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‘Tis the season for eating and bloating. Frank recaps his Turkey Day, goes through a list of Christmas Dads, the need for a new couch, and much more!
The Holiday Season is upon us and this week Frank talks about continuing his Thanksgiving tradition, his daughter’s love for Christmas, his son’s Christmas list, signing up to make extra cash, and more!
Episode 219: Bad Week

Episode 219: Bad Week


Frank recaps his family’s Halloween and then talks about his bad week which includes continuous losing, unplanned exercise, his computer crashing and more!
It’s that time again for The Daily Life of Frank annual Halloween Special featuring America’s favorite candy, movies, costumes and fears!Plus Frank talks about how he may be keeping the candy companies in business, finally getting around to watching a Halloween classic, morphing back into a kid with his food and drink choices, reminisces a traumatizing moment as a fat kid losing his candy, fulfilling what he has said he was going to do for a long time with Halloween movies, and much more!
This week Frank talks about his family’s trip to the Pumpkin Patch, how he knows he is getting old, seeing another scary movie in the theater, and more!
This week Frank talks about his continued faith in Fields, gives kudos to his wife, how his son is following in his footsteps and more!
Episode 215: Winning

Episode 215: Winning


The Bears may have lost but Frank was a winner at Oktoberfest. He talks about his winning, becoming an IPA fan, his lazy eye becoming an issue, and more!
Frank’s kids are showing him all the love and it is making his heart happy. Plus, he talks about how the Chicago Bears are making him happy too. Also, Frank shares how he prevented a potential scooter robbery in progress and more!
The Chicago Bears are back! Frank talks about his excitement for the upcoming season, Bears Sunday food, his debit card issue, favorite toothpaste flavor and more!
This week Frank needs your support as he is quickly realizing his kids are growing up. Plus he shares his thoughts on why there are so many bugs as of late, a scary recording podcast moment takes place, and more!
Episode 211: Work It Out

Episode 211: Work It Out


Kids man. This week Frank’s kids look ahead to the future with their backhanded remarks, not looking like Zac Efron, heading to the movies alone, and more!
Frank is trying to get in the healthy mood so he is walking in the morning, however his body is not agreeing. Plus, all these scares this week aren’t good for his heart, and has a sorta serious question to all the Dads, Husbands, and Average Guys out there!
Frank is getting old, and he is beginning to feel it throughout his extremities. Also, his kids are getting older too and they’re gearing up to go back to school. Plus, did you know Frank has done a lot of adulting this week including renewing his library card and scheduling a doctor appointment he has been avoiding. He shares all this and more on this week's The Daily Life of Frank podcast.
Frank and the family have returned from vacation and while there were some bright spots, there also weren't some good ones. Frank talks about that and why he needs another vacation.
Frank returns this week with a bag of pet peeves that he needs to get off his chest including his daughter stirring up the biggest one of all! Plus personal shopper issues, kids being sick, contemplating becoming a competitive eater, and more!
Episode 206: Positive

Episode 206: Positive


Frank has tested positive for COVID-19 and talks about how he is feeling, and what he felt like the first time he had it. Plus, he recaps Father’s Day and talks about the Fourth of July!
It’s all about growing up this week on The Daily Life of Frank! Frank talks about his son turning 6, the kids' taste in music changing, them wanting to be like Dad, the house having no AC, and more!
This week Frank is filled with revelations which include the dolphin show at the zoo, his beard, gas and grocery prices, Stranger Things, and more!
Frank and his wife are celebrating 15 years of marriage and he will share the story of the first time he met, and signs his wife may have missed. Plus, Frank talks about his Memorial Day weekend plans, his son not being able to accept the word no, his daughter’s mispronunciation of a hardware store, and a whole lot of other stuff.
Frank’s shares stories of his family and his feelings on this week's The Daily Life of Frank. He recaps how his son’s surgery went, explains the parent’s promise, getting a grill, and much more!
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