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Author: Miss Shannan Paul

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GenX women analyze, discuss and parody trending topics, pop culture, and insane products.
I Birth Success! With Miss Shannan Paul, Judy Carter and Samantha Stokes.
30 Episodes
Judy, Samantha and Miss Shannan enthusiastically cover their quarantine make-up routines. As usual, we have some celebs who share too much. And Judy fills us in on her Quarantine Dating adventure. Hopefully, you’re having better luck that she is. Be a part of the show and leave us a message at 612-276-2774. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Listen in.
Samantha, Judy, and Miss Shannan explore the resurgence of Face Masks and Dystopian Fashion trends. We sing along with Joe Exotic the Tiger King. And we discuss the economics of the closing of Nail and Hair Salons amidst Covid - 19. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Listen in.
Our first episode completed remotely. Listen as we try to get used to the new normal. Judy, Samantha and Miss Shannan join you in some Coronavirus Music News, check in on our quarantine queen, Naomi Campbell and question the uptick in Judy’s friend requests. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Listen in.
Social Isolation cannot dampen our ENTHUSIASTIC team. Judy, Samantha and Miss Shannan spread out and give some distance to the topics of Coronavirus con artists, re-branding and fake news. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Listen in.
Are you ready for a crossover episode? Listen as we assemble our team for a blockbuster event onsite at the ModernWell Collaborative Space. Miss Shannan teams up with her GEEK best bud, Jatin Setia and her ENTHUSIASTIC cohort, Samantha Stokes to discuss the mayhem and madness of marketing to Geek fandoms. Grab your capes and your branded coffee mugs. Plus, learn more about Moderwell at
Ah, our favorite site “Goop” is suggesting some epic Christmas presents. A study shows that stocks go down when Women join a business’ board. Let us discuss. How do you do, Baby Yoda? Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha are enthusiastically pleased to meet you.
We are nearly as ENTHUSIASTIC as the latest Peloton Ad Fail. We talk about how totally fine we are with the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And some folks are tapping out of having all the “Feels” about Feminism. How do Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha feel about it? Check out the enthusiastic episode.
We ENTHUSIASTICALLY head into our second season with this fresh episode. We hear that Crocs are back in fashion, but are the feet of Shannan, Samantha and Judy here for their return? Dolly Patton is our Cross Generational role model. Listen in while we gush a bit. Who’s really to blame about the OK Boomer phenomenon? And finally, we share the advice to “Don’t Crime” for your wedding day. Listen in as our our second season enthusiastically heads your way.
We are ENTHUSIASTICALLY on the road again The team takes our show on the the to ‘The Riveter - Minneapolis. We get to know MSP NOW Co-president, Bri Sharkey-Smith. Bri helps the Enthusiastic team talk about Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor. We follow some updated Fitness Tech for women.Tap into some Fall Beauty Trends. And finally, Facebook has forged in the dating game with Facebook Dating. Judy ready to give it a go., Miss Shannan and Samantha, are ready to watch the far.Listen along and learn more about the Riverter, Co-working space at and MSP Now at
How ENTHUSIASTIC are you about Forever 21? Maybe a little less since their most recent cross marketing fail. Some YouTube pioneers are bailing on the platform and we speculate on why. Plus, Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha, wonder whether Gender Reveal parties have gone too far.
One of our team is less than ENTHUSIASTIC about their “Birthdate Candle” and it’s life description. A study shows that humans are finally finding women to be “competent.” What took us so long? We debate the newly announced Matt Damon and Ben Affleck flick and whether it should be canceled before it begins. Plus, Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha, talk Dating Profile Do’s and Don’ts in this edition of “Excuse Me, Sir.”
Our ENTHUSIASTIC team talks about Barbie and her “Dark Secrets.” Katie Couric sharing new cultural expectations via a new series. Billie Eilish fans fight back after she’s objectified. Plus, Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha, share what it takes to get banned from a Walmart courtesy of our “Don’t Crime” segment.
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women share are ready to check in to the Taco Bell Hotel. “A Black Lady Sketch Show” heads to HBO and we’re ready to tune-in. And how much we adore “Internet Boyfriend: Keanu Reeves? Plus, Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha, get caught up on some online dating fails, thanks to our new segment “Excuse Me, Sir.”
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women get on the Beyond Meat bandwagon. Has the "Disney-fication" of Princesses negatively effected our young girls worldwide? Thanks to the friendly folks at Buzzfeed, we cover "27 Things That Everyone Over 40 Does." How many items on the list will we ENTHUSIASTICALLY tick off? And finally, some would be safe crackers have us bewildered with their poorly planned heist. Go beyond with Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha.
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women share how one Instagram Influencers had a giant fail. Our take on how ludicrous the “Straight Pride” movement is. New Coke is new again. Will the world embrace it this time? What the heck did Delta think when they trapped some flight attendants on-board? And to top things off, Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha, enthusiastically introduce you to our new house band,“The Cousin Brothers.”
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women return to the Enthusiastic Woman Worldwide Headquarters. Will we mourn the loss of Dress Barn? How did “Oh Polly” manage such an epic inclusivity fail? And are GenXers fueling our our slacker hype? Hop into the conversation with Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha.
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women are back at the MomBoss 5K. Joined by best selling author and award winning journalist, Roxane Battle. Vampire Facials have had some serious concerns, so we discuss why they still are growing in popularity. “Grow Your Circle” is is working to bring underrepresented talent to the top - and we are Enthusiastically here for it. And Court TV is coming back to your flat screens. Get your gavels ready with Miss Shannan, Judy and Samantha in this episode. Learn more about Roxane Battle and get your copy of her best-selling book, “Pockets of Joy” at
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women hit the ground running at the MomBoss 5K. Joined by Dre Barthel of Covey Events, we learn the history of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt. Will “Liquid Death Water” murder our thirst? And if we had a billion dollars what theme birthday party would we throw? Enthusiastically explore these questions with Shannan, Judy and Samantha in this episode and learn more about Covey Events at
Our ENTHUSIASTIC team was product targeted for being a “B*TCH” and we question that diagnosis. Are they spying on you while you're in your airplane seat? And is society’s thirst for content about killers and crime going to far? Enthusiastically explore these questions with Shannan, Judy and Samantha in this episode.
Our ENTHUSIASTIC women hit the road for the “Women Who Influence Event” sponsored by “Brand Experience.” Do we need sexy fast food mascots like the new KFC Colonel? Lets discuss. The we enthusiastically convery how wrong Ancestry.dom went with their recent tone-def “Slave Owner in Love” commercial. And, when does social show too much regarding our kids? Especially for folks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Pink. Listen in, plus learn more about the “Brand Experience” strategic brand development company at
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