when they do this. They are not aware of the challenges faced by the person speaking out and don't care to ask.Warren is passionate about his message of "Communication can change your destination." Now more that ever, he sees it is so important that we focus on communicating with each other. We need to reach out to friends, families and even acquaintance and have that person contact that gives our lives meaning and fulfillment. Call someone today may just change their destination. #callafriendtoday - start today and make a call, you never know what impact you could be having.To get in touch with Warren or to find out more about how "Communication can change your destination" visit his website Support the show (
Clint Adams is passionate about Suicide Prevention. This had lead him to write a book, Lighting the Blue Flame, that will help young people and educators understand and deal with some of resulting issues, from prevention to dealing with the aftermath when the unthinkable happens. This episode is filled with insightful tidbits that will have you thinking about how we can all communicate in a deeper way that will help to reach someone in need. Connect with Clint through LinkedInSupport the show (
Success in life isn't measured by how much money you make, but how many lives your touch. Susan Dean, Book Publisher and Business Coach, certainly exemplifies this idea. Her work with authors is all about them sharing a message with the world that can transform  other peoples lives. However her real passion is in giving back to the community. The more successful she is, the more she can give and make a difference. As a business coach, she also speaks to her clients about how important it is for them, both on a personal and a business level to find that greater passion of giving back to the community. This episode is an important one for anyone in business to listen to.To connect with Susan visit her website https://www.deanpublishing.comSupport the show (
Bianca Cefalo is a Rocket Scientist with a mission that is more important than going into space. Her mission is to empower young woman to follow their dreams and not be held back by what the stereotypes enforced on them by society. This is an episode for young woman and parents who want to encourage their daughters to be all that they can be. To connect with Bianca: LikedIn cosmical_bTwitter: @BTherocketstarSupport the show (
When Julie Fisher was pregnant with her 3rd child, she faced the news that her son had Down Syndrome. 14 years later, she shares her unexpected journey and how she discovered the beauty of having a child with special needs. Darcy has brought joy and delight into their lives, just as every child does. It has also given her the opportunity to serve and assist people on their unexpected journey. This is a beautiful episode about inclusion of all people regardless of ability.Connect with Julie on Facebook or her website the show (
When Sean Bell's friend suddenly passed away at the age of 18 from unexplained causes, Sean's life changed. Recognising that life can change in moment, he started his message of  "Chase your dreams now. We are not promised tomorrow." Running 50 marathons in 50 days to honour his friend and fund raise for charity was his first step. Now he is in training for a run around Australia - Run for Wishes - to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. What motivates him, what keeps him going on these epic journeys? Listen to this inspiration young man as he endeavours to make a big difference in the world.To follow Sean's journey or connect with him:Facebook: Instagram: Email for Support crew enquiry or to help with Run for Wishes:  info@seanbellrunforwishes.comWebsites: Support the show (
Time to confront that fear that haunts us all, as Shannon Hurley, shares her Social Mission with us - Sharks!!🦈 Yes sharks! Swimming with the sharks has giver her the greatest respect for these prehistoric creatures. It all hit home to her when she realised that their very existence was threatened. Join us in this episode as Shannon takes us on a journey deep into the ocean and the truth about the "puppy dogs of the sea." A podcast truly worth listening to.You can connect with Shannon on:Instagram: Shanny_oceanon Linked, Facebook  or EmailDown load the Good Fish Sustainable Guide App or visit for information on sustainable seafood.Support the show (
Catherine Molloy is a successful business woman, however, success itself was not enough to motivate her to work hard. She needed something bigger than herself, bigger than her own families needs. Dedicating a portion of her income to help others, right from the word go, has helped her to grow and strive for something greater. Her passion to help a village in Uganda through using her skills in leadership and training as well as providing for the physical needs of the community has inspired that true success that only comes when we give of ourselves to others.  The stories of the Wototo people will touch your hearts, as it has for Cath.Connect with Cath - the show (
The Charter for Compassion provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide. Aware that our world is deeply troubled and polarized the Charter for Compassion is committed to making the world a better place. They work to establish and sustain cultures of compassion locally and globally through diverse sectors—arts, business, education, the environment, healthcare, interfaith communities, peace, restorative justice, science and research, social justice, social services, science and research and women and girls. Dr Elaine Christine, is a volunteer who works with Charter for Compassion. She shares with us what the Charter is about and how we can all get involved in making the world a better place.Visit the Charter for Compassion website for more information : connected with the latest information, news and events on Facebook. Global Facebook page Charter for Compassion Australia Facebook page Support the show (
The Social Mission Revolution meets the corporate world head on in the world of Matt Henricks. He runs 2 programs which meet the needs of people in developing companies, while building team work in the corporate world. the Helping Hands Program has corporate teams building hands for those in need to restore their lives and their self-worth. The Water Works program builds filtration systems for Refugees living in camps to provide them with safe drinking world. Come on the journey and listen to the life-changing stories and how simple it is for you to impact someones life.To find out more visit:Helping Hands ProgramWater Works ProgramHenricks Consulting"The Inspired Workplace" by Matt Henricks and where to buy it.Support the show (
In this time of crisis due to Bushfires, we have many unsung heroes. Our wildlife carers are a vital piece in the puzzle. But who cares for them. As they struggle with the grief of losing animals and habitat, they have to continue night and day to care for the precious victims. Frances Carleton understands their pain and the mental health problems that comes with caring for wildlife. As a counsellor, she has set up the service, Wildtalk to help support the carers doing this vital work.This episode with open your mind and your heart to the complexities that is being a carer for our precious wildlife.To find out more about Wildtalk visit' private practise website is To offer financial support visit her Go Fund me.Support the show (
Robert Ackeroyd is passionate about creating a society where all people feel that they are welcomed and belong. This has led Robert to create picnics where New Australians can meet with Settled Australians in s spirit of community. As the program develops, opportunities to become a resource for building communities and developing leadership among those who have come to Australia seeking freedom has evolved. Robert's passion and determination are evident in this episode, along with his message of when you believe in something,  just keep going. Connect with Robert through Facebook or email landofwelcome@gmail.comSupport the show (
Zahrina Robertson is known as Australia’s Leading Personal Branding Photographer, Videographer and Author. However a passion was stirring within her to pick up a paintbrush and start painting. Her work has quickly caught the eye of the art world and her message of keeping the oceans clean and alive has captured the hearts of everyone who cares about the world.https://zahrinagallery.comhttps://zahrinaphotography.com the show (
Annemarie Manders loves to make people feel welcome at the Warratina Lavender Farm. Her business gives her the opportunity to interact with people, and support her community. Having a successful business is not about making money, but giving to others, this is a message embraced at Warratina as they find ways to interact with the community and engage in finding ways to raise funds and awareness for local craftspeople and charities. Annemarie will delight you in her messages around running a business and putting others first. Warratina Lavender Farm is on the outskirts of Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley. Victoria, AustraliaWebsite: 105 Quayle Rd,Wandin Yallock, Victoria, AustraliaPhone: +61 3 5964 4650Support the show (
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